Punjab excise department to launch smart card for vehicles

The Excise Department of Punjab has announced that it would be launching smart registration card to replace the old registration book for vehicles in Lahore in March this year. Previously, it was reported that the new smart card system (Automated Registration Cards) will be launched by November 2017; however, due to unknown reasons it was not launched at that time.

While talking to media Additional DG Excise and Taxation Punjab Masood Ul Haq said, the primary aim of launching this new smart card is to digitalise the whole process; moreover, the current registration book wear and tear quickly, and due to its size motorists find it difficult to carry it the entire time. However, the new registration card would be the size of ID card, which one could easily carry along with him/her while driving the bike or car and it would not wear out quickly as well.

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He further asserted that all the processes regarding the smart card had been done. Furthermore, the DG also told media that we would not force anyone to replace the old registration book, people can come willingly at the excise office and can obtain the smart card. The whole process will be carried out in phases; basically, we are launching this new card to cater the needs of the public, he said.

Islamabad ETO Smart Vehicle Registration Card

Islamabad ETO Smart Vehicle Registration Card

The price of the new smart card would be placed around PKR 500. All the necessary information regarding the owner and the car will be printed on the card. Additionally, with the smart chip placed in the card authorities can check its previous status as well, if the need arise.

It would be wise to mention here that if the owner of the car change or its colour/engine then a new card will be issued. A total of 21 features would be introduced in the smart card. In my opinion, the step is great using advanced technology to give a sigh of relief to citizens. To the best of my knowledge, Lahore would be the second city after the Capital Islamabad to have the smart vehicle identification card.

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  • Azeem Waqar

    Good Job Punjab Govt hope KPK will follow soon…..

  • Ahmar

    I think its a good step to get rid of dealer’s bullshit about duplicate book and low re-sale