The Fuel Consumption Comparison of Cars in Pakistan

When buying a car, the buyers majorly look for something that is fuel efficient. In fact, to some, having a fuel efficient car matters more than its design and features. Many local cars today offer impressive fuel consumption figures. Pakistani drivers prefer and base their buying decision on many different factors however the amount of fuel a car consumes is one of their primary concerns which is why in Pakistan, a fuel efficient car is considered as the best even though it may not offer proper safety features.

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There are a number of ways one can save fuel in a car. Some of which are:

  • Accelerating a car slowly and not too fast
  • Not using the Clutch much
  • Using the right gear at the right speed
  • Servicing the car on time
  • Ensuring right pressure of air in the tires
  • The above mentioned are just a few tips on how to save fuel.

Here is a list of cars available in Pakistan with their respective mileage in Urban and Extra Urban cycle.

Urban Cycle means that the fuel efficiency tests were carried out in a laboratory, in which the car was accelerated at steady speeds, decelerated, and was kept idle from time to time. During the Urban cycle, the car in this cycle is put to a maximum speed at 50km/h, an average speed of 19km/h for a distance of 4km. We can assume the conditions are kept as if the car was running in the streets of a city.

Extra Urban Cycle is conducted immediately after the urban cycle. In this cycle, the car is kept at a steady speed, with a bit of deceleration and acceleration and some idling. The car is put to a maximum speed of 120km/h, with an average speed of 63km/h and is made to cover a distance of 7km. This test mimics the way a car is driven on a highway. Its results can be taken to be very similar to the mileage of a car on a Highway.

Fuel Consumption Comparison of Cars in Pakistan

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  • Kashif Javed

    FAW V2 Urban 13Km/L Long 16 KM/L

  • Haroon Zafar

    what about vitz 1.0….?

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    Honda City 1300 cc urban 15km/l long 19km/l…best car in 1300cc Category

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    Move is 660 CC, and where was this testing done?

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    Mehran is more fuel economical than Mira? If you want to fake information at least try to be a little realistic.

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    Bullshit spreading lies and promoting mehran my wagon r (japaneses) easily does 18km/l.The author is Paksuzuki rat certainly on payroll

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    FAW V2 , Gives 15 km per liter on Petrol with AC

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    where v2 man ? gives me 14 in city and approx 16-17 on highway. with ac on.

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    what about fuel consumption of honda city manual 1.3 2017

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