Comparison of Petrol Prices in the World

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Have you ever wondered which parts of the world have the cheapest and the most expensive fuel prices? Somewhere in the world, people are buying petrol for the price of mineral water, and somewhere else, people have to cut their needs to afford fuel for their rides.  

As of May 30, 2022, here are the top five countries with the cheapest and the top five countries with the most expensive petrol. 

Countries with Cheapest Petrol

1. Venezuela

You may not even know the country with the lowest petrol prices on the planet. It’s Venezuela, where people pay just $0.022 for a litre of petrol. That’s 4.5 Pakistani rupees, people; let that sink in. 

2. Libya

The country with the second-lowest petrol price is Libya, where one litre of petrol costs $0.032. That equals 6.45 Pakistani rupees.

3. Iran

Iran comes third on the list of countries with the cheapest fuel. One litre of petrol costs $0.052, i.e., Rs. 7.10 in Iran.

4. Syria

One good thing Syrians have is affordable fuel. One litre of petrol costs $0.286, i.e., Rs. 58 in Syria. That’s a big jump from Rs. 7 per litre of petrol in Iran, but still affordable compared to other parts of the world. 

5. Algeria

The fifth lowest petrol price in the world right now is $0.316 (equals Rs. 63.73) in Algeria. 

Moving on, we have the top five countries with the highest fuel taxes. 

Countries with Costliest Petrol

1. Hong Kong

Residents of Hong Kong pay the highest international gas prices, with one litre of petrol costing them around $3. At the current dollar rate, that translates to 600 Pakistani rupees.  

2. Norway

Norway has the second-highest gas prices in the world at $2.8 per litre of petrol. That equals 570 Pakistani rupees.  

3. Denmark

Next, we have another European country, Denmark, where one litre of petrol costs $ 2.647, i.e., Rs. 534

4. Finland

In another part of Europe, one litre of petrol is currently at $2.547, i.e., Rs. 513, and that’s Finland.

5. Iceland

The fifth highest petrol price in the world right now is $2.5 (equals Rs. 504) in Iceland.

Petrol Price in Pakistan

With $1.04 (Rs. 210) per litre petrol price, Pakistan is somewhere in the middle of this fuel prices spectrum. Not sure if that’s a good or bad sign. What do you say?

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