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Master Motors has introduced Changan in Pakistan with a Joint Venture with Changan International Corporation, which is the largest domestic brand in China. With a state-of-the-art assembly plant in Pakistan, Changan is proud to announce the 2 most convenient vehicles for its customers, including the Karvaan which is a 7 seater van that embodies space and Luxury and M9 which is the most powerful and efficient pick-up in its category.

Changan’s Dealership in Lahore “Bilal Automobiles” planned to interview a Changan M9 user to assess the performance of the 1000cc 1-Ton payload pick up and check out the overall hype of Changan vehicles and how they are fulfilling their promise of consistently delivering beyond expectations. In this regard, a representative of Bilal Automobiles contacted Abdul Wahab, one of their own customers to take a post-sale interview of Changan M9.

Abdul Wahab is a fruit vendor in Faisal Town, Lahore. He needed a pick-up truck to bring in fruits and merchandise from Sabzi Mandi (open-air vegetable market) in Sahiwal. He required a vehicle that could load more merchandise while keeping the fruits safe and fresh, drive short distances within the city as well as covering longer inter-city routes.

After a lot of market research, Wahab finally settled for Changan M9 hence the CSR had a telephonic interview with Abdul Wahab to capture his experience regarding this new promising vehicle in the market.

Why Did You Choose Changan?

Mr. Wahab told the CSR that he was frustrated with the existing options available in the market and was delighted when he saw the Changan M9 on the road and was struck by its beauty.

“With my experience, I know the pickups ins and outs and have tried most of the pickups in the market, I take care of them and maintain them myself hence I consider myself as an almost expert mechanic,” said Wahab. “As per my own market research, I found that the built quality of Changan M9 is far superior to market competitors. Also, the M9 can carry up to 2-ton load as the M9 has 9ft x 5 ft deck which can store more items, it gives around 10 km/l. I drive it at approximately 100km every day, said Abdul Wahab.

He also told that the monthly cost of running the M9 is the same as an ordinary passenger car. It does not require any special maintenance as such, besides the usual regular oil and filter changes. So, after all of these considerations, Mr. Wahab inquired about the parts availability and took a tour of their parts warehouse and found out that the running parts prices are surprisingly reasonable. 

He also inquired about the financing options, and he was happy to know that Changan have a list of all the main banks that provide affordable financing options for Changan vehicles 

What are the Top Three Features You Found in M9?

When asked about the top three features of the M9, Mr. Abdul Wahab said that the steering wheel and seats are very comfortable, and the pick of the car is quite impressive. The interior is also very luxurious, according to Mr. Abdul Wahab, it feels like he is inside a passenger vehicle. Moreover, after a quick calculation, I realized that Changan M9 has the highest value for money.

Furthermore, the loading space is also appropriate for his work. In comparison, Ravi carries only half the weight of M9, making M9 more cost-effective, said Wahab. The three-way entry and exit of the loading space make the loading of merchandise easier since there is enough space. The larger deck size not only gave him extra space to load more of his inventory but also added more earnings and savings in his pocket.

He said the engine is strong. Moreover, he has loaded more than 2 tons on the vehicle, and the engine has worked just fine. He has carried out both short and long trips as well as intercity travel and faced no troubles. 

Mr. Abdul Wahab informed that he changed the tires to broader ones for the M9 to withstand the load better. He also installed up to twelve leaf springs to suit his loading capacity. He thinks there should be more leaf springs in the car as standard and would also like to have airbags and an AC in the M9.

As for the dealership experience Mr. Wahab told “after visiting the showroom at Akber Chowk, Lahore with my business partners, I was happy to see that the staff of the showroom was very warm and friendly and even agreed to my outrageous requests of lifting the vehicle on the ramp so that I can inspect the vehicle closely.” After the inspection, he took a test drive, and the car felt really safe, the steering was really soft, and the seats were comfortable. On top of it, he was delighted to see the after-sales support was available throughout the country. Mr. Abdul Wahab commended the process of purchasing the vehicle. He was impressed by how it took him less than ten minutes to pay for the car and accept its delivery. He also appreciated the after-sales service team who according to him, was very courteous and professional. He also told the CSR that he found the spare parts of the vehicle surprisingly affordable, which will help him in the efficient running of his Changan M9.

Abdul Wahab’s final words in his interview were: “Main un hazraat ko jo apne karobaar main taraqqi aur bachat chahtay hain unko ye gaari khareedne ka mashwara dun ga”

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