PakWheels Infographic: Here Are The Top Sedan Colors In Pakistan

White, Black, Grey, Silver Colored Cars.

There’s a thing, the options available in Pakistan to buy cars are not just bland, even the colors they are available are bland as well. We wrote the curious case of the red Corolla some time ago and how people deny their passions to buy color which makes the resale happy rather people themselves.

The problem of bright and odd colors is that the roadside and cheap mechanics aren’t able to match accurately and deem them expensive and thus, people avoid such colors and our roads and automotive life looks so dull.

See the top colors broken model and city wise for your understanding.

And we urge you to not buy resale, you spend so much on a new car, you should at least get what your heart calls for and not just make a calculated decision because in the end, a Corolla would sell even if it is painted bright pink because Corolla!

*Figures are only of locally made cars and not imported.

Top Sedan Colors Sales in Pakistan

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  • Mashood Anwar

    Why dont people prefer some unique colours like Bronze mica.. it is really an outstanding colour . :*

  • Muhammad Abdullah

    resale bhai

  • Usman

    Means lahoris bought most Hondas coz they got better roads!!!

  • Mashood Anwar

    Hmm but level to hai na colour ka :*

  • Talal Mahfooz

    Hmm… not very accurate for the corolla as the cheaper version is only available in 2 colors…. the ranking should be based on the car model type

  • Can we separate the corporate sales from this data? Only then can we accurately gauge people’s real choices.

    White is a sensible colour for hot climates.

  • Waqas Ghazanfar

    LOL, Islamabadians are Unique 😀 😀 😀

  • Baber

    All the sales quoted here are those done through PakWheels.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    The white color is more in demand in Multan, due to many factors, .. 1. Hot Weather, 2. Dusty Area (Black is difficult to remain neat in dust). 3. Easy to match paint jobs 🙂 . If you bought a black sedan in Multan people will stare at you like you have done a crime . Lolz

  • Shahid Mehmood

    Not only honda all cars look again