Audi Pakistan Begins Deliveries Of The 1.2 Liter A3

Audi Pakistan is aggressive these days, after few years of what seemed like a sabbatical. Some felt that they might have packed their bags and left, but they were in fact revving their engines in to attacking mode to take a bigger chunk of the Pakistani auto market. I spoke with the Country Manager of Audi Pakistan, Ali Khan, who told me about Audi’s plans for Pakistan and they are working on models with smaller engines for this country to make Audis more affordable.

Audi has now introduced the 1.2-liter TFSI A3 sedan over here, while some view the A3 as too small, we think it is quite suited to the ergonomics of Pakistan. Although Audi Pakistan currently don’t have a press vehicle so we can’t show how the car drives with a relatively smaller engine, but PakWheelers in the US who will be bringing us the first drive of the A3 have said that the same 1.2-liter engine is available in Audi A1, a small hatchback, in North American market, and that 1.2-liter motor in A3, a sedan, might be underpowered considering A3 is a bigger car than the A1. But we think that it has rather more power than the comparative 1.3-liter engines in the Pakistani market.

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande costs 2,299,000 Rupees which is 24 lacs actually for a 1.8-liter with a CVT-i transmission, it produces 138 HP and the 1.3-liter Corolla GLi produces only 84 HP, Liana with a 1.3-liter produces 86 HP meanwhile the A3 1.2-liter, which comes with a 1.2-liter TFSI engine produces 105 HP at a fuel average of 4.8 liters per 100 kms (combined cycle), which translates to 20.83 kms per liter. Keep in mind we are only talking about the engine power ratings of these 1.3-liter cars and not the build or the segment they belong to. It is just a power comparison. A3 is a considered as an entry level luxury sedan whereas two mentioned above are compact family sedans. A3’s actual competition is with its German compatriots like BMW 1 or 2 series or a Mercedes CLA.

Also, the new Audi A3 sedan is very light weight. It weighs around 2600 lbs compared to Corolla’s 2800 lbs. So we can comfortably state that a lightweight car such as this A3 along with 105 bhp and enough torque can be a fun car to drive, even in start-stop traffic like ours.

The impressive mileage doesn’t mean all that bad acceleration either, the press release by Audi Pakistan claim just 10 secs to reach from naught to 100 KM/H and will go all the way up to 201 KM/H, the 105 HP and 175 nm. of torque is transferred through a 7-speed S Tronic transmission to the wheels. The engine has been reworked by the Audi engineers and there have been a whole lot of updates like reworked piston rings and crank shaft bearing, improved common rail injection and electronic waste gate.

Priced at an impressive 3,800,000 rupees with the following safety features: 7 airbags, immobilizer, a first aid kit, ISOFIX child seat mounting for front and rear passenger seat, and lots of acronyms in the electronic stability program (ESP) to make sure the computer has it under control if you lost it. So at a difference of 14 lac rupees, you not only get advanced safety but the following equipment as well.

1.2 A3 Specs

The A3 than is not your time attack vehicle rather a utility cruiser/daily driver.

The pricing of the A3 1.2 is as follows:

A3 1.2 Pricing

A3 Launch 06 A3 Launch 07 A3 Launch 04 A3 Launch 03 A3 Launch 01 A3 Launch 02 A3 Launch 05 A3 Launch 10 A3 Launch 09 A3 Launch 08

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.

  • Shiraz

    People who buy this probably wouldn’t be too worried about fuel economies or acceleration figures. With the three german brands (Audi, BMW and Mercedes) it’s more about the brand recognition and ‘bragging rights’ IYKWIM 😉

  • Asad Malik

    3.8 mill stupid 1.2L subcompact sedan.Hell no i wont but it never.Who cares about the brand when price/performance is thrown to the dust.These cars are an absolute nightmare to maintain.

  • Fazal Wahab

    Sadly. The fully loaded A3 would cost in Pakistan as much as a well equipped 2L 296HP S3. Also a fully loaded A3 will lack Audi navigation system as well as 4G connectivity. Anyways still a better choice than local crap.

  • Abbas Khan

    For sure a better choice than local dabbas (i.e. fully packaged Civics and corollas). The 8,9 lac extra is no big deal and really worth it if you have the cash lying around :p I wish I did.

