Alamgir Khan, The Campaigner Behind The FixIt Campaign Has A Case Registered Against Him


A criminal case has been registered against Alamgir Khan, the person behind the #FixIt campaign in Karachi where he began drawing Sindh CM’s portrait around open gutters and roadside garbage dumps. The report conformed to the fears of Karachi’ites that some unsolicited action may be initiated against the popular activist.

The campaign quickly drew support from all the citizens of Karachi as the city delves deeper into a mess with a sharp increase in traffic jams, gutters have become active volcanoes, all in all, a sense prevails that except Rangers, there is no government in the city.

Alamgir began drawing CM Sindh’s portaits on the roads of Karachi where manholes were not covered or at the roadside garbage dump. He also said that there seem to be no other way left of getting the government’s attention directed towards basic problems that are continuously overlooked and adds to the misery of common citizens.

The campaign had desired effects as CM Sindh quickly took up Karachi’s Administrator up to task demanded that the manholes be filled within two days, in addition to asking ‘Is fitting manhole covers my job?’.

However, news reports that a case has been registered against the activist while Alamgir says, “Instead of fixing the problems, they are trying to curtail me.”

Alamgir says that his father, Dilawar Khan, received a phone call from a person identifying himself as an Inspector from the Ferozabad police station and said that they have to visit the police station as there was a hit-and-run case registered against his car for an accident on Sharae Faisal. Alamgir has said that the matter is between a Citizen and the Chief Minister, and no one should interfere in the matter.

Its almost like none of the government or public office bearer consider their city as home, because no one treats their home like this.

Baber K. Khan

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  • Saeen sarkar ki bay adabi hogai… hahahaha,,, koi baat nahi, ye to urti hai tujhe ooncha uranay k liye !

  • Only

    Only a hit-and-run?

    He could have become a missing person. Or even killed in extra judicial killing.

    OTOH just because someone is an active campaigner doesn’t automatically mean he has not accidentally hit somebody and than ran for the fear of people burning him. How did the police find his father’s phone number in that hit and run is another question. They are only that efficient when they want to be.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    lol … guess he pissed baldy off 😀

  • Imran Baloch

    feeling sorry for the poor fellow

  • Khuram Shahzad

    sharam aani chahiyee Qaim Ali shah ko. rather than rectifying the problem shame on becoming revengeful.
    Qaim Ali Shah Sb Asli syed hain bhi kay nahi issi par shak hai. Harkatein jo aeesi hain. Corrupt parti ka corrupt CM.