The Fragmented Lineup Of 2016 Honda Civic In Pakistan – Explained!

Presumably the confusions regarding the specifications, features and equipment of 2016 Honda Civic should end following its launch in Pakistan. However, this has not been the case so far, as Honda has revealed details of Civic’s third variant which was rumored earlier thanks to some leaked photos of Honda’s factory.

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Now, following confirmation from Honda Atlas on its website regarding a cheaper option. This time, we have three different models of Honda Civic, five options and five warranties to compare! A Toyota-esque fragmented line-up/options mean confusion regarding the new Civic prevails. In May, I tried to simplify the multiple trims available for PKDM Toyota Corolla in my The Fragmented Lineup Of Toyota Corolla In Pakistan – Explained! For Civic though I think the comparison would be simpler to summarise since we are only talking about three different trim levels as compared to five of Toyota Corolla. Toyota Corolla is currently available in the price bracket of PKR 1.6 million to PKR 2.4 million while Civic can be found in the price range of PKR 2.35 million and PKR 3.0 million.

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To start off, as of now there are a total of three variants announced by Honda Atlas for the new Civic i.e. i-VTEC, i-VTEC Oriel and VTEC Turbo. So far no word has been made over a possible manual transmission so right now CV-T comes standard on all three variants. Under the hood, Honda is offering two completely different engines; the first one is a 1.8-liter i-VTEC capable of producing 141-hp and 174-Nm of torque which comes installed on both the i-VTEC and i-VTEC variants of the new Civic. While the second engine offered in the 2016 Civic in Pakistan is a 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo which gives out a total of 173-hp and 220-Nm of torque and as the engine’s name suggests, it comes inside the VTEC Turbo variant.

In the pricing department, the prices of Civic’s three models at time of writing are;
1.8-liter i-VTEC              PKR 2,349,000
1.8-liter i-VTEC Oriel   PKR 2,499,000
1.5-liter VTEC TURBO PKR 2,999,000

Source: Honda Atlas

Source: Honda Atlas

PKDM 2016 Honda Civic i-VTEC

PKDM 2016 Honda Civic i-VTEC

As far as standard features are concerned, a lot comes pre-installed in i-VTEC which acts as Civic’s base variant, its standard features include;
• CV-T Transmission
• Rear Multi-Link Suspension
• EPB (Electric Parking Brake)
• EPS (Electric Power Steering)
• Audio and MID Steering Controls
• ECO Assist System (E-CON Button & ECO Coaching Ambient)
• Projector Halogen Headlight
• LED Daytime Running Lights
• Headlights Auto On/Off Timer
• Door Mirror Integrated Side Turn Signal
• Key-less Entry
• 2-DIN Integrated Audio System
• Full Color TFT Trip Computer Display and Digital Information Cluster
• Automatic Air-conditioning (Single Zone Climate Control System)
• Rear Air-conditioning vents
• Driver and Front Passenger Airbags
• 4 – Wheels Disc Brakes
• (ABS) Anti-lock Braking System
• (EBH) Electronic Brake-Force Distribution
• (ABH) Auto Brake Hold
• (VSA) Vehicle Stability Assist
• (HSA) Hill Start Assist
• (ESS) Emergency Stop Signal
• Auto Door Lock and Unlock
Among others, the base variant misses out on fog lights, sunroof and alloy rims which all come standard on i-VTEC Oriel, which also sees a price hike of PKR 150,000 over the price of the base i-VTEC.

PKDM 2016 Honda Civic i-VTEC Oriel

PKDM 2016 Honda Civic i-VTEC Oriel

i-VTEC Oriel’s features in addition to the features found on i-VTEC are;
• Cruise Control
• Fog Lights
• Electrically Retractable Door Mirrors
• 16-inch Alloy Wheels
• Sunroof
• Smart Entry with Push Start Button instead of key-less entry on i-VTEC

PKDM 2016 Honda Civic VTEC Turbo

PKDM 2016 Honda Civic VTEC Turbo

Besides having a different engine to that found on the other two variants of the new Civic, VTEC Turbo also adds on to things found on i-VTEC Oriel. The differentiating elements of VTEC Turbo apart from a 1.5-liter Turbo engine and PKR 500,000 price difference are;
• Paddle Shifters
• High Gloss Black Grill instead of chrome grill found on the other two
• Chrome Door Handles, which replace the body coloured handles on both the i-VTEC and Oriel
• Remote Engine Start, which adds on to Smart Entry and Push Start Button which come standard on Oriel
• Navigation, which is optional on the other two, comes as standard equipment on VTEC Turbo
• Front, Rear and 2 Interior Cameras
• Rear Entertainment System
• Oil Monitoring System
• Leather Seats in contrast to i-VTEC and i-VTEC Oriel’s fabric seating material

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To further simplify and ease out your nerves, we have formulated an info-graphic which compares the features and equipment found on all three variants of Pakistan’s 2016 Honda Civic.


As far as optional features are concerned, Honda Atlas offers a total of five different options.

• Leather Interior PKR 59,500
• Navigation System PKR 74,500
• Modulo Package PKR 99,999
• Utility Package PKR 20,500
• Ultra Glazed Glass Coating PKR 39,999


Two out of the total five options, Navigation System and Leather Interior are only applicable to both 1.8-liter variants since VTEC comes standard with them. Navigation system comes with a 7″ capacitive touch Android tablet capable of internet and GPS connectivity while the leather interior package adds leather seats and leather door lining to Civic’s interior. Moreover, you can add Honda’s utility package, Modulo package and Glass Coating to any of the three models. Honda’s Utility Package adds door visors, floor mats and a trunk tray while Modulo kit comes with spoilers for the front and rear bumpers, a side skirt and a duct tail on top of Civic’s trunk. Ultra Glazed Glass Coating applies a high gloss and shine, smooth and slippery layer which increases heat resistance.

Furthermore, Honda is offering extendable warranty in addition to the standard 70,000km and 3years warranty. The cost of extended warranty for VTEC Turbo is twice to that of 1.8-liter variants. Cost of Civic’s extended warranty is as follows;
1.8-liter i-VTEC/Oriel
Three years (extended) PKR 10,000
Four years (extended) PKR 15,000

1.5-liter VTEC Turbo
Three years (extended) PKR 20,000
Four years (extended) PKR 30,000

Options mentioned above mean that a full-option 2016 Honda Civic carrying four years extended warranty would carry a price tag of;

Full option 1.8-liter i-VTEC PKR 2,659,500
PKR 2,350,000+74,500 (Navigation)+59,500 (Leather)+20,500 (Utility) +99,999 (Modulo)+39,999 (Glass Coating)+15000 (4 years extended warranty)

Full option 1.8-liter i-VTEC Oriel PKR 2,808,000
PKR 2,499,000+74,500 (Navigation)+59,500 (Leather)+20,500 (Utility) +99,999 (Modulo)+39,999 (Glass Coating)+15000 (4 years extended warranty)

Full option 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo PKR 3,189,500
PKR 2,999,000+20,500 (Utility) +99,999 (Modulo)+39,999 (Glass Coating)+30000 (4 years extended warranty)

What is your opinion on all three variants of Pakistan’s 2016 Honda Civic? Let us know in the comments section.


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