  • Muhammad Rashid Bashir

    Not Worth buy but only four f@@king wheels at the nose and rare. Look into dash, cheap plasty material with ugly lethargic design…I would prefer to have 1.8 Prius V/Alpha 2014 cost me around 4 Million than this crappy shit :/

  • saad

    fully loaded = 67 lacs without registration and i don’t think there is 3 lac rs tax on 1800 cc

  • Sameel Noman

    As promising as a 38lac audi may sound, in Pakistan. i believe keeping the specs in mind, the fate would be and should be the same to all other Audi’s and merc’s and also BMW’s. In order to make them competitive, you have to pressurize the govt, reduce taxes and make the prices competitive to prices prevailing in the international markets.

  • Affan Ahmed Usmani

    I Dont Get it.. How can u buy an Audi A3 for 38 Lacs? its a luxury car and to my memory Audi is usually priced above 10 million

  • Rashid

    What a car although little pricier than to compete the garbage selling here already. I wish it to be a success.
    one thing i’m unsure about pricing. Bcz as per Audi Pak website Price of PKR 3.8m is for A3 1.8 lt engine. when they are lowering it to 1.2 price surely will comedown along with Taxes.
    Pakwheels please check on it.

  • Saad Ibrahim

    LOLOLOOL.. are you insane? Have you even driven this?

    Audi’s are known for some of the best interiors around. “cheap plasty material” serious?? And to further add to your ridiculous comment, you’re comparing it to a prius?!?!..haha, a car known in the West as “vagina on wheels”….lol. Kinda tells us a bit about your car taste buddy 😉

  • Saad

    I bought the A3 1.2, and I gotta say, it was a great decision! I’m loving the car, it’s a super fun drive, amazing on gas (more efficient than my civic), and the interior is just ridiculously nice! For those on the fence about purchasing one, definitely check it out!

  • Saad

    Thats the best part, they’ve priced it amazing well!! BMW and Mercedes have nothing to compete with it!

  • Saad

    Valid point Fazal, but such are the issues living in Pakistan. The way I look at it, I can only compare it to what’s available locally, and in the current market, Audi’s destroyed BMW and Mercedes in this segment! Suzuki is selling it’s new car for 5.0 million+, we have a Camry for 10 million (which is just sad…), hence an Audi starting around 3.8 million is pretty darn awesome!

    At least that’s the way I see it! If you get a chance, do take it for a spin! Personally I’m loving it!

  • Saad

    Fuel economy was actually a factor for me when I bought this! haha. I’m using it as a daily driver, hence fuel economy matters to me. I’m super impressed with the mileage i’m getting so far… specially considering how aggressively I’m driving it 🙂

    But yes, the brand recognition does matter, haha.

  • Saad

    Hmm? I’m on my second Audi in Pakistan, and have had no real maintenance issues. I put in good fuel, I get it serviced on the right intervals, and that’s about it. Did you have a bad experience with yours?

    I researched all the options available to me in Karachi when I bought it, and nothing came close in this price range.

    A brand new luxury car with a ridiculous nice interior! Pop up display, retro style air vents, tons of attention to detail (check one out, it’s really nice: computer controlled interior lighting, auto folding side view mirrors, select-able suspension options, a LOT of options are customizable right from the MMI) , super comfortable (try it out, the suspension is great, and it has great road noise reduction), amazing fuel efficiency, decent acceleration (it aint no S5, but its still super fun to drive!), etc

    The car just looks sleek, drives well, I dunno.. I’m in love with mine, and I dont see any real competition in this price range.

    To be honest, I find a lot of the complainers about this car tend to be those who drive corollas and priuses, haha

    (btw how is the price/performance ‘thrown to the dust’ ? what brand new, full warrantied, luxury vehicle are you finding in this price range which is apparently smoking this car in performance?)

  • Totally agreeing with Saad, I’ve had no problems with the maintenance of my A5. Furthermore atleast with Audi you know what you’ve purchased for millions won’t disappoint you unlike the local crap. If I wanted a sedan I’d surely go for A3 but probably the 1.8 engine.

  • Awais Rasheed

    Does A3 requires only hi-octane fuel?

  • Zuba

    What about A4 are they planning to release that in Pakistan?

  • Zuba

    I reckon they can do that as it is just A3 not smallest series, plus its a stretched Limousine model with boot, otherwise A3 is always Hatchback …

  • Hassan Ali Raza

    Great Article!! Those who want to move up in “brand” and “not specs” can move from Civic and Corolla to A3 .. Personally, I would prefer A4 (which is on a discounted price right now) or A5.

