6 tips to increase fuel economy of your car

One of many things which a buyer thinks while buying a car is its fuel consumption and economy. And with the hike in prices of oil globally and domestically, people are now even more concerned about buying cars having excellent fuel economy and mileage. So in this article, I will be telling you people, six simple tips to increase the fuel economy of your car.

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  • First of all, never accelerate and brake too hard or harshly while driving a vehicle as it will consume 30 percent excess fuel of your car.
  • Secondly, always inflate the tires properly as by doing so you can easily save 3 percent of your overall fuel which will lead to good mileage.Tire pressure check 2
  • Wasting fuel is not wise at all it will only drain more of your money. It is observed on roads that people often use wrong gear while driving at a certain speed, wasting more fuel in the process. So always use the right gear for your speed as recommended by the manufacturer it will save up to 15 percent of your fuel.
  • People, usually new drivers, in arrogance and lack of knowledge make short trips when the engine is cold which lead up to 100 percent fuel wastage. So my advice is that never make short trips while the engine is cold if you want to save your money.
  • Drive 10 to 15 km/h slower than your usual highway speeds, and you can easily save fuel up to 20 percent.
  • Lastly, change the air filter at the recommended time and don’t overweight your car too much.Toyota Vitz Air Filter

I hope these tips be of use to you guys, feel free to drop what tips you people have in mind in the comments box below.

My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.

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