Chinese Suzuki Vitara Revealed At The 2015 Chengdu Auto Show

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We all know how good China is at imitating things and not only this but the imitated products have huge demand in many countries. The 2015 Chengdu Auto Show revealed China made Suzuki Vitara. The Chinese Vitara is manufactured by a joint venture of Changan and Suzuki. With a Chinese name Weitela, the vehicle will be launched by the end of next year in the Chinese market. Not to forget Weitela is not a Chinese copy but a joint venture of Changan and Suzuki.

With a nicely done shiny grille along with the clean light blue color makes the car standout. The vehicle is going to have two engine variants: 122hp 1.6 and 140hp ‘T booster Jet’ 1.4 turbo engine. Both the engines are four cylinder petrol with five speed manual or a six speed automatic transmission.

Chinese Suzuki Vitara


The ‘All Grip’ badge behind the car hints it to be all wheels drive but surely performance will be measured once it hits the roads and is ready for some off-roading. The Vitara at the auto show had black windows which made it difficult to notice the interior. It might be the hint that the interior of the vehicle is maybe not yet finalized and some of the work is left until it is ready for production.

Talking about witnessing the vehicle on the roads of Pakistan is a very confusing situation as Suzuki Vitara has failed big time in Pakistan and is hardly seen here now, but you never know what marketing techniques these automakers apply to capture the market with the introduction of Weitela/Vitara in Pakistan. Not to forget the Chinese made Suzuki Vitara has a price tag of 130000 Yuan which is roughly equal to 2.1 million PKR.

Chinese Suzuki Vitara 2

Chinese Suzuki Vitara 3

Photos: CNC

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  1. twister286 says

    How is this a copy? Does PW proof-read articles at all before throwing childish and borderline racist jibes for no reason into an article?

    It is a licensed product made under arrangements with Suzuki.

  2. Usman Ilyas says

    Completely agree with twister286. A lot of the adjectives used by these bloggers to describe cars and the lack of any numbers of reasons or evidence to back up any statements make them sound no older than 17.

  3. rkk says

    and its funny how every article talks about introducing the cars to pakistan when its never gona happen. Boring, predicatable articles.

  4. Muhammad Laman Samo says

    “Not to forget Weitela is not a Chinese copy but a joint venture of Changan and Suzuki.”

    Only if you read the article properly.
    Your comments are appreciated.

  5. Muhammad Laman Samo says

    Thank you for your comment but just to mention there are a lot of people who criticize that we at PakWheels write boring and plain articles. I guess you guys need to decide among yourself first.
    No harsh feelings bro.

  6. Usman Ilyas says

    Dear Laman Samo, I myself appreciate a well written article. The only ones that could have a problem with that are 15 year olds. Don’t take me wrong, with no other alternative for sources of automotive news I’d rather have Pakwheels than not, but you need to recognize that Pakwheels’ writers are in some serious need of some training in writing. The proper use of language lends credibility and weight to your arguments. I can tell you that the moment a future competitor to Pakwheels figures this out and addresses this you will have a hard time hanging on to your readership.

  7. Muhammad Laman Samo says

    Your comment will be considered.
    Thank you 🙂

  8. Knight27 says

    For the sake of pakwheels well being, refrain yourself from writing articles.

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