PKR 400 Billion Worth Of Fuel Gets Wasted Annually In Karachi Due To Traffic Jams

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Pakistan Sustainable Transport Project (PAKSTRAN) in collaboration with UNDP held a workshop named “sustainable urban transport policy and transport/traffic management issues” about the menace of increasing traffic in the country on 15th December. Experts remarked how important it is to find a solution and implement a proper traffic management policy to counter the increasing traffic congestion in all bigger cities of Pakistan and especially Sindh.

NED University’s Department of Urban and Infrastructure prepared a policy draft on PAKSTRAN project Sindh. The draft was presented to the participant of the workshop to discuss and pitch in ideas regarding the increasing traffic congestion.

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Mir Shabbar Ali, the NED University’s Department of Urban and Infrastructure Engineering Chairman, said, at least, PKR 400 billion of fuel burns annually due to the traffic congestion in the Karachi city. The urgent need for an effective public transportation system on a mass level. Also, the current traffic signal system in Karachi city is insufficient in handling the heavy traffic load of the city and needed to be upgraded to the latest planned models. The role of illegal encroachments in traffic jams was also discussed and the Chairman suggested that in areas including Sadder, MA Jinnah, Tariq Road, Gulistan-e-Johar and Gulshan-e-Iqbal, removing encroachments will help resolve the traffic issue.
Manager PAKSTRAN, Yar Muhammad asked for the transport sector be declared as an industry to attract investment from private sector.

The workshop was attended by CIU Sindh, Karachi Traffic Police Department’s DIG Dr Amir Ahmed Shaikh and other traffic police officials, , NED University’s Department of Urban, CNG Owners Association’s President Malik Khuda Bux, PAKSTRAN’s Director Fazal Karim Khatri and Manager Yar Muhammad and Infrastructure Engineering Chairman Mir Shabbar Ali and representatives Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Associations.



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  1. Nasir Ahmed says

    There’s no hope for any improvement untill the Bhang sarkar is in the power

  2. Patriot says

    Dear Writer, please explain to me from where on earth did Mr Shabbar of NED got those statistics. May be he got it from some Thesis report of student of Urban technology. I mean it is hilarious in the sense that Pakistan annual import bill of crude oil is $6.5 billion which makes about PKR 680 billion. How come 400 Billion of fuel gets wasted on Karachi alone which makes up about 59% of total import cost. It means if we account for other metropolitan cities such as Pindi/ Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan & Hyderabad whose combines population is more than that of Karachi, then almost all of the imported fuel is being wasted in traffic jams.

    Dear, I will appreciate if you clarify me on this aspect after consulting with those Einstein’s at NED University so that we may come to know that we are not being fooled.

  3. Guest says

    Hi Mrs Patriot, crude oil of PKR 680 mn will be refined and its value will go up. Then the distillates (petrol, diesel, kerosene, HFO, LSD, bitumen, etc.) are taxed heavily. So in effect what is burning in the engine is far far more expensive than what the government paid for the import of its raw material.
    Alternatives to imports: CNG is not imported. Smuggled fuel (Irani petrol and diesel) is a reality.

    2-strokes and diesel use premix, which becomes a part of fuel. And costs more.

    Do you directly use that thick muck called crude oil in your own vehicle? Maybe that awesome 1885 model which you use can run on it.

    maybe you are just being fooled.

  4. Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain says

    For me 400 billion rupees is nothing as compared to other cities around the world like Dubai near to us losses 1.2 billion dollar each year in traffic congestion and fuel price is much lower than us. However the road network in our country needs continuous up-gradation and public transport system like metro is utmost need of this country.

  5. Guest says

    Please Amir go to Dubai for good, no body likes you here

  6. Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain says

    A person named Guest telling me on behalf of 120 million people that no body likes me here while forgetting that morethan million people watch my program.
    Keep it up and this is not your country btw.

  7. Patriot says

    Instead of your B.S why don’t u give those statistics of refined fuel prices. A kid like you who does not know the difference between billion and “mn” need to tidy diapers first before replying

  8. guest says

    Why you are being so much offended if my remarks are marginal in the larger perspective?
    Oh you mean that Oscar nominated girly show of yours which make you pakistani shahrukh khan i guess, is nothing but a show showing you dancing like a little girl, hip hopping, singing songs LOL

  9. Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain says

    Is your mom telling you this?

  10. Guest again says

    Dear Mrs Patriot, diapers are disposable, not tidied.

    BTW I think your diapers will be very big for my hands. I’d rather excuse myself. Please continue walking in your poo.

  11. zeeshan karachi says

    hahahahah…Pindi/ Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan are metro cities rather than you call it as metropolitan cities

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