2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Officially Revealed

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When you think about  a Dakar Rally , there is one name which clicks and comes to mind: The Mitsubishi Pajero. Few days ago we shared a teaser image of the upcoming Mitsubishi Pajero. Today, Mitsubishi has officially revealed the next generation 7-seat Pajero. The new Pajero is underpinned to the L200 Pickup truck and inherits a lot of technical and interior features.

The SUV is powered by a 2.4-liter MIVEC turbo-diesel engine connected to a newly developed 8-speed automatic transmission. There is no word on the power output numbers as of writing of this article. Pajero confirms that the new SUV has a 17% improvement in fuel economy. The new vehicles retains the wheel base of previous generation which is  1815mm in width but its 90mm longer resulting in length of 4785mm. The height is reduced by 35mm comparing the previous generation while ground clearance is increased by 13mm.

Interior dashboard looks identical to L200 pickup truck with minor visual changes but adds fancy safety equipment and materials in form of leather. There will be slim thin lines LED headlights while newer tail light design which, to many Pajero enthusiasts, looks funky. There is no word on the price as of now. Mitsubishi has a rough time in North American market and US operation has already stopped any local production but Mitsubishi still sells Pajero in more than 90 countries and always gets a good sales number. I am hopeful we will see few on local streets soon.

Watch video below for Pajero Advanced safety and Performance features.




2016-mitsubishi-pajero-sport-finally-breaks-cover-you-can-buy-one-this-fall-photo-gallery_4 PJ-Sport-5 PJ-Sport-7



2016-mitsubishi-pajero-sport-finally-breaks-cover-you-can-buy-one-this-fall-photo-gallery_9 2016-mitsubishi-pajero-sport-finally-breaks-cover-you-can-buy-one-this-fall-photo-gallery_11 Mitsubishi-Pajero-Sport-3 Mitsubishi-Pajero-Sport-6 Mitsubishi-Pajero-Sport-7 Mitsubishi-Pajero-Sport-9 PJ-Sport-4

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  1. Abcd says

    Immediately fire the guy (s) who designed the backside of this vehicle.

  2. وجاہت علی says

    i seriously dont like it.. if they want to make it more attractive they should look at this model!!!

  3. Ali says

    It is a good looking from the front at least but yes the back is not that nice.

  4. Guest says

    Some thing which has not been made clear in the article:

    Pajero Sport is entirely different from the normal Pajero. It has other names like Shogun (most common name), Montero Sport, Challenger, Pajero Dakar, Nativa and some more.
    It is just a Mitsubishi Triton/L200 with a wagon body instead of cargo bed.
    A similar example is Hilux Sirf, which had a wagon body instead of cargo bed of Hilux.

    The above article shows the third generation of Pajero Sport. The second generation front end is identical like L200.

    POINT: Mitsubishi has milked the Pajero name to the extreme. Various vehicles have Pajero name with suffixes and not related to each other at all. Examples are Pajero, Pajero Mini, Pajero Junior, Pajero Pinin, Pajero Sport. All of them are independent platforms (except Mini and Junior which share the same platform, only difference is engine and final drive).

  5. Humza Aamir says

    Competes with the new LC for ugliness.

  6. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Thank You admin for not allowing my comment ….

  7. Abdullah says

    Its a piece of junk…..FAW sirus is much better

  8. aliqadri says

    Too bad too ugly!

  9. Raja Abrar Hussain says

    I have never been a pajero fan, nor I plan to buy it ever but I would say this seems like an alien Pajero, what have they dont with it.
    It looks so ugly.

  10. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    i thought junior was the 3 door version of normal 5 door pajero and mini was a kei sized suv with pajero looks. you are right though about its category different from full size suv, this version is comparable to toyota fortuner and lc prado to some extent.

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