BMW M5 Competition revealed – Tighter, muscular & faster!

BMW‘s M division has been hard at work lately maximizing the performance potentials of their models starting the year with the M235i competition pack and now current-generation F90 BMW M5 has received its official blessing: a “competition” variant. Better breathing apparatus and tuning give this iteration of the 4.4L Direct-Injected Twin-Turbocharged S63 monster under the hood a 17 HP boost to 617 ponies total, making it more powerful than the viscous Mercedes-AMG E63s. Torque is still the same at 750 Nm, don’t worry that’s still plenty; though still well short of the Merc’s mind-boggling 850 Nm. All these increments in performance make the M5 competition race to a 100 km/h from zero in 3.1 seconds, and the car tops out at 302 km/h.

But the F90 M5 is an effortless rocket and a hooligan on the track even without the nips and tucks brought about by the Competition variant so what makes this performance boost so special? In addition to the performance tweaks, the Competition also gets some aesthetic tweaks: Its own staggered wheels, a blacked out grill, an aggressive body kit also nagging its way is a re-tuned, stiffer suspension, and of course meaner, brasher M Sports exhaust so your neighbors fully hate you! In fact, BMW promises that the new exhaust is not only louder but should pop and crack more often, we all love that don’t we?

While the M5 may not offer the track-credibility that its hotter little brother, the M235i does in spades or the ostentation nor appeal of its elder sibling the M760Li, but it balances the two in one seriously competent, spacious and fun package, that will put a smile on your face both on the street and on the track. While giving a stiffened but liveable ride quality, cabin-tech, build and material quality. Though the suspension may be stiff, the price is even stiffer the base M5 with no options starts at an eye-watering $110,995 (PKR 12,831,000)! The only direct rival to this Bahn-burner is the Mercedes-AMG E-63s sedan, which is some seriously tough competition to live up to.

We can’t wait to hear more about the BMW M5 Competition Package. The standard car is already astonishingly good, and BMW has had a good track record with Competition Packs as of late, the competition pack utterly transformed the M3 and the M4 last year. So, on paper at least, this is shaping up to be really good. What do you think about this incremental update? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I was a BMW fan boy but in these 3/4 years AMG has improved a lot, Just look at the AMG GT series and the current gen E63s. AMG has better steering better engine sound and significantly better interior. You feel special in Mercedes AMG designed cars.

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