Auto Industry Has Great Potential To Excel In Pakistan – President Mamnoon Hussain

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Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2nd Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship (DICE) Automotive Conference organized by the National University of Science and Technology on Thursday, President Mamnoon Hussain remarked that creativity and modern technology are the keys to the development and stability of industries. The president further said that Pakistani auto industry has a great potential for advancing forward.

“The auto industry in Pakistan has attained great importance as well and if serious attention is paid towards its development then in the next few years this industry along with allied ones can provide employment to a large number of people”

He acknowledged the fact that strong auto industry is one of the pillars of a strong economy because it also supports many other industries as well including petroleum, textile and steel, etc. The president called upon the stakeholders and policy makers to come up with a detailed strategy to help auto industry reach new limits.

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President Mamnoon Hussain also stressed the importance of shifting the focus of automobile industry to environmentally friendly vehicles. He acknowledged the fact that Pakistani youth is strong, motivated and talented. All they need is a direction, with positive guidance. He asked students present at the event to focus their full attention to their studies, and asked them, especially women, to understand their responsibilities as students and future leaders of the nation.

The President also inaugurated the NUST-DICE Automotive Innovation Centre on the occasion and took a round of Automotive Exhibition as well, while appreciating the work being done in the field.



DICE Automotive Pakistan Chairman Dr. Abdul Ghafoor, Dr. Khursheed Qureshi Chairman DICE Foundation USA, Engineer Muhammad Asghar Rector NUST, and Mumshad Ali (Chairman Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM)) also addressed the ceremony, among others.

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  1. Ehsan says

    The President / PM have always been saying such statements about everything in the country. But what have they done to modernize and develop the industry ?- absolutely nothing. When it comes to actually doing making policy decision these guys take years for simple short decision. Look at the auto policy which is pending since 2012.

    Aref you have good writing skills, you should not waste your time about writing such things which are mere everyday diplomatic statements by politicians.

  2. Patriot says

    What is the point of this review?? Everybody knows this pakistani mentality of majority of people:

    1. First they want a fancy smart phone
    2. Then they want a fancy car
    3. Then they desire a hot chick in the their cars front seat

    Pakistan is florishing in these above markets in the world. Its among top 5 in the Asia mobile phone market, cars sales are increasing every year as u said above your wortheless review, it is also in the top ten countries of Asia in terms of female prostitution.

  3. Host says

    Sweetie, you are so patriotic you got it all wrong. People want a safe and comfortable car for their aged parents, beloved spouse and dependent children.

    Pakistan has a burgeoning mobile market because phones get snatched here and then get smuggled to neighboring countries.

    About the female prostitution, I have no idea. About the male prostitution, apparently you also have no idea.
    BTW Pakistan unfortunately has a bad name for prostitution as it happens it sits on the crossroads of so many places therefore some dark characters conduct human trafficking from here.

    You are so patriotic, please do something about mobile snatching and human trafficking. You have nothing to do on useless and fruitless place like PW blog. Please take your flavor of patriotism to somewhere it is worth.

    Sweetoo, this is not a review by the way. What do you think has been reviewed here? Yours truly Mamnoon?
    It is called a news coverage.
    Sounds like you were so patriotic you failed middle school.

  4. Guest says

    President himself has great potential to excel in Pakistan as presidential seat is a neutral seat as the head of state. (Comparatively PM is the head of government and belongs to a party).

    As the neutral figure president can use his powers to promote so many things that have been pending for a long time.

  5. patriot says

    The only thing I understood from your lengthy thesis up there is that u wanna sya that mobiles phones are being sold so many due to snatching.What a Joke man. U proved yourself that you area one complete Jack@ss.

    Rest of your lines, I could’nt understand what u wanna say. May be write sometimes after u completed your primary school degree

  6. Host says

    You are such a favorable personality.

    For once you have been using foul language in the comments, and you are clever enough to nobble it by using @. Shows the society you belong to.

    Anyhow you are not happy with the articles neither with other commentators. Seems like PW blog is not the place for you. You would be considering abandoning coming here again. Also, because you cannot understand the responses to your comments, so really there is no breathing space for you now. It is a waste of time for you here.

    Plus foul language is also not acceptable here. So please go back to that part of the society where you truly belong.

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