Honda CG-125 v. Yamaha Ybr-125: Comparing The Two Most Popular 125cc Bikes Of Pakistan

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The actual Yamaha of Japan made its venture in to the motorcycle market of Pakistan and launched its first model of 125cc bike by the name Ybr 125. Yamaha has tried its level best to give a setback to the monopoly of Honda in the motorcycle industry. People have been comparing CG 125 with Ybr 125 since the launch of Yamaha. Lets’ make an unbiased detailed comparison of both these bikes that will help you in rating both these bikes in a better way.

Before I begin the comparison, I must tell you that I recently bought the YBR-125 and have written a review on PakWheels, but there’s a need to do a comparison for people looking to make a decision.


The Ybr-125 looks like a 150cc or 200cc bike. It has more dynamic looks and impression. If you just change the original tires with wider ones and get it slightly modified, it will look like a heavy bike. Whereas, the CG-125 does not give that impression of heavy bike even after loads of modification. To be fair, Honda CG 125 is 39 years (1976-present) old design still kept in play so obviously, it struggles against the YBR-125.



Its really hard to compare the performance of both these bikes. Both have good acceleration and top speed but if you compare the performance of Ybr-125 and CG-125 on High Octance, Ybr-125 takes the lead plus there’s a difference in technology in both as well. On paper Honda CG 125 makes 11.2 BHP whereas the Yamaha makes 10 BHP.


Even a very short test ride of Ybr-125 was enough to convince me of its comfort. The comfortable seat and good quality shocks makes its ride more smooth than the CG-125.


The only disappointment in the Ybr-125 to some extent was its sound. Its dynamic look does not cater its sound from any aspect. On the other hand, CG-125 has a more lively and energetic sound even though it has aged now and the vibrations and loud exhaust is unable to match the speeds and we’ve met quite many people who moved in favor of Suzuki 150 and now, they’ll move to YBR-125.

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Since Ybr-125 is a new addition to the market, therefore its spare parts are a expensive than that of CG-125. A guy told me that one LED bulb for the headlight of Ybr-125 costed him Rs 600. However, I checked the spare parts market in Lahore and found that the set of two pairs of indicators were priced around Rs 1300. One reason for high priced spare parts is that spare parts are not being imported in bulk. Once Yamaha starts importing spare parts in bulk, a significant cut down in price might be seen.

Also, when the market finally accepts and embraces the YBR-125, private traders and dealership will stock them well and that in turn will affect the current high prices.

Fuel Economy:

Fuel economy of Ybr-125 is very impressive. Before its first tune up on 1000 km, it gave me 55 km/liter on hi-octane and 40 km/liter on supreme. After its first tune up it is giving me 48 km/liter on supreme and 60 km/liter on high octane. In short, CG-125 is not as fuel efficient as Ybr-125 and never has been.


Overall, CG-125 is more practical than Ybr-125. Typical Pakistani’s do comment on Ybr-125 like “Is pe aik biwi aur 3 bachay nahi beth saktay” (We cannot ride on it with a wife and 3 kids). And yes its true! Ybr-125 is not a family bike. The shape of seat does not make it comfortable for women to sit with both legs on one side. Moreover, you cannot ride with a kid on the fuel tank as well. Whereas, CG-125 is preferable for families. We do not recommend however putting a woman and three kids on any motorcycle since it is highly dangerous but we’re Pakistanis, we’ll try to do it regardless.

The impracticality stated here is because of the seat’s sloping position on the YBR-125 and 125’s flat seat.



Even though I do not believe in the Pakistani definition of resale value as Pakistani people want to use a bike/car for 5 years and then sell it on profit but if you consider a sane definition of resale value; I would say that currently, CG-125 has more resale value than Ybr-125 owing to fact that YBR has just arrived. The resale value of Ybr-125 will increase gradually as people who do not use bikes for inter city family travel will ultimately switch to Yamaha.

Check Updated Yamaha YBR-125 Price and Honda CG-125 Price Here!


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This blog was originally posted on: Aug 1, 2015

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  1. Usman says

    YBR looks great!!

  2. usman niazi says

    what is the price of both?

  3. DJ says

    My Response to your review since i OWN YBR As well so after riding 2500 KM+ here its goes like …

    Looks: 100 Marks goes to YBR no doubt about it.
    Performance: i disagree with you that YBR ditches in top speed and acceleration i totally disagree even their company officials claim that this bike is not Performance based by its economy class .
    Comfort: : indeed without any 2nd opinion best comfort no vibration and soundless bike pretty smooth
    Maintenance: if you are saying that Parts are not being imported in bulk you have wrong information only reason parts are expansive because 80% are being imported part and it will get cheaper by time when they will start manufacturing them locally right now their manufacturing ratio is 80:20 (80% imported) in 5 years plan it will be in reverse order as per their plan , even they have started engaging local vendors for their parts to manufactured locally.
    Fuel Economy: for me it started from 42 and now my average is around 35KM/L still better than CG 125 many will disagree with me but it depends upon rider style YBR is Better in fuel economy at-least 5~10 KM

    Practicality: rightly pointed out its not family bike Yamah YBR 125Z is expected soon which will cater families.

