7 cheap cars that you can buy under 5 lacs in Karachi

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Are you strapped for cash and want to buy a car to travel around a big city like Karachi? Do not worry, we have got you covered. Following is a list of 8 cheap cars under 5 lacs in Karachi. Given the inflation and rising prices of cars, five lacs is not a substantial amount of money to buy a car. However, there are still plenty of options that can be explored for you to buy a budget car to fulfill your needs. 

Suzuki Margalla 

Suzuki Margalla for sale in karachi

Suzuki Margalla is the older version of Suzuki Baleno and Suzuki Liana. The car was a very popular family-size sedan back in the day when it was being manufactured by Pak Suzuki. It came with a 1300cc engine, which was paired to a manual gearbox. It came in GL, GL Plus, and GLX variants.

The interior of Suzuki Margalla resembles that of the first generation Suzuki Cultus. It did not have features like power windows and power mirrors, which were later introduced in Suzuki Baleno. This car has ample interior space and trunk capacity to hold your luggage and grocery items. You can easily purchase a well-maintained Suzuki Margalla under 5 lacs in Karachi. 

Honda Civic 

Honda Civic for sale in karachi

Honda Civic is one of the all-time favorite cars of Pakistanis. You can purchase a good condition and well-maintained 1997 and earlier models of Honda Civic under PKR 500,000 in Karachi. Honda Civic of this generation has features like power windows, power mirrors, power steering, cassette player, and air conditioning. It is a sizeable family sedan with a spacious boot to carry luggage. The vehicle came with a 1600cc engine that provides sufficient punch and acceleration. It came with both a manual and an automatic transmission. Maintenance and running costs for this generation of Honda Civic are usually high. The resale market is active, and you can easily sell it off in the future. 

Kia Classic 

Kia Classic for sale in karachi

Kia Classic was Kia’s version of a family-size sedan in Pakistan. It had a 1300cc engine connected to a manual transmission. Classic did not have fancy features like power windows, power locks, power mirrors, and power steering. It was a sedan that offered a good amount of interior space and a big boot to carry your luggage.

A well-maintained Kia Classic can be bought in under PKR 500,000 in Karachi. Getting maintenance of a Kia Classic can be expensive at times since spare parts are not readily available and have to bring in from abroad. Moreover, the resale market is also not very active for this sedan either. 

Honda City 

Honda City EXI for sale in Karachi

One of the main reasons, Honda is famous in the country is due to Honda City. One can purchase a 2002 or earlier model of Honda City EXI in the budget of 5 lacs in Karachi. Honda City has a household name in Pakistan among entry-level family sedans. This generation of Honda City came with a 1300cc engine paired to either a manual or an automatic transmission.

Features include cassette player, air conditioning, power steering, and power windows. If you are looking for a spacious car with a big boot to carry your luggage around, then this generation of Honda City will be appropriate for you. Honda City also has a good resale market and considerably low maintenance costs. Fuel economy is also on par with other cars in the category. 

Nissan Sunny 

Nissan Sunny for sale

Nissan Sunny was Nissan’s family-size sedan in Pakistan, and it received a warm reception for a while before it phased out of the market. Nevertheless, Nissan Sunny is known for being a tough and reliable vehicle. It came with a 1300cc engine combined to either a manual or an automatic transmission.

You can buy a late 1990s model of Nissan Sunny in the budget of 5 lacs in Karachi. The most popular model of the Nissan Sunny is the EX Saloon, which came with features like power windows, power mirrors, air conditioning, and a cassette player. The Nissan Sunny also came with a 1600cc engine. Maintenance costs can be high since it is an old car and the resale market is not very active as well. 

Chevrolet Joy 

Chevrolet Joy for sale

If you are looking for a small hatchback packed with features like power windows, power locks, power mirrors, power steering, and air conditioning, then Chevrolet Joy can be explored as a viable option. Chevrolet Joy came with a 4-Cylinder 1000cc EFI engine paired to a manual transmission. It is not a very spacious car and has a very small trunk. However, given its size and shape, driving around in urban environments is easy and convenient. Maintenance can be a bit difficult as this car has been discontinued; however, you can find spare parts from local vendors. You can easily find a well-maintained Chevrolet Joy under 5 lacs in Karachi.

Suzuki Mehran 

Suzuki Mehran for sale in Karachi

If all of the above-mentioned options are exhausted, you can always go for Suzuki Mehran. It is readily available, and you can sell it off again in no time. Suzuki Mehran has an 800cc engine paired to a manual transmission. Ths car does not have high-end features like power windows, power steering, and power mirrors. It is one of the most simple cars you can buy off the market. This simple nature pays off when you go for routine maintenance, as it is much cheaper compared to other cars. Mehran also returns a good fuel economy and is an amazing car to have in the city due to its small size. You can easily purchase a well-maintained Mehran in the budget of 5 lacs in Karachi

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  1. Shiraz says

    Mitsubishi Lancer 1989-91 best option car with all accessories and features and easily under 5 lacs better than the corolla, nissan, margalla mentioned in this article.

  2. hmir says

    Hard to find spare parts for it.

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