Nissan Cars That Should Be Introduced In Pakistan

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We recently brought you word that Nissan is actually contemplating about reintroducing their brand in Pakistan. We for one couldn’t be happier and this move by the Nissan group could finally mean the end of having to settle for cheap low quality products like the Suzuki Mehran. In order for Nissan to gain its projected 10-15% share of the Pakistani car market they have to be very careful about what models they introduce here, models that will actually arouse interest among the populous and here is a quick list of cars we think would do exactly that.

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Datsun GO

Nissan recently revived its Datsun brand and introduced the Datsun GO in India. Now to put it simply if you see Datsun cars in Pakistan, and its GO, then it could mean the extinction of the decades old Suzuki Mehran as we know it. The Datsun GO starts at around PKR 5 lakhs and for that you get a really nice looking small hatchback that can seat up to five people in comfort, long range automatic headlamps, air conditioning as standard, a sound system with built in aux and USB support, all being driven by a 1.2 liter 3 cylinder engine producing 68 bhp that can deliver up to 21 km per liter. Even if the GO was priced nearer to PKR 8 lacs it would still be worth every paisa.

Datsun Go

Renault Duster

Now if you read the word Renault in the sub title and thought well whats that doing in this list, its not a Nissan. Though technically true but most of you may not know but both companies actually own a considerable share in each other and Nissan could potentially introduce cars made by Renault here under their name and the Renault Duster is the first car that comes to mind which retails internationally for just PKR 13 lacs. The Duster has taken the world by storm as being an SUV that is priced competitively to a city car. The Duster comes equipped with a 1.5 liter engine that develops around 87 bhp and can deliver up to 21 km per liter. The duster is the perfect car for millions of people across Pakistan as its a economical, spacious and comfortable high riding SUV in Suzuki Swift money. What more could you ask for?


Nissan Sunny

It wouldn’t really make sense for Nissan to reintroduce their brand in Pakistan and not bring over the Sunny. The Sunny retails internationally for PKR 12 Lakhs which would make it a direct rival to Honda’s City. Essentially what the  Sunny is medium sized budget sedan that is already being offered in markets such as India. It offers a commendable amount of interior space while not being too big in its overall dimensions. Toyota stopped making its diesel Corolla saying it was not worth the cost. The Nissan has a great opportunity here to fill in the gap left by diesel Corolla, bring in diesel variant of their Sunny. The 98 bhp 1.5 liter diesel engine pulls well and can deliver up to 17 km per liter. The styling may be controversial but it would defiantly give the likes of Toyota, Honda and Suzuki a run for their money.

Nissan Sunny

Nissan 370 Z

It might not be a car that everyone will be able to afford but Nissan’s only sports car the 370 Z would make a lot of sense to introduce in Pakistan. Currently the only sports car being sold in Pakistan is the Honda CR-Z at a price of around PKR 34 lacs. Including reg and freight, might cost you PKR 36 lacs. If Nissan could introduce the 370 Z in Pakistan at price competitive to the the CR-Z then there’s no doubt that it would defiantly tempt the petrol heads living here with its 3.7 liter V6 engine pumping out 350 bhp that helps it to get to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds and on to a top speed of nearly 270 km/h. We all know this is not going to happen, but no harm in dreaming, eh?!


So what do you think about the cars chosen for this list? Do you think it would make sense to bring them here in Pakistan or do you think there are other cars in the Nissan range that would make more sense? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. twister286 says

    The Sunny is not the same size as a Honda City. The Sunny is in the same size class as Civic and Corolla, and it sells for more than PKR 1.2M. The engines optioned in the Sunny are 1800cc ones in most countries. The Sunny is called “Pulsar” in some markets.

    The equivalent Nissan to the Honda City would be the Almera.

  2. Kashif Sheikh says

    I would also like to see Tiida both saloon and hatchback and their luxury brand called Teana

  3. Atif says

    Good post but I request the author to do some more research. The DATSUN Go is most likely the car that will come through Nissan in Pakistan (if existing 3 assemblers mafia don’t restrict their entry via anti-investment policies). High end expensive cars such as the 370Z were already sold by Gandhara Nissan in the past. Both Tida and Cefiro were offered in Pakistan as imports but hardly sold due to high duty on CBUs imposed by the government.

    Practically highest chances are of cars like Tiida, Almera or Datsun Go(most likely) to be assembled here which have a good chance of success.

    General Motors, Nissan-Renault, and Volkswagen are all waiting for government to introduce a investor friendly policy. Previous policies have favored existing assemblers a lot (especially Paksuzuki) and restricted entry of new assemblers.