    Resale: agreed it is better even people selling today are getting 115-120K so market demand is there and its good but Honda indeed has better market share people still prefer Honda but by time i think honda is going to face very tough time.

    My Final Verdict: This Bike is not meant for racing most of people by looks think its heavy bike and now it will start flying 125 CG is just kid its not like that but this bike is indeed give you style, Economy, Noiseless and very smooth ride and road grip , disk alloy a complete package ..

  4. Jawad Shaukat says

    I cant believe that pakwheels have dropped their standards so low that they will let anyone write anything with zero research. Please correct your knowledge before writing this nonsense Honda CG125 is not a competitor to YBR125, The top of the line Honda Deluxe 125 witch is priced at Rs.124000- is the competitor to YBR 125 Rs.129400. Stop comparing apple to oranges and do some research or don’t write misleading articles.

  5. Faraz Sheikh says

    Cg125 wale lagte ho 😀

  6. Imran Ul Haque says

    Even when our local car engines wont do crap on high octane, here they came up with “high performance of 125cc bike on high octane crap”. Isn’t there any proof reader on PW blog?

  7. wasted youth says

    People favouring CG125 are a living example of typical low standard stone age mentality. This is the reason we are still getting our butts kicked by corrupt and insane politicians. This nation rather bunch of fools deserve what’s being done to them. When world is about to land on Mars and exploring Jupiter, we the Pakistanis are still holding “Lotaas” in out hands and standing in long queues outside toilets. No worries as I was expecting such cheap mentality which is still using that expired shaped bikes and cars like CD 70, CG 125 and Suzuki mehran. Hats off to their patheticism.

  8. drasim says

    My corolla 1.8 l makes a huge difference in milage on high octane and supreme on highway it’s 16 to 17km/l highoctane and 14/ to 15 km/l on supreme.

  9. wasted youth says

    Your top of the line Honda Deluxe has been rejected by the consumers themselves. Secondly, Honda has never been a competitor to Yamaha on any level from local to international. It’s you who needs to get out of the box and open your eyes and mind if you have some. Go and do some research and kindly get out of this local bull shit market.

  10. wasted youth says

    Well man you have nothing local, everything is imported , just assembled locally.

  11. Fahad Pervaiz says

    i think it would be more fair if you had made the comparison with CG-125 deluxe

  12. Wasim Rana says

    Great article bro. can you compare reliability factor as well? since many people go on long tours on these bikes. how will you compare both in that case

  13. Javed Khan says

    True example of Honda 125 Mentality.

  14. Paki Realist says

    wasted youth, you totally ignored the economical scenario in this whole debate. cheap parts, better resale value would certainly attract majority of people from low income groups. A person having potential to buy a BMW would hardly opt Mehran, isnt it? plus Pakistan never had better alternatives to Mehran and old CG bikes in the same price range. Yamaha jsut came yesterday with its high-tech bike.
    and by the way dont get wasted 🙂

  15. rizwan says

    Very nice comparison … instead of making comparison with CG125 .. better to compare it with Honda deluxe model or Ravi piagoo

  16. pagal log says

    Ajao phir hojae key to key race?? Lol jisko jo pasand hai wo le. Thats it.

  17. hasan Awan says

    You did it all wrong. You just cannot compare these two bikes. It’s like you’re comparing a samsung s6 edge vs iPhone 4. This whole comparison is wrong. Cg 125 is no match to your new yamHa. Likewise the 125 has no mach to cg 125. COMPARE IT TO DELUX! if you really wanna compare it. Btw. Nothing can beat. Honda cg 125. At leastnot for couple more years. 😉

  18. irfan says

    nice coparison but what about the prices of both

  19. furqan hakeem says

    and you are requested to bring you stock bike only! 🙂

  20. Ahmad Nadeem says

    sir with due respect i have been using ravi piaggio for about 5 years now. its spares are rediculously expensive but the thing is in these 4 years i didnot even had to change the accelerator cable whereas the honda needs an accelerator cable every now and then so if you say economical i think its not wrong to say that a ybr or piaggio are more economical disregard the fuel economy

  21. Umar Rashid says

    Well, a very informative comparison which I expected it to be. I think its time to change our thinking dudes. YBR kind of bikes are igniting the roads of various South Asian Countries including India, Philippines etc. We are stuck on the conventional looking bikes like Honda CG-125. Although it is very good at the performance but look matters a lot. In fact, it is the main concern for a majority of people. So, Honda Pakistan should also take care of this and introduce a bike like YBR-125. Don’t forget Suzuki, they just changed their design and got a lot of applause from their customers.

