Decline in sales of cars in Pakistan, Only Toyota retained

PAMA (Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association) has released sale and production figures for cars and bikes for the month of November. First in 1300cc and above category list; is Honda (civic and city), and according to the released data, Honda Atlas managed to sell 3,208 units of Civic and City in November. However, if we compare the sale data of November and October 2017, there is a decline in sales of both sedan cars. In October the company sold 3,415 Civic and City units, which means there is 6.4 percent decrease in sales in the month of November while comparing it to October.

Moving onward, another local automaker Suzuki managed to sell only 342 Suzuki Swift units in November while it sold 374 units in October 2017. In simple terms, there is a decline in sales. Aside from Honda and Suzuki, IMC sold more units than its competitors. The company sold 4,537 Toyota Corolla units in the month of November and 4,216 in October. There is an increase of 7.6 percent in sales of Toyota Corolla.

Now coming towards 1000cc category, just as in 1300cc and above category Suzuki sales in the 1000cc category has also declined drastically. Pak Suzuki sold 1,363 units of Cultus and 2,116 units of WagonR in the month of November and in October 2017 the company sold 1,458 units of Cultus and 3,478 units of WagonR, which shows that there is a decline in sales of both these Suzuki cars. It sold 96 less Cultus and 1,362 less WagonR units in November.

In 800cc and below 1000cc category, Pak Suzuki only sold 3,958 units of Suzuki Mehran in November, and if compared with October 2017, it sold 397 fewer units.

In Jeeps (4×4) category IMC sold 279 Toyota Fortuner in November 2017, while in October it sold 337 units. Comparing the sale figures of November 2017 with 2016, the company sold 255 more vehicles in November 2017.

Lastly, Honda sold 1,248 Honda BR-V units in November and 1,091 in October. All in all, there is a sharp decline in sales of automobiles in the month of November.

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