  • Dr. Hamza

    I am living in Kazakhstan its price here is 22 lack pakistani ruppees

  • waqas

    much better then Suzuki Kizashi

  • Audi Pakistan

    The first thing to strike you is how smooth the TFSI engine is. The engine not only feels but is stronger than the engine capacity would suggest. And there are reasons why: small body, with ultra lightweight construction technology, equipped with a turbocharger, 175Nm of torgue, 105bhp and not to forget the S Tronic dual clutch transmission. Extensive use of ultra lightweight construction technology keeps weight down. This means decent agility, punchy braking power and better suspension response. The revised and updated 1.2-litre TFSI exemplifies the philosophy of downsizing and has been designed for low weight, especially for models like the A3 Sedan. The most diminutive unit in the Audi range achieves its excellence through numerous optimisation measures. Thanks to the turbo giving maximum torque from just 1,400rpm, it’s responsive and really very energetic moving off from slow speeds. Gets out of the blocks neatly, pulls hard and spins to redline willingly. Minimal noise and no vibration to speak of. The whole thing is neatly harnessed by the dual clutch transmission that never feels to be in the wrong gear. You can be lazy and just push the accelerator with rewarding results.

  • Ryan Ahmed

    I would definitly go for an A3 rather than the sh*tty corolla! The comfort, driving experience and throttle of an Audiis way better than that of a rolla…

  • Ryan Ahmed

    Oh and BTW, Audi can not be compared to a Honda or Toyota… the writer seems to be out of its league.. C-CLASS or 3-SERIES may be, would be okay to compare with an A3!

  • Baber

    Saad, how about an ownership report in Pakistan? Like Khurram Altaf’s articles?

    Shoot me an email here:

  • Baber

    No, it is confirmed prices share by Audi Pakistan with us. The 1.8 is for 4.4 Mil. Rupees.

  • Ali

    Bhai 3 series and C class are out of league wth A3 , they have evolved , A5 to be compared with them atleast buy a car of that standard and then compare

  • ibi

    only thing is that the options are really expensive. any buyer who just bought the car without any options how is the car

  • Faisal

    AUDI Pak are you offering the A3 with the 1.4L TFSI Ultra engine (150 bhp, 0-100 km/h 8.0 s, Top speed 225 km/h). For almost 40 lacs, this 1.2L engine just isnt attractive enough !

  • Dr. Wajahat Shah

    The resale on this thing will be terrible…. The back seats look cramped.. no leg room and for a full package you need 60 plus simmolians ! damn! I think the baseline is good.. But for the baseline price a mark X or a premio with dual vvti sounds much nicer with better resale. you can even get 2 honda cities for that price. Audi is not a popular brand in Pakistan. They will need aggressive marketing. The TFSI engine is smooth but 105 bhp for that heavy a car.. That is not at all economical. PLus if you wanted to target people who would like to save petrol then 38 large is not the price they can afford in the first place. They shuld be bold and introduce the bigger engines. We have got loads of rich people. The marketing guy has pulled a DUM ASS move on this one. AUDI is a brand among brands. They should say …”We are reasonably exclusive” not “we are reasonably exclusive but will drop our prices and drop our power and write limousine on a 1.2 litre and sell it as if its a Ferrari”

  • Dr. Wajahat Shah

    yeah its better. But the horse power! come on !!!! mate 105 bhp Do u know how mcuh a civic or rolla score in that domain ? its sad for Audi to do that

  • Dr. Wajahat Shah

    p.s I bet you it wont give 4.8km per 100km…never ! even on paper that sounds idiotic.

  • Saad

    You are correct. That’s because 4.8km per 100km means nothing.. lol.

    In regards to the fuel efficiency, while driving it pretty aggressively, I’m getting better gas millage than my Civic drive in average form. That’s pretty impressive to me!


    I guess the writer has also not done his home work with the fact that the 3 series and c180 are compared with the A4 and A3 Sedans are compared with 2 Series BMW Mercedes CLA which you can go and compare it regarding the price and options

  • Saad

    Oh hello, it’s you again.

    “The resale on this thing will be terrible…. The back seats look cramped.. no leg room and for a full package you need 60 plus simmolians ! damn!

    Let’s see, I’m on my second Audi. Had excellent resale on my first one. Now you mention that the back seats look cramped.. which means you neither own one, have ridden one, or seen one in person. So what makes you so confident in your opinion? Personally I find it to be more comfortable than my Civic in the back.