  22. Syed Haider Abbas Naqvi says

    Agree with u.. I’m saving up to get faw v2 i can buy mehran right now but i’d rather wait a little longer and support those who are giving more value for money. I’m never supporting monopolizing companies of Pakistan

  23. Muhammad Mahtab Saleem says

    I had made a long ride on my YBR 125 from Bahawalpur to Lahore in Just 7 hours with 3 stay ,
    Total distance i drive was about 470Km , It was a great tour. YBR 125 is a great great and great ride.

  24. Ali Ahmad says

    Bro, you have done a great job with comparison but plz tell me that, is it fair to compare CG with YBR??? Plz YBR is 130,000 while CG is 103000…. Kindly be fair with your comparison and do give a chance to Honda CG Deluxe…. 🙂

  25. Ali Ahmad says

    Yamaha has no after sales services…. Their dealers are just switched from Honda to Yamaha as Yamaha is offering them huge commisions etc….

  26. Ali Ahmad says

    I have sold my Yamaha…. It was good bike but will take 2, 3 years to be on board in Pakistani market…. Currently I’ve switched back to my CG… Plus YBR is an international model… while CG is a joint venture of Honda and Atlas group…. I’ve traveled to Faislabad from Lahore on YBR but no one was able to change its accelator cable…..

  27. Salman Shaikh says

    Bohot hi fazool article likha hae. Koi sar paon nahi. Kisi aik bhi jagah technology ka koi naam? Shyaad khud ko bhi na pata ho jis ne ye article likha hae. Wesy hi log comment karnay walay, aik se barh k aik. Bhai Shaf Younus, jab Yamaha ki market domination thi aj se 30 40 sal pehly 2 stroke pe, Honda ne 4 stroke Engine introduce karaya tha. CDI technology ka naam tha, Capacitor Discharge Ignition kehty hain. Us zamany main Honda ne band baja di thi Yamaha ki, kyun k Yamaha k andar point system tha. DTSi Technology jo ap k Hamsaya mulk India ki bajaj bikes main hae, Digital Twin Spark Ignition. Ye kafi helpful hae fuel economy k liye. Yamaha ne is main lagaya kya hae pehly to ye ap batao na janab. Jesy computer science ap parh rahy ho wesy hi 3rd grade ap ne ye article likha hae k 1 technology ka naam tak nahi likha.
    Aur yamaha ki average to likhi hae bhai ne but on the other hand Honda is not very good. Bhai economy speed pe chalao to Honda125 bhi ap ko 40 50 normal fuel pe deti hae. There are million factors behind the fuel economy, this is why all those big brands eg, Toyota Prius could not achieve its paper mileage.
    Puttar parhai ki taraf dhyan do k 2 4 technologies k naam zehen main reh lain ap k.
    Mery bap ki yamaha ya honda ki factory nahi, per ap consumer point of view se koi 1 bhi bat nahi likhi.
    Pakistan main rehny walay log 2 ya 3 log bike per normal hae, ap un ko 1 banday wali bike sale karo gay to kon le ga yar khud batao. 3 4 bachay bithany ki bat nahi kar raha main 1 general bat kar raha hon.
    Market kya hoti hae ap ko samajhnay k liye kafi time lagay ga. Local production se hi spare parts cheap ban sakain gay but wo 2nd or 3rd grade hon gay ap k article ki tarah. Imported chez ap ko kahan se sasti milni hae. Wo bhi ap agar dekho kon si shop wala ap ko milay ga jo honda ka original part bechy ga. Us k liye ap ko search karni parti hae kyun k us k liye ap ko 2x ya 3x price pay karni parti hae. Main jab tak Lahore main tha 2 3 log hi thy mushkil se jin se genuine part milta tha Honda ka baki sab X Y Z bachty hain.
    Sab se bari bat hae logon ka eaitmaad honda per jo ban gya hae wo itna asan nahi hae beat karna. Honda k sale point aur service centre ap ko har jagah mil jain gay per Yamaha k nahi.
    Anyways, it will be a fail just to let you know. So no more BS, end of story.

