2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid unveiled – Exclusive photos and video

As we reported earlier, the new Camry is finally here. And we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek of the new 2018 Toyota Camry hybrid. The car will be available in two versions;

Toyota Camry 2018

The new Toyota Camry has an all-new updated front with a massive grille in the front bumper, and beautiful dual beam LED headlights with daytime running lamps. The high grade of the new 2018 hybrid comes with 18” alloys that Toyota claims are aerodynamic whereas the low-grade Camry hybrid comes with 17” alloy wheels. New Camry is equipped with a host of features like smart door handles with the touch sensor, push start button, smart key, and more. And as we reported earlier, the top of the line Camry comes with a panoramic sunroof.

2018 Toyota Camry PakWheels Exclusive (9)

2018 Toyota Camry PakWheels Exclusive (10)

2018 Toyota Camry PakWheels Exclusive (17)


2018 Toyota Camry comes with a newly designed 7-inch multi-information display that shows all the relevant information like multimedia information, trip meter, eco-meter, parking and driving assist and others. The interior has been revamped as well. You have new upholstery and materials as well as new design. The buyers can have the option of either a black or beige interior. The car comes with dual zone air conditioner.

2018 Toyota Camry PakWheels Exclusive (11)

2018 Toyota Camry PakWheels Exclusive (13)

2018 Toyota Camry PakWheels Exclusive (12)

2018 Toyota Camry PakWheels Exclusive (14)


The car comes equipped with a 2.5-litre internal combustion petrol engine that makes 175.6 BHP (131 kW) whereas the electric motor makes around 118 BHP (88 kW). The engine makes 221 NM of torque, whereas the electric motor makes 202 NM of torque. As for the transmission is concerned it has Toyota’s new CVT gearbox. Toyota is offering ECO, Normal, and Sport buttons in the cabin for the type of performance the driver wants from the car.

2018 Toyota Camry PakWheels Exclusive (15)

2018 Toyota Camry hybrid also comes with safety features and driver’s aids like hill-assist, and vehicle stability control as well as ABS, traction control, brake hold, and more. The new car is equipped with 6 SRS airbags.


The new 2018 hybrid Camry is based on Toyota’s new global platform known as TNGA, “Toyota New Global Architecture“. Global platforms technology which has been in use by German car companies for years while recently in use extensively by Honda is aimed at reducing the production costs and provide better flexibility by sharing similar components across multiple models.


The prices that we reported before for both the low and high grade were right. Those prices are,

2018 Camry Hybrid (high-grade): Rs. 8,499,000/- ex factory
2018 Camry Hybrid (low-grade): Rs. 8,299,000/- ex factory

The high-grade comes with a panoramic roof as well as 18″ alloys, rest is pretty much the same.


  • Attitude Black
  • Steel Blonde
  • Dark Blue
  • Emotional Red
  • Graphite
  • Silver
  • Platinum White Pearl

Enjoy the photos and exclusive walkaround below.

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  1. What’s the difference between high grade and lower model?

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  • Guest

    nice car!
    me likes.

  • A lot of money for a Pak assembled car. For this money you can have a very nice BM, Benz or Audi… Would you choose this over a German Car??? Hmmmm point to ponder 😉

  • Ammar

    It’s not assembled here

  • Ammar

    Thank God it’s not limited to 180kph like most JDM cars.

  • Khurram

    Smell the tea and read the article with open eyes, it mentions quite clearly that the car has been imported directly from the Japan.
    As for Audi or BMW or Mercedes being better than a Toyota well, there are factors other than being looking just classy, you don’t want to end up paying another 200,000/- for small technical parts like fuel pump which, for your information my friend had to change after mere 10,000 kms for his A3 and he had to cough-up 150,000/- for that. However, every person has his own choice.

  • RealPatriot

    Why chose Japanese car in such a massive price. GO FOR AUDI, BMW or MERCEDES

  • My dear I have a W124 Mercedes 200E from 1991 on ORIGINAL ENGINE/AUTO TRANNS and ROCK SOLID/RUST FREE/RATTLE FREE drive. I changed the fuel pump last year after 26 YEARS! Beat that Toyota 😉

  • Kamran Gill

    Hi Friends ! Can anybody tell me to install Spacer in My Passo 2015 (for Ground Clearance ) is a Good Idea or Not.

  • Tufail burki

    Camry hybrid 2018 pirze ?