Trends of buying car’s battery in Pakistan

A car is a very important investment and its every part should be taken care of no matter what. Same goes for the car’s battery without proper care its lifeline could be reduced to a considerable time. And in this time and age, where new technologies are used in the engine of the car, the importance of the battery is increased significantly. conducted an auto survey to get a detailed insight into what people think about brands and their products.

In the survey, a question regarding the battery preference was asked from car/owners. AGS topped the chart with 46% votes in favour of it. The complete list is as below:

  • AGS 46%
  • Exide 22%
  • Osaka 7%
  • Phoenix 6%
  • Volta 5%
  • Others 8%


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A total of 19,155 responses were recorded from all over the country. This survey covers the public’s spending habits, driving behaviour, expectations and routine practices in the automobile sector in Pakistan.

Hot summer is prevailing across Pakistan, so here are a few of our simple tips, which will protect your car’s battery this summer. First and foremost, keep your battery cool, and by that, it means that park your car under a shade; don’t expose the car to direct sunlight. Due to the extreme temperature, the chemical reaction in the battery paces up, causing damage to the overall health of the battery.

Furthermore, examine the water level inside the battery regularly and remember to turn off the A/C, as it will give extra time to the battery to discharge properly, which is good for the health of the battery.

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My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.