609 Petrol Pumps Sealed For Oil Smuggling in Pakistan

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The Federal Government of Pakistan has sealed 609 illegal petrol pumps across the country. The Customs Department at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) led this anti-smuggling operation last Friday. Pakistan Customs seized about 4.5 million litres of petrol and diesel from the illegal petrol pumps and sealed the places till January 16, 2022

The Prime Minister Office (PMO) has issued an FIR to the petrol pump owners to show valid documentation within the next 7 days. If they fail to do so, the owners will lose their petrol pumps and other properties under the Customs Act, the PMO added.

PM Imran Khan’s Campaign Against Oil Smuggling

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister of Pakistan initiated an anti-smuggling campaign. Following the action plan approved by the PMO, Pakistan Customs set up an inquiry commission, which soon confirmed the smuggling of Iranian oil in three provinces. 

The inquiry commission located 2,347 illegal petrol pumps across the country. Out of those 2,347 outlets, 1,565 are in Punjab; 436 in KPK, and 346 in Sindh. Hence, Pakistan Customs made a move on the 15th of January and sealed 609 illegal petrol pumps for a whole year.

The PMO says that this anti-smuggling campaign will continue to bring down the illegal business of petrol and diesel smuggling in Pakistan. And hopefully, the federal government’s action will revoke the massive evasion of tax revenue from these smugglers. But, sealing the illegal places might not be enough. The government should also take strict measures at the Pak-Iran border to take this oil smuggling problem out from its root.

What are your thoughts on the PM’s campaign against oil smuggling in Pakistan? What do you say the course of action should be against the criminal parties?

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