    Also… what the hell does a ‘full package’ mean? It’s like someone complaining that Hyperstar supermarket is so expensive, because if you buy everything, it will cost XYZ.. The base feature set on the car is already pretty darn good, and those who want to spend more can pick a few more features which appeal to them like Matrix LEDs, or Bose sound system, etc. Hardly anyone gets all features available on a car anywhere in the world…

    “But for the baseline price a mark X or a premio with dual vvti sounds much nicer with better resale. you can even get 2 honda cities for that price. Audi is not a popular brand in Pakistan. They will need aggressive marketing.

    Okay wow… your comment just gets more special as we go on. You’re comparing a brand new German engineered and made, luxury, Audi A3, to a USED mark x, premios, and new civics??! Oh and even honda cities? hahahhaha.. you know what? For the price of a civic, you can get 42 motocycles too! lol… And for the price of a Ferrai, you can get MANY mercedes vehicles, specially if you buy the really low end…

    “Audi is not a popular brand in Pakistan.

    LOL.. Currently, Audi is the #1 luxury car brand in Pakistan.

    “The TFSI engine is smooth but 105 bhp for that heavy a car.. That is not at all economical. PLus if you wanted to target people who would like to save petrol then 38 large is not the price they can afford in the first place.

    It’s a light weight body with a 7-speed transmission. You really should try it out before passing any comment on it. Also the car is not targeted at those who want to save gas.. saving gas in an added advantage/feature. It’s is targeted at the entry level luxury market.

    “They shuld be bold and introduce the bigger engines.

    ….They do have bigger engines available. 1.8 in this car alone. And it’s not about being bold… it would be a dumb decision as in Pakistan, duty is multiplied several times over on large engines. This is why an Accord is over 100,000 USD in Pakistan.

    “”we are reasonably exclusive but will drop our prices and drop our power and write limousine on a 1.2 litre and sell it as if its a Ferrari

    See, they aren’t claiming it’s a Ferrari. Again, this is an entry level luxury vehicle. They have a whole range available in Pakistan. You can spend over 25 million if you feel the need to buy their biggest/best offerings.

    Man.. ‘Dr. Wajahat Shah’, I just can’t believe you somehow managed to write a comment where 90% of the content is wrong and doesn’t make sense.. kudos, it’s gotta be some sort of an achievement!

  • Saad Ibrahim

    I’ve driven one without any additional options, but then the version I bought for myself, I added options to it.

    I personally found both to be great! The options I added were more of a personal requirement, for example, Matrix LEDs and the parking system plus which makes the driving experience even better for me.

    If you don’t add any options and go with the base package, it is still excellent! Allows, Xenon lights, fully adjustable leather seats, pop-up display and MMI, etc are all standard features!

  • Saad Ibrahim

    Okay A5 does not compete with a C Class/3 Series. It’s almost double the price of those two offerings in NA/EU markets.

    They compete like this:

    Audi A3 / Bmw 1/2 series / Mercedes CLA
    Audi A4 / BMW 3 series / Mercedes C class
    Audi A5 / BMW 4 Series/5 Series
    Audi A6 / BMW 5 Series / Mercedes E Class


  • Saad Ibrahim

    You’re right in the sense that comparing a Honda or Toyota (both locally manufactured) with a German engineered and produced luxury vehicle is pretty ridiculous.

    Ideally an A3 competes with a BMW 1/2 series and a Mercedes CLA.

  • Saad

    Well buy it in Kazakhstan, and try to bring it to Pakistan, and then enjoy the duties at the port.

    We can not compare prices in different countries because the ridiculous taxes on automobiles in Pakistan raise the prices.. it’s nothing to do with the brand/manufacturer/dealer/etc.

  • saad


  • Saad

    A4 has been in Pakistan for more than 5+ years…

  • Ryan Ahmed

    I dont want to get specific here but comparing Audi with local cars is irrelevant.

  • Saad

    Hey Baber, I wouldn’t mind. What kind of content are you looking for?

  • Saad

    Horse power is not the only measure. You have to look at the engine technology, the weight of the vehice, is the engine super charged? does it have a turbo? etc…

    Ryan Ahmed is correct.

