2016 Honda Civic Revealed In All 7 Colors

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We all know how much impatient we are to see the 2016 Honda Civic in its true colors and from solid sources, we got to know the colors in which the next Civic will come and promptly tasked our designers to introduce Pakistan to the Honda Civic in all the colors you will be able to choose for your car.

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So do tell us which color is your favorite and if you have any particular that you’d like Honda Atlas to introduce here.

Urban Titanium Taffeta White Modern Steel Metallic Habereno Red Crystal Black Pearl Bold Beig Metallic Alabaster Silver Metallic

Honda Civic Colors Featured Image


If you want one cool infographic listing all the cars, please click on the following image:


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  1. Abdullah says

    no new colors????? these are the old colors being used by Honda……urban titanium which was introduced in 2014 is quiet popular in Honda cars owners in Pakistan these days…….

  2. Fahad says

    “Modern steel metallic” for sure

  3. Ziba Ji says

    which one is blue in first row

  4. rkk says

    albaster silver aeisa nahi hota. it looks too grayish. these arent how real colours look on a car.

  5. Asif says

    Arbun titanium

  6. Pete Jeferson says

    nice colors

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