  28. umair says

    great mr. salman shaikh. honda or yamaha ny p…….. banaya howa hai
    .india main yamaha e ki bike 125 cc 78km/liter karti hai or tu india
    main yamaha 150 cc bike 75000 indain rupee main hai jes ki pakistan
    rupee main price banti hai 120000 banti hai .jes ka jo dil karta hai wo
    karta hai koi pouchny wala e nai.jesy govt. wasyee e yeh companies

  29. umair says

    great mr. salman shaikh. honda or yamaha ny p…….. banaya howa hai
    .india main yamaha e ki bike 125 cc 78km/liter karti hai or tu india
    main yamaha 150 cc bike 75000 indain rupee main hai jes ki pakistan
    rupee main price banti hai 120000 banti hai .jes ka jo dil karta hai wo
    karta hai koi pouchny wala e nai.jesy govt. wasyee e yeh companies.gogooogogogoogo

  30. Sherdil says

    Agreed with DJ. However my ybr 125 is giving a fuel economy average of 45km/l.

  31. DJ says

    Salman how much you educated are we can see 🙂 your approch is that Yamaha Should have laucnh A base model just like Honda and for next 40 years we keep 3 kids and 2 ladies on the bike and 60+ Avg (Dreams) and than we salute to yamaha for this every year for god sake.
    Yamaha does not claim this shit which you want to force everyone Yamaha came here not to compete like conventional Honda which from last 30-40 years just changing stickers and people feel so proud after buying this bike Yamaha came here to change Market dynamics they come here to change people thought and just wait and watch Yamaha in 1-2 Months coming up with next model and in start of 2016 with base model and than maybe sooty so they will hit every class in this Market. so they came here with Plan and not for profits (Nahi to aik 70 Launch kartye jo app ki market ka 60%+ Say ziada hai Jab kay worldwide CD 70 ka concept hi khatam hota ja raha hai )
    When they will launch their base model us per bachye or biwi aunty sab bitha sakye gay log so hosla rakhoo mere bhai 🙂
    Jahan tak parts ki bat hai They are expansive reason already mensioned in my below review comments but at leaset genuine hai Honda ki tarh aik hi part ki 6 copies available nai market main har cheez sasti dekh kay zahn hamra sasta ho gia hai 🙂

    Just to tell you Yamaha is doing very well in terms of sale and be aware soon Suzuki is comping up with ne model and Honda walye bi aknhye khol lay bara kama lia 🙂

  32. Usman Rauf says

    Great comparison Mr. Shaf Younus….

  33. Baber says

    I think he will talk about the reliability factor once he has driven his own YBR-125 for at least 10K kms.

  34. Saad Haji Idris says


  35. umar5150 says

    Bhai aap tu mind hi kar gaye hein..freedom of thoughts and speech naam ki b koi cheaz hoti ha..anyways apk lecture b acha ha and doary bhai saab ne b apny end pe acha likha ha

  36. cancerian says

    To me yamaha is just offering a unique and noticeable design…there is no after sale service, mechanics are unaware of yamaha, spare parts are too expensive (mentioned in above article: pair of indicator cost 1300/-)…while Honda while producing an old design still have these strengths….

  37. Ahmad says

    Sir G “Sheikh” ho k b itna bara comment

  38. TheMan says

    Dear Shaf, you should have to compare YBR with CG 125 Deluxe. I think it will make sense…

  39. TheMan says

    mere khayal say tumne bhai ki zada lay li hai…

  40. Khan Amir says


  41. Khan Amir says


  42. Abrar Shah says

    U All red circle related to Honda’s company……………………

  43. Abrar Shah says

    Well said

  44. wasted youth says

    A pure 3rd grade pathetic pakistani kanjar approach as usual by a sheikh. CDI = Chootiya Damagh Insaan. This is what people are right now.

  45. wasted youth says

    Another economic genius MR.Umair. Man look at your shit hole economy and market competition and then compare it to India. India has it’s own lots of automotive companies giving tough competition to international companies and India is the second biggest economy in the region after China. What Pakistan ahs is age old Honda bikes and corolla cars only in the market with no competition and you are talking about price difference. A mercedes in Pakistan is at 6 million PKR and in India it’s only 2 million INR. Think before you open your mouth. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Salute to your economics.

  46. wasted youth says

    Boy your point is all about mentality not economical scenario. Those who buy BMW can be counted on finger tips. People spent hefty money (700,000 plus) on insecure cheap tin made Mehran where as same amount can buy you much better options from China (Cherry QQ).You people buy to sell and not to use. It’s all about perception which you have developed. You buy a galaxy or iphone whatever the price is whereas you can buy a lot more in less price like china mobiles offering 4 sim operations, blue tooth etc in one set at lowest price.

  47. wasted youth says

    Faw V2 is an excellent choice. Apart from it’s logo, everything is cool. It’s even better than Cultus and Swift.

  48. wasted youth says

    People don’t buy on their personal choices, they rather buy on opinions by others.

  49. wasted youth says

    Man you got internet and google yet you are asking such stupid questions here. Visit their fucking websites.