  • Saad

    ooooo A5, great choice!! I think that’s going to be my next car, but not for a while..hah 🙂

    Btw, I got the 1.2 engine and I’m loving it. I’m using it for distances as well, as a daily driver, and am getting amazing gas consumption… way better than my civic. And the drive is still pretty fun! I know this is a silly anecdote, but my friends while sitting in my car can’t believe the engine has only a displacement of 1.2. Their reaction always makes me happy 🙂

  • E

    Dr. Wajahat you seriously are a funny man.. Looks like you the one riding a CD-70 motorbike and dreaming about luxury cars. Keep one thing in mind A3 has won CAR OF THE YEAR AWARD (it is because of some reason it has got this AWARD!!!)… looks like the writer of this article and yourself are sailing in the same dumb boat.

  • Zuba

    What’s its cost?

  • Baber

    You know the point I’ve been pushing around the blog. Pay a bit more and get something a lot, lot better. The reason why I compared the horsepower of Toyota’s 1.3 and 1.8 Liter was to just show how much superior this 1.2 technology was, which people were saying would be massively underpowered. I want people to better understand that Audi Pakistan is trying their level best to bring these cars into the affordability of people. And you have read the comments on what people think.

    So I would be interested in reading how have you maintained it, what were the maintenance costs (To show that these cars dont’ cost an arm and a leg to afford). How has the daily driving being in it. What kind of resale would you expect.

    Just your ownership diary, to give people an insight. Nothing biased, just an honest to God, simple to man report.

  • Faisal

    Here at AUDI islamabad they are offering the A3 sedan from ready stock with a 1.8L high power TFSI engine that does 0-100 in 7.3s for just 4.5 Million. Now thats just perfect for a compact luxury sport sedan.

  • Dr. Wajahat Shah

    Sir first you are comparing it to a civic youre self and then you go on to babble about how its a top notch car… then you say premio and mark x are second hand cars but I cannot talk about the resale even though these will eventually be second hand cars … then you say ridiculously uping the price for accessories that are pretty much basic to mark x and high end premios is ok .. then you dont even know the fact that they (audi) actually do compete with base line ferraris all over the world. just because you have one does not mean we want one.. p,s you freagin dont even know that Hyperstar has the second cheapest rates in Karachi … second only to Makro…(not metro) ….Stop acting like you own Audi… if you like it then thats well and good. dont hurt peoples feeling for a dumb car “Sir”

  • Dr. Wajahat Shah

    wow.. what a comment! brilliant.. you dissed me and the author! what an achievement !!! Good for you!

  • Dr. Wajahat Shah

    I am saying it probably does not and you probably are mistaken.. Motorway may be. just may be … a gli does not even give you that. and its only 84bhp. P.s the author is wrong 2800lbs is for the old corolla altis I think the fully loaded 1.8 Plus litre one they use in thailand…

  • Dr. Wajahat Shah

    P.s I did not know about the turbo bit. I am sorry for that. but that still is not pretty much impressive as simple turbo addons to civis and corollas are available on the internet

  • Dr. Wajahat Shah

    are you the spokesperson for audi or something?

  • Guest
  • wasi

    They should remove the airbags…electronic seat adjustment etc and bring the car price down to approx 2.5 million and then see the civic and altis vanishing from the market

  • sam khan

    Better than “KIZASHI” LOL

  • Shahid Mehmood

    you are buying an Audi not a Mehran where manufacturer compromise on Safety

  • Zain-ul-Abideen Cheema

    I would go for a fresh import Premio, if I had the money, that is.
    But traditionally Audi competes with its German brethren (Beemer and Merc) here in Pakistan and this is a pretty strong punch they have thrown. The other 2 do not have any comparative product. This should sell well.

  • Rashid

    Thanks. Still it’s a good deal.

  • Rashid

    I had seen some idiotic comments below with the name of some physician and etc. Few things I wish to share.
    first for resale. Just think are you buying a car to drive or to sale or for a comfortable drive. So concerned about resale than keep buying a cd70. That is cash deposit.
    moreover; comparing it with used imported dump yard collection is just sense less.
    third making moans like leg room etc make me sure that u have never seen an audi in real. Just seen pics and started making arguments.
    last is, about fuel average. I got chance to use an A5 in UK and it’s fuel average on road was not much different than claimed one. Means difference was less than 10%.
    These people have never seen anything other than Mehran and xli and have experience of decades of false promises so they don’t trust anybody.

  • Omair Hassan Bodla

    I’m thinking buying the same 1.2 TSFI so I’d like to know more about your experience and would also like to know about the after sales service of AUDI in Lahore. Does the car have enough acceleration as much as your CIVIC? Can you use regular fuel in the car? how’s the suspension and ground clearance of the car with respect to Pakistani road conditions and speed breakers? would you recommend the function packages being offered with the A3? Do you have any Idea about the cars resale value in Pakistan? any other information(feedback from your personal experience) that one should know about?

