This Is The 2016 Toyota Vitz (Yaris) Sedan

Toyota has shut down its Scion brand, that was aimed more on millennials. The cars that Scion was selling were integrated into Toyota’s range. More or less, Scion cars were small with funky elements to appeal to the young hip crowd, but we think that didn’t work out, so Toyota moved out of the brand while Scion’s range of cars moved back into Toyota. The Scion iM, for example, was a rebadged Toyota Auris from Europe whereas the Scion iA, will now be called the Toyota Yaris sedan.

But before calling Scion iA Toyota Yaris; the iA is based on Mazda2 sedan, in fact, the interior is 99 percent Mazda2 with just new Toyota badges. This rebadging and sharing of vehicle platforms or even fully ready vehicles on which you can slap your badges on and sell it through your dealership is a very real possibility as the cost of research and development increases; a lot of automakers aren’t able to keep up with it. Analysts have suggested that Japanese automakers may have to consolidate into three total automakers to keep costs under control by 2020.

Slated to make debut in the US in April, the Toyota Yaris sedan is already available in Canada and elsewhere as Mazda 2, with the same 1.5-liter engine making about 100 HP. Comes with both 6-speed manual and an automatic which has a clever locking torque converter and a sports mode which boosts torque.

Toyota Yaris is known as Toyota Vitz in Pakistan since we import mostly from Japan. Vitz price in Pakistan varies to the model year you go for. The Yaris sedan though is expected to be priced around US $16,000 for a manual transmission and US $17,100 for the automatic version. But the Yaris sedan is said to be superior to the Yaris (hatchback) probably because it’s a Mazda and also the fact that this will be the cheapest car in which you’ll get forward collision warning and automatic braking systems while the reverse camera and navigation system is an option.

If Japan gets the Vitz sedan, would you import it? Does it seem like a good prospect for Pakistani consumers?


Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.

  • Tahir Usman

    What the hell is Toyota giving all their cars that same front end for?Idiots!!!

  • Khuram Shahzad

    Nice one dear!!
    A car like this can be a slap Honda City 1.3. Especially its Auto version. A gud strong competior

  • Moghees Haider

    nice interior, with a sporty back but they just screwed it all up at the grill …..

  • Ahmad Pirzada

    they always copy designs from their own cars. camry/corolla have almost the same front and back with one year delay.

  • Al-waris Traders

    I will soon import this car here when i will find accidented cars for sale there in Japan. or this car driven above 100000 km after a year or two. My shown room is in Islamabad. I will soon uplod it’s Add. Al-Waris Traders, Islamabad. and Car Bank Islamabad

  • Danish Abbas

    So much similar with Mazda D2

  • Smokingaces

    Damn Daniel!

  • Smokingaces

    bhai give us some excited news about Pakistani automobile market.

  • Asim Khurshid Sikka

    I see the design is inspired from Toyota GT86. I like it.

  • Khan

    It’s 100% Mazda 2 which is being sold in Malaysia and Asia Pacific. It kicks the ass 9f both City and Corolla.

  • Suhaib

    This is the most beautiful car ive seen in compact sedan cars *_* Love it’s design, features, room, etc. Would Love to have this car at price of 17 lac (not more than that). If it arrives in pak it will kill Gli and city 😀
    P. s : if it’s being imported than its price should be a bit lower than Aqua (which is at 16.5-18)

  • Suhaib

    Sahi car bhi bech dya karo Awam ko kabhi :p along with original auction sheet and low margin profit 🙂

  • Muhammad Ali Gopang

    You are requested to please share some pakistani market news.

  • Billy

    The front looks like its gasping for oxygen – neverthless good looks overall !

  • Junaid Ashraf

    Good news for accessories thieves specially side mirrors fans.

  • Iqbal

    Mazda cars are awesome.
    Whether it is mazda 2, 3 or 6.
    I have driven a brand new 2016 mazda 6 with only 300 km on odo. Great handling uphill and over sharp bends.
    Sporty look.
    Very nice and upgraded interior material.
    Feels like premium. Near luxury.
    Honda accord is a close competitor. I have driven both but I think mazda is the winner.
    We need mazda cars in Pakistan.
    Get bored of Toyotas and Hondas.
    Suzuki is just scrap.

  • Iqbal

    What about Korean cars.
    They are awesome.
    Gives you more features in less price than Japanese competitors.
    Their cars have improved a lot in recent years and in no way less than a Japanese car.
    I think our Government should allow them to bring their cars in Pakistan.
    What we see as luxury in our country is a common thing abroad.
    It is our Politicians and fuedels who don’t want to see Citizens of Pakistan flourish and become equal to them in terms of affording what is being considered as luxury for them.
    We are not less than Indians by any means but to bring foreign investment their policies are remarkable.
    Last but not the least a good transportation mean is not a luxury but a necessity.

  • Salman Ahmed

    Another dumb trader trying to rip away . Stay away from such stupid dealers