  50. wasted youth says

    This is also by Pakwheels yet you are complaining about pakwheels.

  51. Osama Masood says

    Go get a life man !
    Its yamaha Japan <3

  52. Shahid Mehmood says

    I am agreed with the person who replied to your comment earlier, India manufacturer bikes locally where as in Pakistan we have to import main parts like Engine from Japan or other countries, as the writer said in article, Yamaha is importing parts from Japan. This is why there is a huge price difference in both countries.
    Do you think a PKR 0.7 Million Mehran worth its price?

  53. raja aftab says

    best comparison I agree with you

  54. Muhammad Abdullah says

    ab 40 saal se aikbike chal rhi ho aur logon ko is ka kam na ata ho to ajeeb ni ho ga?

  55. usman niazi says

    hosla bhai… rozay rakho aap, ghussa thanda karo, especially on pages that don’t belong to you

  56. wasted youth says

    Well truth is always hostile and bitter to those who are reluctant to accept it. And my comment has nothing to do with anger and the page, it was just a usual use of the word for the discussion as I thought you are mature enough to understand. But no worries, I didn’t mean to annoy you.

  57. usman niazi says

    dude… calling someone stupid and then using “fucking” is hostile… a simple “google it” should do… my bad in that…

  58. canerian says

    Agreed, but suzuki k parts are way cheaper and they have showrooms accessible to everyone..i was a owner of Yamaha Junoon and i still remember us k parts and machanics kiti mushkil sa milty thy although Junoon bht time tak market main rhi thi…. cheaper parts and proper mechanics are the basic things…

  59. wasted youth says

    Man no offense but I didn’t call you stupid rather I termed that question as stupid and secondly the word “fucking” was all about the websites not for you if you could comprehend.

  60. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    I believe 78kmpl is company estimated figures, agar aap honda showroom par jao tw wahan b logon ki pics hon gi who achieved 93 kmpl on cd100 but kya ya real life conditions ma possible ha??
    india ma local manufacturing ha bike ki, yahan par import karna party. or ya democratic government hum sab ki choice sa aayi ha, sb e responsible hain.

  61. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    iphone 4? more like nokia 1100 with its battery timing, durability, cheap cover replacement and practicality.

  62. sohaib says

    thnx, it helps alot. but now i am confused ybr or gs150. 🙁

  63. Aashir Nadeem Khan says

    YBR Launched, but changed some features….

  64. Ali Roy says

    yamaha is yamaha baby worlds best motorcycle manufacturer

  65. afzal says

    Yamaha ybr 125 custom . Would be the best model insteaf of ybr 125 only. But as usual, bad fortune there is no any any or any far far wally……. sign of that model to be reproduced here in pak
    If yamaha really want to crush cg125 then they have to repoduce ybr custom model in pak
    Other wise its gonna be bye bye soon in this typical traditional market

  66. Gando Panti says

    Bare himmat hain bhai warna gand pat jate hain. ap ki thu pati anhi

  67. Ehh Tey Shaam says

    Honda 125 (NO MATCH) best bike ever in pakistan

  68. Ehh Tey Shaam says

    buy honda, its best, metal body, more reliable , yamaha is like paper

  69. Masood says

    Both are hot yaaar I have YBR 125God
    Also have suzuki 150
    But shape wise ybr is sexy
    And body wise 150 is strong

  70. Haseeb Ul Hussain says

    One of the major reason why any bike never give the average for fuel upto expectations because of the roads and our traffic brother. If you ride your bike on long route where you have no need to stop it again and again by shifting gears lowers to top and top to low.

  71. Haseeb Ul Hussain says

    Thanks for sharing it here brother. 🙂

  72. Osama Khan says

    which one is more faster r best in performance?

  73. Guy Chauhan says


  74. uklayli says

    very nice

  75. uklayli says

    very nice.

  76. uklayli says


  77. uklayli says

    great. ybr is a cruser bike and its most economical on long routes

  78. uklayli says


  79. uklayli says

    there can be disagreement with the article but personal attacking and hitting is regrettable. lacking technical points does not underrate the article. the article is no doubt great and most of the points are crucial. in fact ybr bike is for different people. i like to sit single on the bike and have no problem with it. i don’t like a pillion. i drive for joy. ybr gives the deriving joy and honda 125 does not. as regards to deluxe, it lacks many features.

  80. khalid Qureshi says


  81. Muhammad Afzal says

    very good comparison with honesty…

  82. Muhammad Afzal says

    which is best bike YBR 125 or YBR 125G???
    I want to Buy very sooooooon…..

  83. mudassar says

    yamaha should consider that bike is a convince for middle class and poor so plz. consider the price

  84. Arslan says

    YBR is not yet MOST POPULAR bike but infact a second choice in two horse race where atlas honda enjoyed monopoly. Oh and there is no such thing as Heavy Bike!

