As Awesome As Sultan Golden Is, He Didn’t Break Reverse Car Jump World Record

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Our younger readers might not be aware of it, but once we had our own version of Evel Knievel called Sultan Golden. He was famous for jumping over cars and making world records, so to speak. Recently, Sultan Muhammad Khan Golden again went for a jumping stunt, at Kalam Festival. This time, his aim was to jump in reverse. We are attaching the video of his attempt below, shot by a private TV channel’s camera crew.

The actual world record of reverse jumping is 27.21 m (89 ft and 3.25 inches) and was set by American Rob Dyrdek, on 13th February 2014. Rob is a TV star and former professional skateboarder and had his own reality TV show on MTV. This world record is also acclaimed by folks from Guinness World Records. Rob took his Chevrolet Sonic to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, USA, and executed a perfect reverse jump. To qualify for the record, Dyrdek had to not only make the jump, but successfully land the car on the catch ramp and drive away from the stunt. You can see the video of Rob’s jump below, as well.

We went through different news sources over the internet and generally the claim was that Sultan Golden’s reverse jump was 37 meters (little more than 121 feet) long. Some were a bit too overzealous and claimed the jump was 150 feet long. The news clip also does not report an exact number for the length of the jump, but reporter kept on saying that Sultan Golden has broken the 27 meter reverse jump record set by an American.

Now the thing is, it is great to see an auto related activity in Pakistan. And the fact it was done in a controlled environment and media was also interested in the event, it is only good for Pakistani auto scene. But what is not good are the claims that can easily be challenged for their authenticity just by looking at the video footage, and anyone who can watch both the videos, will question the jump. We are attaching both the videos for your viewing pleasure and you can be the judge yourself. As much as we want Pakistani professional stunt drivers and racers to make name for themselves and for our country, we should be careful not to hurt the future of aspiring auto professionals who would actually make a difference one day. Claims that will eventually end up in a bin are not only bad for the person claiming, but also for the authenticity of other Pakistanis in the eyes of international community.

Sultan Golden Reverse Jump

SG car jump 1

Rob Dyrdek Reverse Jump

RD car jump 1

And if you are interesting in watching some bottom kicking jumps, why not watch this truck jumping over the Lotus Racing F1 car.

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  1. Aamir Bashir says

    Well look at the difference between the cars and the place, the american is driving a new chevy and on proper road surface while Sultan is driving a busted old unknown car on soil ground … they should have at least provided him with a brand new car

  2. usman niazi says

    looks like it was half the distance of the american… and no landing pad either… insanely dangerous if he actually got the fast enough car to break the record

  3. Mohi Hashmi says

    There is one and only Sultan Golden and he is our national hero. While your ‘aspiring’ enthusiasts may be keyboard warriors or small time drifters, this country hasn’t produced anyone yet who can jump over even two cars. I don’t understand why your tone is so aggressively negative about Sultan Golden. I respect him and may be half the population of this country know him for his greatness. How many know you?

  4. shaf says

    agreed with Aamir, comparing both, Sultan Golden one look like a KNEE JERK setup as an overall. Not only the that car is rotten but also the overall environment, the deck, the marking lines (which is a big support for the driver), the landing deck etc.. Nothing looks planned, other than the fact that some rotten car body was painted with National Flag. I still would vote Golden, he did an awesome job!

  5. underdog says

    how is the writer being ” Aggressively Negative “.. clearly he did not break the world record and the writer has not even once throughout the article targeted directly our Golden hero boy

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