8 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About The All New Suzuki Swift

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I hope you all are now well aware of the 2017 Suzuki Swift. The car in question is one of the most popular cars by the Suzuki brand. This new generation of Swift hatchback broke cover in Japan at an exclusive event. Here are the eight most interesting facts many might not know about the all-new Suzuki Swift:

1: Suzuki has revealed Swift ahead of its debut at Geneva Motor Show. Since its launch in 2004, Suzuki has managed to sell more than 5.3 million units of this car worldwide.

2: The all new Swift is based on Suzuki’s new HeartTect platform, which has allowed for noticeable weight savings and improved rigidity. Suspension wise, it continues to use McPherson struts up front and a torsion beam at the rear.

3:  The all-new Suzuki Swift has achieved EURO NCAP top safety ratings due to HeartTect platform.

4: The car has been introduced with an option between 1-litre Boosterjet turbocharged three-cylinder or a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. The former makes 100bhp/150 Nm whereas the NA engine develops 89bhp/120 Nm. Additionally, the RST trim of Swift in Japan will feature a 3 cylinder turbo engine, tweaked to give out higher performance figures then both other engines.

5: Suzuki has paired the 1.2-litre engine with a DC electric motor that’s linked to a lithium-ion battery pack, also known as the Suzuki’s Mild Hybrid System (aka SHVS). Under normal driving conditions, this hybrid drivetrain assists the petrol engine when accelerating and braking. The company predicts a combined fuel economy of 27.4km per litre for this model as per Japanese fuel economy rating JC08. This model will also be equipped with Idle Start/Stop feature.

6: For the first time, adaptive cruise control is also made available for the new Swift.

7: The new Swift is 10mm shorter in overall length as compared to the outgoing generation, but interestingly the company has managed to increase rear legroom by 20mm.  Moreover, the cargo capacity has been increased by around 55 litres over previous generation and now stands at 265 litres.

8: The new Swift carries plenty of modern-age design aesthetics. Bits like the Audi-esque grille, diamond-cut style alloys and the prominent recesses around the fog lamps are all new. On the rear end, there are not a whole lot of changes but it has received a new shaped spoiler, newly designed LED taillights as well as a new hatch door design as per Suzuki. The door handles for rear doors have been relocated on the edge of the door at the C-pillar contact.


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  1. sheryar says

    The Swift Pakistan will launch will have none of these 8 features
    So dont get excited
    No turbo model, No hybrid model, None of the good features

  2. Kashif Akbar says

    People who run Pak-Suzuki are worst managers for the products they sell. i also fear PS is not a full member of Suzuki Japan, as it seems that modernization and hi-tech product development by Suzuki Japan (we can see new swift), is no way seem aligned with PakSuzuki. it looks PS is a dump station, where all equipment of out dated models is provided free and they are allowed to produce Junk out of it.

  3. Khalil Ahmed says


  4. Shurjil Butt says

    Pakistan Suzuki or for that matter even Honda providing the international standards and trim levels to Pakistan is same as Meera getting Phd Aeronautical Engineering degree from MIT.

    All are good for stupid BullShit .. jee customer demand nahi hai

  5. Asif says

    There are no plans whatsoever by Paksuzuki to replace the Swift model. Pakistan will continue to have 2nd Gen (2004 jdm spec swift) for some more years while the world is moving towards 4th Gen Swift in next few weeks.

    Even the 2nd Gen Swift being dumped in Pakistan in 2017 has less features than when it was offered in late 2004 in Japan in base model. The following is missing:-

    1. No Airbags
    2. No Rear wiper and washer
    3. No Force limiters
    4. No mileage and outside temperature sensor
    5. No Front bumper protection sheet
    6. No ISO fix child seat hooks
    7. No UV filter glass

    So don’t have high expectations from Paksuzuki. Woh Pakistan may duniya ka kachra sell kartay hain.

  6. Suzuki Murree Road says

    9 th Fact is that it will be introduced in Pakistan in NEVER EVER

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    its not PS. its BS

  8. Kifayat khattak says

    until the mafias in govt getting bribed force them to produce the same quality and feature as Europe and Japan..don’t even dream and get fooled by the local manufacturers. They are all fraud and looting us…

  9. Shakil Sadiq says

    Does Pak. Suzuki really exist ? Like does it have regular people who live and listen as to what their Market / Customers opine of them ? And if they do, do they have any sense of Corporate Respect ?
    Being dumbfounded is one thing, but being utterly oblivious of the Market realities, is Criminal.

  10. Muhammad Sajid says

    I have been in GCC for the last 8-years, and I had never observed such a CHEAP interior as SUZUKI is offering in Pakistan. Even the Indian brands are much better than ours. In India, you can get a good quality 4X4 or SUV from 6-10 lacs only. They are making affordable vehicles for public not only for high class…..

  11. Bahatam Suryaprakash says

    Can I know what is the actual price .. I mean on road price

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