Ghandhara to launch new vehicle

It turns out that Ghandhara’s failed talks with Renault are a thing of the past now as the company is geared up to launch all-new heavy-duty pickup truck ISUZU D-MAX in the country. The heavy-duty truck is considered one of the best off-road vehicle globally, with great suspension.

Some of ISUZU’s D-MAX models are as follow, EX (4×4) 3.0LDiesel6 SP MAN, LS-M Hi-Ride (4×4) 3.0LDiesel6 SP AUTO, and LS-Terrain Hi-Ride (4×4) 3.0LDiesel6 SP AUTO etc.

It is pertinent to mention here that Ghandhara signed technical Agreement with Isuzu Motors, to get technical information and assistance to assemble, manufacture and sell D-MAX in Pakistan. It is expected that the price of new D-MAX would be around Rs. 3 to 3.5 million when launched in Pakistan.
isuzu3Ghandhara has given an ad in a local newspaper and is offering 3S and 2S dealerships country-wide to launch its new product line for the pickup. According to the ad, those who are willing to avail this offer should apply within seven days after the ad is published.

And after applying potential candidates would be shortlisted and contacted by the company. It is expected that Ghandhara will be launching D-MAX in mid-2018.

ghandhara pickup pakwheels


Moreover, it is expected that Toyota is also launching the diesel variant of Fortuner and Renault its Duster, it would be great to see the competition between them. Additionally, it would be a direct competitor of Toyota Revo and Hilux as well.

Aside, from launching D-MAX in the country, Ghandhara has barred down the production of its iconic UD trucks– a medium duty truck in favor of Chinese Dongfeng range of trucks.

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  • MySchizoBuddy

    Are people really craving for a truck in pakistan? Sounds like another dumbass product that no one was asking for

  • Guest

    Well Hilux (SUV version, not the loading version) and Foton Tunland is selling like hot cakes and the last last Shehzores are breathing their last hiccup therefore … yes, the market is there and specially this Gandhara, they are already a player in the heavy truck segment so … why not?

  • Jasim Aquil

    It is top selling vehicle in Thailand Dmax

  • AST

    What is heavy duty about this 3.0 mid-size truck?

    Please do your research before writing. You are making Pakwheel look bad.

  • Junaid

    They have the plant as well as the capacity and the experience to launch vehicles that can compete with both Honda and Toyota. But I feel some how greedy board of directors who are hampering the companies growth.

  • mohsin malik

    Love the news.

    Personal Security Gun Men will now be showing off “D-Max”. Bye Bye to HiLux.

  • mohsin malik

    For the record its not upto local assemblers like Gandhara to choose. They tried Nissan, Pakis did not approve so they stopped assembling.

    Most of the companies have already set up plant in India which is a larger market than ours.
    So assemblers are left with no other option but to assemble Chinese vehicles.