Use these methods to ensure safety while driving in wet conditions

Driving on a wet road and in wet condition have always put drivers on edge, so in this article, we will discuss how one can drive safely in wet conditions and on wet roads. Due to water on the road, the normal tire cannot bite the road as it should be, which causes the car to slip leading passengers to injury or even death. So first of all always remember to use all-season tire, it repels water from the tire which leads to better grip.

Secondly, always remember to check that car’s headlight, brake lights and windshield wipers are working properly before running your car through a rainy day to avoid any problem and inconvenience. Moreover, if it is raining cats and dogs always keep the headlights on, which will help other drivers to see you more clearly. Additionally, use water repellent which will clear the windows and mirrors from rainwater.

It is always recommended to slow down the car in the rain as if one accelerates the car it will lose control due to the wet floor causing damage to both car and passengers, according to experts reduce 16 km/h for each degree one increases the speed of windshield wiper.

Furthermore, another important point which every driver should keep in mind; is that always keeps a fair amount of distance from the car in front of you and the car which is following you at the back, as in rainy seasons the surface becomes slippery, so if you maintain a fair distance and in case of sudden brake or stop you can keep yourself and your vehicle from damage.

I know most of you already know these methods and techniques, the main purpose of writing this article is to educate the novice drivers so that they don’t face any problem while driving in the rainy season. Secondly, as heavy rains are being anticipated in different parts of our country, this write-up will help the drivers to ensure their safety while driving through rain.

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