  85. Adeel Akhtar says

    cg is batter then ybr in cause of acceleration and in cause of top speed ybr is best rather then cg

  86. Abdul Samad says

    whats the top speed of ybr? I get 115km/h for cg-125….

  87. F Zain Psy says

    You can not ride on it with a wife and kids well thats make it safer for kids and women.
    Thatsa called a change of mind effort

  88. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    I have a YPR-125 and personally I think it should be compared with the Deluxe version of the Honda 125. Now I have used both bikes and in my opinion Yamaha is better why u say well its a new thing and offers more. I’d love to get a honda if it offered more for money.U mentioned that its not a family bike but it may come as a shock to people here but bikes are NOT DESIGNED FOR FAMILIES(3 or 4 kids and bla bla bla) IN THE FIRST PLACE SO THATS NOT A DRAWBACK AT ALL -____- 2 people guys its for 2 people. Now acceleration and top speed is not an issue for me what I love is the comfort, economy and the road grip. I go on 100km journey on my bike almost daily and im satisfied.The sound on the other hand well to be honest its fine. The front disc brake is so much better in the YBR then the deluxe and of course the maintenance is a bit expensive but the ybr has a longer service interval as well thanks to it engine balancer thing.

  89. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    Exactly ^^^

  90. Abdullah Sattar says

    I get 105km/h on my cd 70

  91. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    depends on what kind of roads u wana use the bike actually , I have YBR-125 and its great for roads but if ur going a bit of road go for the G version cuz it has better shock absorbers for that kind of place,

  92. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    Bravo mate 😀

  93. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    I can get the Ybr upto 120 if I bend a lil bit otherwise 110 or 115

  94. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    Gs 150 is raw power, but if u want a lil bit more comfort and economy go for the YBR

  95. Sabeeh Ur Rehman Tariq says

    every bit that is metal in honda is also metal in the ybr if u havent noticed, those fenders are fiber and they are meant to be fiber cuz weight reduction. Hard body isnt everything in a bike or any kind of vehicle unless ur going in a war of course XD

  96. Hassaan Shani says

    change ur speedo metre then 😀

  97. mohsin wahhab says

    ooo cha cha ji blogger ney aap key pichwadey men peti bum dal kar jalaya hai kya jo aap ko itna mirchen lag rhe han tumharey jasey chotey zehniyat key logon ki wajah sey hamarey mulk me latest trend ki bikes nhe launch hoti han jo 1980 ki technology ki abhi tak pooja kartey han

  98. X Auto says

    Get a life, upgrade yourselves… get YBR 125.

  99. sohaib says

    Even acceleration of YBR is better than CG… U can race for comparison…

  100. sohaib says

    Peoples! You can’t believe but I can ride Yamaha YBR 125 With my wife and Kids… As its Sloping Seat makes the 2nd person more closer to the rider which makes it more comfortable and grip on bike, the kids can sit better as its tank area is more flatter than CG… And the hands & legs Position makes mpre control over your kids…You can’t just think like old ways…think better… Think for change…

  101. Muhammad Adeel Akhtar says

    twice time on canal road i done but start of CG is batter then YBR

  102. Fawad Khan says

    i want this bike Yamaha YBR125 in white color any suggestion from where could i get it. Thanks

  103. zeshan sharukh says

    hy friends i use125 ybr grey colour i think it is very nice bike and make personality very good

  104. Muneeb says

    I have buyed a new bike yesterday and it is cg-125 i will prefer it more than ybr on just only 1 point there body cg-125 have almost full metallic body on the other hand Yamaha is having only its fuel tank made of metal…. Sense able people will judge the right bike…. Only from just this single point..
    Thats it….

  105. Muneeb says

    Thats not true bro i also ride on it but it is to much difficult

  106. Bilal Weasel says

    Honda 125 has Disc brakes, 5 Gears, Electric Start?

    These things makes difference and Engine technology also is different so comparing a global bike with local i don’t think there is anything to compare Atlas HONDA is local no standards are maintained that is why high accidents ratio. secondly yamaha has SOHC engine well honda has pathetic old OHV. and everyone in world knows what is the difference and who is better. Honda only wins k “is pr biwi n bachay baith saktay hn” that is all. then why don’t go for Rickshaw?

  107. Bilal Weasel says

    yes but it cause more accidents and OHV is not standard now which is used in CG.
    International standards deprecate the use of OHV engine due to climate ECO and poor reliability and maintenance

  108. Bilal Weasel says

    consider the price?

