Al-Haj FAW increases the prices of its vehicles

After Toyota and Pak Suzuki, Al-Haj FAW Motors has also revised the prices of its vehicles. It has increased 50 thousand rupees on each of its vehicles. The recent devaluation of Rupee against Dollar is now taking a toll on different sectors of the country; automobile sector is one of them. Moreover, the oil sector was also hampered due to the devaluation of rupee and the government raised the prices of oil products, which is being criticised by transporters and local commuters alike.

The revised prices of FAW vehicles are as follow:

faw prices 2018

It is expected that Honda will also increase the prices of its vehicles. The new year has proved to be a devastating one for Pakistanis, as prices of many products have increased drastically. And analysts are also predicting that the prices would be raised further in the coming days.

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