Trends That Will Shape the Auto Industry in the Future

The auto industry is once again in a state of shift, both nationally and internationally. The things are changing rapidly, and the auto industries around the world are finding new frontiers. Lately, the auto companies across the globe are after alternate fuels. The fossil fuel is slowing depleting and sooner or later, there will be need of new fuel that is cheaper and viable for normal every day use. And companies are increasingly focusing their energies on electric vehicles as well as hydrogen fuel cells.

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Hyundai is also jumping in the pool of such automakers. The Korean automaker is spending its energies on electric cars for now and wants to extensively increase the driving range of its newly launched Ioniq car. Hyundai launched three variants, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric. Besides that, Hyundai is also planning to launch fully autonomous cars by 2030. And with this 2030 plan, the Korean car company is running its Project Ioniq under the supervision of Dr. Soon Jong Lee. In the first phase, the company is making its state of the art Ioniq Lab.

And as a first assignment, the Ioniq Lab has revealed 12 trends that the company thinks will change the global auto industry worldwide. These trends will change the way people will own vehicles in the future and what automakers will have to do to coup with such market behavior. These trends are:

  1. Hyper-connected Society
  2. Hyper-aging Society
  3. Eco-ism
  4. Multi-Layered Mash-up
  5. Context-awareness-based Individualization
  6. High Concept Society
  7. Decentralization of Power
  8. Anxiety and Chaos
  9. Sharing Society
  10. Co-evolution
  11. Mega-urbanization
  12. Neo-frontierism

The lab issued details of each trend in a press release, and you can read them here.

These trends overall show a very different picture than what we have in the present. Basically, it shows that the world will be much more diverse, and the level of sharing will reach new heights. Companies like Uber will be the future, and a major portion of people will rely on such ride-sharing activities. Also, the technology will be as important as anything, and artificial intelligence will play an important role in the cars of the future.

These carefully drafted predictions made after carefully studying current auto industry and overall global trends. How true they will be, that is yet to be seen. But all of this surely provides an exciting opportunity for our next generation.

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    So ….. Hyundai have their own research lab?

    PakSuzuki also have, where they developed the CNG alterations and downgrades of Swift, but then do they want to research market strategy or consumer behaviour for the future? No way, they can just bribe/pressurize the government (of Pakistan) to get a favourable policy.

  • Sporty man

    Wow great news about Hyundai.
    But in Pakistan there is too much advanced technology at pak suzuki he reaserch how to fool pakistani and loot pakistani awam and earn money .
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    Wow asool ke bohat paky hain waqai mehran tabhi tu bana rahe hain abhi tak waqai “old is gold and mehnga roy ek bar sasta roy baar baar”