A chopper motorcycle fitted with an aeroplane engine

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Unfortunately though, we cannot share with you the video of the bike in action as Youtube’s banned but the link to the video is at the end if you have found someway like hotspot, Spotflux or other various proxy bypass, then you can have the the link to see American Chopper style motorcycle with an aeroplane engine in the end.

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But all of that doesn’t matter all, neither does the gear you put on as the motorcycle is equipped with an aircraft engine and mind you, it is fitted not in redneck style but with proper craftsmanship and style.

This is the Red Baron – a chopper powered by a 150hp nine-cylinder Rotec Radial R3600 aircraft engine. Unbelievably, working out the fiendishly complex engineering involved in transferring drive to the rear of the engine, and building a custom chassis (not to mention painting, suspension, electronics…) took its owner, Frank Ohle, just 18 months

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