  4. MySchizoBuddy says

    “370 Z would make a lot of sense to introduce in Pakistan”
    You should quit automotive analysis right now.

  5. Guest says

    They could use the existing tool and plant to relaunch the N16 Sunny. Could even fit a 1000 cc engine in it.
    It was a good one and build quality and even the exterior paint was better than the others.
    Admitted it is an old design but this is what our customer likes. See mehran and high roof.
    The cost would not be very high because the plant already exists, just need to be refurbished. If they sell it much cheaper than city and corolla (around swift) then it would be a killer.

  6. jvk says

    All of these cars are currently offered for sale in India. Other than the initial success of Duster, the rest of them were duds. The situation would be different for Pakistan though.

  7. anon says

    try completing some research before you post,,, the crz now retails for a little over 2 million rupeez,,,

  8. Kamran Shadid says

    yeh mulk kabhi taraqqi nahi kar sakta jab tak ISHAQ DOLLAR jaisay corrupt ministers hum per rule kartay rahen gy…… we support Khawaja Asif, for formulating auto policy , we abuse ISHAQ DOLLAR for rejecting that policy.

  9. Hassaan Ahmed says

    No its still 3.4 million

  10. faraz says

    Nissan sunny was discontinued and replaced with Nissan Tiida Latio and later only Nissan latio. Only chinese & Indian market has the name nissan sunny till now.

  11. Bilal says

    you forget to add commissions + taxs ( Zerdari commission + Nawaz commission ) so Add 100% in above mention prices 🙂

  12. usman says

    Nissan brand is best duster i lov tht

  13. Yhamid says

    I think they could also do well with the introduction of the Altima…that’ll definetly give the accord and camry a run for their money

  14. ابراہیم احمد says

    It is every where and it is very popular in middle east.. i own one and it is an excellent vehicle.

  15. Qasim57 says

    It’s actually Musharraf…

    His car-leasing schemes flooded the roads with WAY more cars than our road infrastructure could handle. So now cars have huge mark-ups and heavy taxes, to stem the number of cars on the road.

    Before this policy, cars used to cost ALOT less, and roads weren’t congested with so many cars.

  16. Faisal khan says

    Salam I think some of these cars could be a very good choice but 2 best models have been missed . No 1 Nissan Blue bird sylphy , No 2 Nissan XTrail hybrid . These models will be a game changer for Nissan in Pakistan . INSHALLAH . Tired of corrola . Civic and city .

  17. Ahsan Zafar says

    how you forgot ” Leaf ” ??????????????????

  18. Hassaan Ahmed says

    An electric car would make no sense when we don’t have the infrastructure for it.

  19. Wali Muhammad says

    Sir mujhi apsay ek question karna hai…pakistan mai camry ithni expensive q hai 1 cror something..but dubai mai agar deka jaye tho pak rs mai just 23 lac ki banthi ha or yaha par ithni expensive q hai

  20. Muhammad Aamer says

    In my opinion Nissan should introduce “MOCCO” which has already been on our roads. A small car but very powerful and according to our white collar community needs. Think for that also.

  21. Ahsan Zafar says

    its very cheap as it dont need elecricity too much

  22. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    What about Nissan Otti?

  23. Muazzam Ali Kazmi says

    I don’t think it’s good place to ask questions. You might look foolish.

  24. Ashraf says

    Just because of Duty, Pak mein CC engin capacity k hisab say duty lagti hai aur jaisay hi yeh up to 1300 CC above jati hai 10 times duties bhi barh jati hain

  25. Ashraf says

    I don’t think if some 1 has a question in his mind to ask in a discussion looks a foolish 😛

  26. Sultan Lashari says

    Lamest list ever.. We need the Cube, Sylphy, Sentra and Altima (ok maybe this one not too much), not the duster or 370z

  27. GulRaiz says

    the guy is probably referring to the imported one.

  28. GulRaiz says

    imagine 370z on Pakistani roads Lol.

  29. PeeDroid MiNi L100 says

    Seen In Lahore, Many Times…

  30. GulRaiz says

    Lahore roads are really good bro. i once saw 350 in Islamabad G13. just imagine

  31. AforAppleAforAndoid says

    Such a chawal logic.


  32. Qasim57 says

    How so?

    Cars undeniably have a huge mark-up now, and they didn’t have this earlier. Corolla has gone from ~9 lakh new, to 19 lakh new.

  33. ردا صدیقی says

    hii guys plx help me mjhe second last car ka model numbr btaden nd ye automatic hy ye bh btaden nd is k prize bh plxx i want to purchase it

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