  • adnan

    dr wajahat….I don’t want to offend you but you are on the wrong track…you do not compare civics and corollas with audi ..I mean its an insult to this great german brand ! once you have have driven a merc or a beamer or an audi you will understand what I mean. I’m sure you’re a very good doctor and have immense knowledge of your field but believe me you have a lot to learn about cars.

  • adnan

    I was thinking of buying the a3 but heard somewhere that it only runs on high octane and one guy took it up country and put in all sorts of normal petrol which screwed up the car resulting in a tune up etc, bill of 90,000. is this true or just a rumor.? and what is the maintenance schedule / costs on this car. my email is plus are they giving any discounts on a3? thx

  • Prado

    I am surprised people haven’t research about Audi’s reliability, Consumer Report rate it at par with Toyota and Lexus. I never owned an Audi but i have had colleagues who had the recent A4 series and it is incredibly reliable.

  • Andrew

    An Audi is like a desi woman….High maintenance and finicky ! If you want that…go ahead and buy it!!

  • Adnan

    Lol discount on A3. How’s your CD70 doing bro!

  • Saad

    How much do you get on your CD70 kiddo?

  • Landcruiser

    Did your parents name you prado when you were born?

  • Ameer Rahman

    what are you guys out of mind.Pakistanis compare a stupid car company which makes cars out of Shama Ghee tin with the cars that are pure steel and metal.Audi is reliable as far as i know.But with Pakistani road conditions no one can say that because even civics and corollas get damaged with it.

  • MySchizoBuddy

    these specs are not on their website.

  • MySchizoBuddy

    can you even get a new premio in pakistan?

  • MySchizoBuddy

    new a4 design has been released worldwide. lets see when it makes it to Pakistan

  • Khurram

    Then why many people prefer Toyota in Pakistan? when they could buy an imported Audi. Fact remains that Toyota is easy to maintain for people having monthly income of 150,000/- to 200,000/-. Furthermore it’s spare parts must be expensive as compared to Toyota.

  • Sikander Ejaz

    And your parents named you Landcruiser ? I mean Really??

  • Khalil Rehman

    Dear Saad.aoa I am in a fix to decide on purchase of my next car.i am a retd brig ,70 age. Is it ok to buy a3 1.2 or 1. 8 . I have a average running of 30 km to golf course on ring rd Lahore. . I shall be really great full if u guide me .thanks .khalil

  • Ali

    That’s because the civics and corollas here are corrupted 😀 They are made with kanjoosi, if they are to be imported, they’ll be spectacular. I agree about the Shama Ghee tin daba lol 😀

  • Prado


    Audi serves a different class segment i.e. it is for upper middle class buyers… these cars are targeted for people who are earning 500K+….

    Audi isnt a mass market manufacturer, the important thing Audi’s entry into Pakistan shows affluent market is growing..

  • prado

    @ Lundcruiser
    No just the vehicle I use… it is the only SUV you need in UAE…

  • imad imadudin

    if i want to visit to this car where it is available ?

  • Zaeem Khalid

    I agree, but there is nothing else in Pakistani market to compare it with!

  • Junaid

    Car is amazing, but it’s repairing cost is too high. This car eats almost 300% more money then civic vti on a repair.

  • nadeem sultan

    Mercedes , AUDI , BMW …. rest of others are crap. People in pakistan do not even know about the comfort , reliability and class of these car …. They would rather even buy corolla XLi with abs crap worth 1800000… these cars are not for stupid people who are still spending millions of rupees on shitty corolla and honda

  • Viladimir Elf

    people like NS, represent a mind set of elites who are always angry/jelous to see general public happy. These three german companies can be praised if they provide perfection with in the budget of general public. Alhamdulillah, I am from privileged class (Trained with good ethics and care for surrounding) BUT taliking collectively, we are low budget nation and a common man have to wait long to save enough to reach mehran, city or corolla. But stupids like you, make fun of them when they happily receive new mehran (or any local car) from the showroom and the whole family enjoys this great achievement of their own car. Less than million car Mehran, is serving everywhere, either posh areas of cities or the rugged mountains (sost, chtral etc.) and cholistan. Mr NS, can you plz tell about reachability/reliability of your multi-million german brands?
    everyone make choice according to taste and budget, so just appreciate. If you dislike, don’t do it at yourside… simple.