    They are giving electric start, SOHC engine, Disc brakes… which honda can’t give you in even same price and quality

  109. Bilal Weasel says

    Our mentality:
    Suzuki mehran is better than Ferrari because is main to 5 log atay hn or Ferrari main sirf 2? 😛

  110. Hassan Raza says

    bhai yamaha ybr 125 is best … be shak is ka resale velue na ho hum user he is ka resale velue bana de gay … jasy sub ny china ki road prince or united bike lay lay k market bana de to yamaha Q ni ho sakta ? honda 125 ka rate 90000 hona chaye ho us ka hall hai ….

  111. Hassan Raza says

    1000% agree with you brother but resale ka masla ho jata hai na

  112. Hassan Raza says


  113. Bitter_truth says

    YBR is sporty in looks but due to less resale and spare parts availability issue it will take a lot of time to adjust in Pakistani Market. However if Yamaha will launch 300-500cc Sports bike definitely investing on that.

  114. Bilal Weasel says

    yar but resale ki waja sy ap kisi chez ko kisi sy compare nhn kr saktay, YBR is global so abhi new ai hai kuch year main iski resale ziada hogi, Main jb Samsung main tha sbko Nokia pasand tha kehnay k bawajood sb kehtay thay nokia to nokia hai.. ab kahan gaya? cheez ka time hota hai ab cg125 ka time janay wala hai bs akhri cheekhain nikal rahi hn, hamara hi kasoor hai na 30 saal purani technology ki resale hai , or mechanics bhi or latest k nhn.. to hum hi nalaiq huay bike ka kya kasoor hai?

  115. Bilal Weasel says

    Kamal hai sari dunya ny OHV ko chor dia siwaye Atals Honda k, Allah karay DYL ki jaga jaisay Yamaha kudh ai hai. Atlas honda ki jaga bhi HONDA original ajaye or in choron sy jan choot jaye, siwaye sticker k aj tk kuch improve nhn kia….5 crore ka plant lainay k bawajood electric start nhn krwa sakay even deluxe ko bhi

  116. Bilal Weasel says

    for your info..india 17% duty charge krta hai or pakistani custom walay 40% …yamaha k owner ny pakistan main apnay interview main yehi kaha tha k hum to price down krna chahtay hn but customs or local dealers black mail krtay hn . even jb company ny anay k liay license lia tha tb deal hui k ap 500 million invest karo jobs do. apko property and land tax nhn hoga but ap wo bhi dal dia ..

  117. Bilal Weasel says

    correct, hum abhi tk us Chonday sy chipkay huay hn … indian tax for bikes 17% on imported and we are charging yamaha 40-65% check details and interview of yamaha owner in pakistan.

  118. Bilal Weasel says

    hahaha lolz

  119. Bilal Weasel says

    hahaha kis sy compare karain us k electric start sy ya SOHC engine sy..yamaha ka in local engines sy kya comparison? yamaha k competitor ka engine and tech bhi wohi 30 saal purani hai.

  120. Hassan Raza says

    Baat sahi hai

  121. Hassan Raza says

    Yamaha or honda may ye faraq hai k yamaha k spare part mahngy hein or honda k sasty… Bus

  122. Ukasha says

    Love You What An Idea Dude

  123. bilal says

    mere khyal main honda cg 125 deluxe best looks bhi hain aur ybr se mazboot bhi hai aur sub se main cheez ybr chrha party ya daishi aadmi use ker sakta hai jeans pehne howe ladki ho full mahol bunta hai but normally jaise ladkian side pe bhaithi hain waisa ybr pe ajib lagta hai aur tanki pe pakistani style se aadmi bucha bhi nahi bitha sakta resale ho ya na ho ybr looks aur trah se fit hai bus mazbooti aur family k liye fit nahi is liye main honda deluxe recommend keronga my personal opinion

  124. bilal says

    Ybr 125 is the best bike CD 125 is down now

  125. bilal says

    You or rite

  126. Ijaz Ahmad says

    Bohat khub Kaha or 27 April 2016 yamaha Szrr 150 launch ceremony hai Pakistan main to honda ka resale Kaha jati hai tab Pata chal jae ga or price uski 170000 sy 190000 ky darmian hogi but uski sale bhi ap check karna kiyu ky wo chez hi aisi hai

  127. Raja Maja says

    ” I have Buyed ” oh God……………..akheer hi grammar hai.

  128. rizwannazar4 says

    Brother 150 ki price 195000 ha

  129. Haroon says

    CG 125, no doubt, lives in the heart and soul of all the pakistani, despite of age differance, every younger or older love Honda 125 but unfortunately for past few years, Honda 125 quailty is not as we exprienced in early CDI power plus 125. This compromise on quality effected the repute of Honda and as well as youth passion for seeking better opportunites to ride.

