4 hatchbacks to be launched in Pakistan in 2020

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Hatchbacks are one of the most affordable vehicles to buy in Pakistan. The competition in this segment has been increasing after the implementation of the Auto Policy 2016-2021. Competition in this segment is good for consumers as it provides them with diverse options to choose from and auto manufacturers tend to provide more features to remain competitive. Companies like Prince, Kia, and Zotye might introduce their hatchbacks in Pakistan in the near future. Moreover, Hyundai is expected to launch a car every six months, which is good for the auto sector. Take a look at the following list of hatchbacks that might make a debut in Pakistan this year: 

Prince Pearl

Prince Pearl 2020 hatchback

Prince Pearl has been in news for a very long time and its launch has been pushed forward a couple of times.  As per the details, Prince Pearl will be launched on 1st Feb 2020. Pearl is an 800cc hatchback that will rival United Bravo and Suzuki Alto. It will come with a 4-speed manual transmission. The company claims that it will offer an 18 km/l fuel average.

Moreover, the hatchback would be packed with several futuristic features like power steering, power windows, air conditioning, airbags, alloy rims, Daytime running lights (DRLs), body-colored side mirrors with integrated turn signals, digital instrument cluster, etc.

Kia Rio 

The launch of Kia Rio has been contentious and it might get launched in the near future. The unit which was displayed at the company’s showroom had 1.4L CVVT 4 cylinder petrol engine mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Internationally the car comes with two engine options at 1.4-liter and a 1.2-liter petrol engine mated to either a 4-speed automatic, a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed manual transmission. Features include bi-projection headlamps, cruise control, climate control, rear USB charging ports, automatic rain sensors, airbags, parking sensors, and alloy rims. Let’s hope this hatchback makes its way to the Pakistani auto sector. 

Zotye Z100 automatic transmission

Zyote Z100 car Exterior hatchback Car

Zyote Z100 car Interior

Topsun Motors has recently launched manual transmission Zotye Z100 in the Pakistani market. Z100 is EURO 4 compliant car having a 1.0L 3-cylinder engine. As per the company, it will offer the car with automatic transmission in February or March 2020.

See the complete specs and features below:

Specs and features of Zotye Z100

Features will probably include alloy wheels, power steering, central locking, power windows, power mirrors, and air conditioning. 

Zotye Z100 Plus

The electric version of Zotye Z100 will be the same as the engine-based model with a slight change in its shape and as per the company, it will be priced approximately around PKR 1.9-2 million. The electric version Zotye Z100 Plus is already available in the international market.

Zotye Z100 Plus Exterior hatchbacks

Zotye Z100 Plus Exterior

Zotye Z100 Plus Engine

The electric car has a 13.5kw motor which offers 145nm of torque. With one single charge, the car can travel a distance of 200km. The battery takes almost 7-8 hours to charge.

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  1. Waqas says

    Boycott all chinese products in solidarity to our uyghur brothers and sisters.

  2. Mudassar says

    Pakwheel’s predictions for 2019 were badly failed 🙁

  3. Iqbal Muhammad says

    Moreover, the hatchback would be packed with several futuristic features like power steering, power windows, air conditioning, airbags, alloy rims, Daytime running lights (DRLs), body-colored side mirrors with integrated turn signals, digital instrument cluster, etc.

    Oh wow! Power steering? Power windows? Air Conditioning? I haven’t even heard of these features, they’re that futuristic.

  4. Iqbal Muhammad says

    I’m scared that the EV policy is going to price most cars out of existence, and these pieces of shite will be the only options left for normal people. Enjoy your 30 km of electric range.

  5. khurram says

    For Pakistan’s polluted environment digital instrument is new, it has not been in production for long. Further, if you are privileged enough to understand what DRLs means then that is good for you, until about year ago I did not know what it meant and I am pretty sure there are many car users out there to whom the feature may sound odd. Last but not least, instead of being sarcastic, you should join Pakwheels writers’ team.

  6. Tahir says

    Kia Rio is never going to come to Pakistan, the country simply does not have market for this segment of larger hatchbacks, Kia Rio is larger than Suzuki swift even which hardly sells enough here, they are mainly popular in European, Indian, Australian, Latin american, Russian and South African markets. Cars like Kia Rio, its platform sharer Hyundai i20, Volkswagen Polo, peugeot 208, Suzuki Baleno, Fiat Argo are simply not for Pakistan.

  7. Tahir says

    He is not entirely wrong, calling features like power steering, AC and alloy rims as futuristic when cars in other countries boast of driver assistance systems, autonomous driving, adaptive suspension etc. Even if we say that these features are for developed countries then also when we look at countries like India and Brazil there as well cars boast of touchscreen systems, front and rear parking sensors, backup cameras, UV cut glass, cruise controls, atomatic climate control, coloured digital instrument clusters, LED lights etc. those are called modern features and not power steering.

  8. Iqbal Muhammad says

    Calling things like power steering, power windows, and air conditioning futuristic is either A) reaching or B) a blatant example of incredibly lazy writing. If you don’t find a problem with this, then you must not hold anything to a very high standard.

    Plus, I can exercise my right to criticize something and not have to prove that I can do it myself. It’s called being a consumer.

  9. Waqas says

    The market is always guided by what people buying, this is a fact, wherever you are in the world, so the policy doesn’t matter, look at the USA market now the oil crisis long gone, the SUV market is skyrocketing. A lot of cars company are providing USA with SUV now. And if Pakistan want to make a “cleaner” market of cars the best thing is to buy hybrid cars because in Pakistan we still have a lot of difficulties to provides continue electricity to everyone, so how we can provide electricity to electric cars and fund all the electric station, that’s mean the government need to invest a lot of money and today with the struggling economy, it will be nearly impossible.

  10. Nabz says

    Install solar panels at your houses and never go to Fuel/ electric station

  11. Nabz says

    @Waqas You seems to work for big-3

  12. Waqas says

    @Nabz You seem you aren’t a muslim (false assertation), by the way i’am a Pakistani from France.
    So don’t make false assertation. And today China contracted a virus what do you think ? Me it’s a punishment from the Creator of the Skies and Earth.

  13. Waqas says

    Solar Panel are using photovoltaic technology, it’s expensive, in a growing up market, with a growing up economy you cannot ask to people who merely getting out of poverty or low middle class to buy expensive stuff. Yes by the way electric cars are more expensive than thermic cars and the average autonomy is low, electric cars are good to drive in you local living area, bad for travels.
    And if Pakistan is taking the way in electric vehicle, that’s mean Pakistan have to invest in public charging station, and you can guess with the recent struggling economy, Pakistan cannot afford that.
    To Pakistani, who want to drive “cleaner” cars, they should consider buying Hybrid (thermic + electric engine) cars.
    Hybrid cars proposed by Toyota with the Prius family affordable cars and the most reliable, and the high end Toyota camry.
    Hybrid cars proposed by Hyundai with the ioniq afordable cars and serious rival of the prius.
    Surprisingly even Mercedes in Pakistan is proposing a hybrid version of the gle model 2015, is not the last generation, only the previous but it’s already a leap forward in the Pakistani market, and is a luxury SUV.

  14. Waqas says

    Exactly, all of this because of the following lie global warming came from the United Nation.

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