Bugatti Veyron owner had to pay $21,000 to get its oil changed

The average man believes buying the car is when you have to arrange for a really large sum of money, all the rest of the things cost nothing in front of the cost of the car. Well, true, but did you ever wonder what would cost you to get the oil changed of a $1.5 million car. As you have judged by the title, yes, some car servicing garages charge up to $21,000 to change the oil in a Bugatti Veyron. I can’t even begin listing the things that I could buy with that amount of money. The famous YouTube channel Royalty Exotic Cars recently published the video of a Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere (owned by Houston Crosta) getting an oil change for an approximately $21,000.

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However, after all the shock dies down, you’ve got to wonder, “What do you do to change the oil in this car that costs $21,000?” It’s certainly not the oil that’s so expensive, in case you were guessing. Well, draw a picture out of this: after a load of editing where all the boring scenes are removed from the final cut, the video is about 20 minutes long. In the video, Crosta tells that an estimated number of 10,000 bolts hold the supercar together, and to change the oil, you need to remove a whole lot of them.

Here’s the tutorial: start by using a GoJack car dolly under your supercar to hoist the body high enough so it can safely be gripped and lifted by the garage’s lift. Once your supercar is high enough, it’s time to get to it. First, you have to remove both the rear wheels, followed by the rear fender, then the carbon-fiber panel, then the carbon-fiber wheel-well panels, and then the fuel filler, the list goes on and on but the point is that you have to remove a whole lot of components to get reach the area from where you can access the drain plugs. Oh, and by the way, where most modern cars have two drain plugs maximum, Bugatti Veyron has 16. The mechanics drained about 15.5 litres of oil before deciding that there isn’t any more left.

I’m sure you thought that you could change the oil of your Bugatti Veyron (if you own one) by yourself when you read the article. Are you still as confident, now that you have read the whole article?

Watch the video below:

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