BMW X1 Makes its Way to The Used Car Listing of

PakWheels has always been the first and exclusive local automobile platform to bring you a plethora of exclusive news, round-ups and live blogs of new car launches in Pakistan. The statement is further augmented by the coverage of the new Honda Civic, Toyota Revo, Toyota Fortuner, Suzuki Vitara and Suzuki Ciaz, in the past couple of months.

Likewise in the case of BMW X1, we have tried to cover every possible angle to outline all the pros and cons of owning this car along with all pictures to offer a concise picture of the whole scenario to potential buyers to facilitate them as much as we can. Be it the registration procedure, wait time, payment schedule or the first hand experience, we have tried to list down and cover everything. Dewan Motors, which marked off the X1′ campaign on 29th September 2016 with all the extravaganza, company could muster up by offering this product at a price tag of 3.99 million rupees. However, later investigation revealed that the initial price was for a base grade variant.

Most notably, the crossover was being booked on 6-7 months delivery time and now that six months have flown by in a blink, the first lot of BMW X1 have started making their way into Pakistan. Nonetheless, X1 has made its way to PakWheels Used Car segment, which hosts the largest automobile classifieds in Pakistan.


Abdul Hanan

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Notable Replies

  1. All of these look like dealership trying to make an extra buck.

  2. In my opinion the price seems reasonable compared to prices in the UK.

    UK : BMW X1 base model = £27,850 = PKR 3,661,0 00 approximately (1£ = Rs 131.47).

    Pakistan: Price Rs 3,999,000.

    Seems a reasonable amount.

  3. But I can bet there will be a big difference among the features included in uk base model and Pakistani base model and if you include all those features in pak x1 you will end up above 6m. So the price is unjustified and you are buying a mehran in term of features with bmw engine @ 4m

  4. IN USA base model is 32,000 US$ and its 2.0 turbocharged
    Pakistan will always be expensive in cars

  5. Deewan cannot change that. The price difference is due to import taxation.
    Either change the Govt policies to get cars at more competitive prices or change the country.

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