Tips to End Bad Smell Coming From Car AC

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Usually, in summers, people keep car AC on constantly, making it an essential part of a vehicle in summers, and if they stink, it could make you very uncomfortable. But when there are problems, there are solutions. Here are some techniques to solve this stinky problem and eliminate the bad AC odor from your car’s cabin. First of all, you need to identify the things causing your air conditioner to smell bad so you can fix them accordingly.

Moisture in AC Vents

When we turn on the car AC, the air inside the car dries, but moisture has to make its way to somewhere. The water droplets gather on the evaporator before going outside through the AC drain pipe. The drain pipe stays damp all the time, providing the storage for mold forming, and when the air passes through the evaporator, the mold formed emits a foul smell which goes into the AC vents.

To solve this issue, make a habit of turning off the AC without turning off the fan for 3 minutes before turning off the engine. This will make the interior of the vents to dry, hence eliminating the smell. If this technique does not work, then spray an antiseptic spray into the AC vents.


Air Filter Clogging of Car AC: 

Due to dusty conditions, the air filter of the AC can get clogged. When it gets clogged, it traps moisture and due to moisture bacteria begins to build up on it, and when the air passes through it, the air smells bad. Nowadays, the car cabins come with replaceable air filters. Replace the filter or try to clean it to eliminate the smell.

Try to keep the front passenger-side mat of your car free from dust because the blower is usually placed on that side.

dirty vs new cabin air filter

Leakage in Cooling System

There could be a leakage in the cooling system. Broken or damaged cooling components can leak ethylene glycol, which could be another reason for the smell. This chemical substance is used as an antifreeze in the air conditioning system. The coolant passes through various parts inside the cabin including a heating core.

It should be immediately repaired because ethylene glycol is harmful to human health.


Drain Pipe Leakage of Car AC: 

The drain pipe could be leaking which causes the outlet water to drip on the car carpet. It also creates a bad smell. Check for the leaks of the AC drain pipe. Get the pipe fixed as soon as possible because it can lead to other accidents.


Try to take your car for AC service when the summer begins. Tell the mechanic to check for all the above-mentioned points. All the problems as mentioned above usually eliminate after the thorough service.

Burning of Rubber:  

Sometimes, you smell of burning rubber, when you switch the AC on. It may be because of an issue with AC compressor, AC compressor’s clutch or a misaligned pulley. It means, one of these parts are causing the belt drag leading to smell of burning rubber. You can resolve this issue very easy, just get the car to a good mechanic, get the faulty part removed or repaired, and it must not take much of time, and get rid of that smell.

Burning of Plastic: 

Along with the burning rubber, you can get the smell of burning plastic, although not much distinct but your sense will differentiate between them. This smell can cause from electric shorts, excessive dust in the vents or burning of wires or hoses. The smell can make you very uncomfortable because it really starts to get to your head.
The solution of this smell is also a good mechanic, so take your car to a good workshop and get it fixed.

Burning Oil: 

Over the time, the car oil can leak from your engine through gaskets, hoses, or oil filter. This leaked oil can reach or hit your hot engine, or other heated parts under the hood, it can quickly cause a smell of burning oil and can blow through AC vents.

Again, in this case, get your vehicle checked from a proper workshop, instead of experimenting yourself. A small mistake can lead to a bigger accident and cause huge monetary losses, So, be careful and take your car to mechanic regularly.

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