500 VIPs Ticketed In Just Ten Day In KPK

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For the past ten days police, in KPK has been quite vigilant in catching and fining VIP officials that were guilty of breaking traffic violations such as speeding or breaking a red light, through their newly set up rapid response squad. They have fined a little over 500 VIPs usually traveling around in Toyota Corolla XLIs, SUVs and pickups for reckless driving. The Police, who were previously blamed for only taking down the poor and ignoring the acts of the VIPs, have the new squad set up to go after everyone, regardless of car or social status.

“If we turn a blind eye towards the traffic violations of VIPs and fine ordinary citizens alone, it means that our new traffic warden system is of no practical use” said a traffic police official.

They are fully equipped for handling any eventuality with equipment that includes video cameras as well as pen-cameras and on-the-spot payment machines.

“The four Sub inspectors are required to record the entire process of dealing with traffic violators on their pen cameras so that no one can blame or question the ticket at a later stage. They have also been asked to use cameras to record the violations so that the video tapes can be used as evidence.” The official further added that the squad will not deal with buses, rickshaws, motorbikes and light-duty vehicles.”

The fines ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 600, mainly included the use of mobile phones while driving, not wearing a seat belt or the use of  tinkered glass. No one should be above the law!


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  1. Abdullah says

    KPK has better governance and Police then all the other provinces right now……i myself being from Karachi……having spent half of my life in Punjab, and right now living in KPK…..find it a very good development…….well done KPK Police….Keep it Up…….This should be spirit……Salute…..:-)

  2. Atif says

    Such things are never covered in media. They should be appreciated. VIPs misbehave with public and their guards misbehave a lot in Islamabad often shouting and cursing at civilians to keep 20 meters away from an MPA or MNA. They also break signals and checkposts are removed when they are passing,

    Sad state in PK.

    respect for KPK police and govt.

  3. trax says

    If karachi had a traffic police system like this….one of two things could happen….1. they will start acting like regular police. 2. 90% vehicles plying in Clifton/Defence will be fined everyday….imagine….that could mean millions collected daily in fines:)

  4. Aamir Bashir says

    That’s the spirit … we all should go with, KPK police is getting better … I hope they would treat us all equal, rich or poor, VIP or taxi driver they all must obey the law and if they don’t law is watching over them … they should get the reward …

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