  130. Mohammed Miqdad Kanani says

    Hey , just recommend me Kay CG 125 loon ya YBR 125, I currently use Habib 70 euro 2 and planning to buy a second hand 125 cc , I like racing with my friends and that’s it, acceleration and speed kiski achi hai? Wo zahir hai Kay Honda ka swag alag hai exhaust wagaira mai muqabla nahi but YBR second hand milegi? Kitne ki aur kahan se!

  131. Anjum Amin says

    Try Pakwheels n olx there are a lot of ybr available.

    Acceleration: CG 125
    Durability: YBR
    Smoothness: YBR
    Pleasing Ride: YBR
    Maintenance: CG 125.

    Anything else?

  132. Muhammad Abdullah says

    Well. People who design this bike have made a capacity for 2 ppl. Not for pak that you can stuff you family and just go along with no sense of surrounding

  133. Mohammed Miqdad Kanani says

    Thanks bro! Ziada arsa kon chala legi, Matlab Kay agay kuch saloon mai YBR sahi hogi ya Honda

  134. shahroz iqbal says

    I have experienced both of bikes but I think honda 125 is most reliable and its 100 times better then ybr 125. its acceleration, road grip, cutting and parts availability is far better as ybr.

  135. Don Omar says

    Check this out guys. Visordown an English website recommending Ybr-125 while Ybr’s competitor is a New Honda technology bike which is far batter than shit kind of CG-125….

  136. Subhan says

    i have both bikes ybr 125 and cg 125 and i ride both of these daily. As i know that the ybr is more beautiful more smooth and suspention is much better then cg 125 so ybr is best and 125 looks a old style bike.

  137. Usman says

    lol :p

  138. Usman says

    so YBR G is not for urban right?

  139. usman says


  140. cheetoo King says

    I would say this is a very nice and informative article. I am about to purchase a new bike considering HONDA CG 125 and YAMAHA ybr 125 as my options. Please tell me if I have to travel with two kids of less than three years of age only for short distances like 2 – 3 KM what will be the most suitable bike for me ?

  141. JD says

    Comments parh k lagta hai k election Yamaha (Imran Khan) jeety gi but jeet Honda (Nawaz Shareef) jata hai …. National Mind set.

  142. tabish says

    One interesting point you missed you: Insurance companies don’t offer any insurance package for Honda 125. Honda 125 is mostly used by robbers so this is why it is high risk to have it.

  143. M.S.A.Y says

    I Totally agree with that point ..

  144. M.S.A.Y says

    National nahi Rational mindset hai jo k Dakuoon k liye ye Honda 125 len hum .. 😛

  145. Rehan Rahim Awan says

    YBR is far far far better than CG 125

  146. Rehan Rahim Awan says


  147. Mohsin Mansoor says

    Mere Pass 125 2017 Model Black Hai 125 Aala Bike Hai Meri Bike 110 Tak Chalti Hai to vibration Karti Hai Mujhy Mehsoos Nai Hota Vibration Jo Peeche BEthta Hai Woh Kehta Hai. petrol ke hisab se to 125 cg 70 jc hai Aur Humne Race Rakhi Thi YBR Wala Akela Tha Hmm 3 The 18 Kilo Meter Race Thi Main Asani Se Use Beat Kar Gaya Woh Gari Pe Leta Hua Tha Hawa Le Raha Tha Peeche Se Phr B Nai Puhncha Nazar E Nai aya 11 Km Ke Bad . Bhaiyo Show Shaw Ke Hisab Se Ybr Achi Hai Speed Ke hisab Se Cg Cg Hai Jub Chalti Hai To Uska Sound Alaw ^_^ Main YBR Lena Chahta Tha Bas Is liye Nai Li Q Ki Usme Sound Nai Speed B MAze Ki Nai aur iske parts available nai Agar Yeh sab Hote To YBR Awesome Bike Hai

  148. Ăbđûl Šẫmẫđ says

    Bilkul sai kaha ap ne
    Honda bike best ha

  149. Atif Qalandar says

    Wo kya hota hay??

  150. Raja Ghulam Murtaza says


    I am a user of 125 Honda since 1993. Sorry to say honda have no raod grip, Brakes and this is very uncomfortable. I travel from Muzaffargarh to Neelum Valley (Kel, Sharda Taobat). and Naran ,Batakundi. Its engine is reliable. that is plus point, otherwise this is very uncomfortable. Now i decided to by 125 Yamaha. I think we go for comfort either resale as health and life is more specious than money( Resale).

    Raja Murtaza

  151. Omair Barney says

    chal gando choru 70 ki aukat nai 125 p race lagaega bhrwa

  152. Kashif says

    So finally what is your opinion about long route drive like 100KM or above . Which bike you will prefer ?

  153. Majid Issak says

    But a you real

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