ACLC in a deal with car-jacking mafia

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Recently we published a story that cars worth RS 2 billion will be stolen by the end of this year. But such big numbers can only be achieved with the help of an inside man and top police officers believe that ACLC (Anti-car lifting cell) are car jacking mafia’s associates while some of them are their partners and, some are also found dealing with them in stolen cars.

While it has remained no longer a secret that the police officers are using the vehicles confiscated under Section 550 of the CrPC for their own personal use and some of them even use to earn money by giving the car to rent-a-car-services. Some of established rent-a-car business is being run under the hand of police officers with stolen and tampered with cut & weld cars.

The News reported that a secret report has told that most of the officers involved are low-ranks but in some cases, the seniors are found to be involved directly. However, these officers do not run the business themselves or on their names but for this matter, their close relatives run the business on their behalf for obvious reason. And cars confiscated under Section 550 of the CrPC are being put to personal use or handed over to relatives, friends, influential persons of the area to oblige them, however the most alerting and profitable and serious crime is done by these police officials who return the confiscated vehicles to the car-jacking mafia under the same law after tampering engine and chassis number of the cars stolen through cut & weld.

The cars being run on rent-a-car business have got these vehicles released through the “Supurdari” system; it is a system where the court can handover the possession of the confiscated vehicle to a person who may return it when he asked to do so. However, supurdari is usually done through fake documents.

In a report prepared by CPO (Central Police Office) Islamabad, for the period of 2 years (January 1, 2009 to January 1, 2011) revealed that hundreds of tampered vehicle confiscated by ACLC of the Islamabad police have been found missing.

Inspector General of Police (Islamabad) Wajid Ali Khan Durrani has ordered the relevant authorities to take action against the officials involved in grand theft auto.

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