Another Snowfall Alert! New Traffic Plan for Murree

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Last week, 22 tourists lost their lives in the Murree tragedy. Thousands of others were stuck in heavy snow for hours, even days. There’s a forecast of another snowstorm, and the Rawalpindi Traffic Police have devised a traffic plan for Murree to keep everyone safe at the hill station.

Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Taimoor Khan, has reviewed the new Murree traffic plan, according to which:

  • Each day, only 8,000 vehicles would be allowed to enter Murree Hills.
  • Only licensed drivers will be allowed to enter Murree.
  • No tourists will be allowed between 5 PM and 5 AM.
  • 268 traffic and district police officers will be on duty to help the tourists.

The CTO has ordered the officials to distribute awareness brochures to tourists at Murree toll plaza and other entry points and deploy heavy machinery to clear the snow. 


Advisory for Murree Tourists

The CTO Rawalpindi has advised the tourists to take care of the following things.

  • Check the weather and traffic conditions before setting off to the Murree Hill Station.
  • Choose mechanically fit cars to travel to Murree.
  • Keep the fuel tank full while travelling to the hill station.
  • Keep the toolkit in your cars for emergencies.
  • Do not park your vehicles on roadsides due to snow.
  • Do not violate one-way traffic rules and avoid overtaking.
  • Do not stop your vehicle in the middle of the road to capture selfies and pictures.
  • Keep warm clothing and food items in your car.
  • Use the car heater with windows half-open.
  • Use snow chains for tyres to drive on slippery roads.
  • Give way to the snow removal machines.
  • In case of emergency, contact Traffic Police Helpline at 051-9269200

The CTO has requested the tourists to follow the advisory to make their travels safe. If you are travelling to Murree, beware of the heavy snowfall and traffic jams. Of course, a better idea is to enjoy the weather at home with your family and stay out of trouble.

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1 Comment
  1. Khurram says

    I wonder if people are even reading and heeding this, later they would be quick to blame the government when some one is swept off by the storm because they were busy parking the cars in the middle of the road and were posing for selfies like a Norse god.

  2. Waqas says

    Lest’ just hope people get the lesson.

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