These Are The Cars Volkswagen Should Bring To Pakistan

Are you not excited about the latest happening in Pakistan’s automotive market? Well, I was neither, until I came across the splendid news of Volkswagen’s arrival in Pakistan.

Now, just like little kids who get excited about a certain plan, I will demonstrate my excitement with a series of cars I have in my mind which I think VW should bring to our homeland, the land of low-quality and ridiculously assembled cars.

I have been very rationale in my choice of vehicles from the VW; keeping in mind the cost-effectiveness, value for money, practicality and other aspects related to Pakistan.

So, kicking off now, we have:


Volkswagen Pakistan

Offered in almost 5 trims with different engine options, the Jetta is a midsized family sedan which starts from $17,000. The top of the line Jetta has a 2.0l which pumps out 210 BHP.

Why do I want it here? Because it looks good, is very practical and comes with so much features. The price tag? Well, I’m not sure about that but according to the latest excise/customs regulations, the baseline Jetta should cost somewhere near 50 lacs PKR for a brand new one. Now, if the VW comes here and get subsidized or anything, the costs can cut to half maybe, and would make the Jetta a direct rival to the Civic and the Altis Grande. IMO, even at 30 lacs PKR, the Jetta can be a fair deal! (We live in a country where a brand new FWD 2400cc Honda costs 10 million+)


Volkswagen Pakistan

The tiny Polo, with its wide choice of 4 engines, is designed to give maximum out of a minimum of a car. VW have extracted every bit of the Polo for utility, they’ve even managed to squeeze 95HP from a tiny 1.0l engine, which is not all about power but fuel economy as well. Starting at roughly $13,000 the Polo could make it to the best available hatchback in its class. I’d buy the Polo at 20 lacs, because I’ll be satisfied for getting what I actually paid for.


Volkswagen Pakistan

Tiguan, the immediate cousin of the Touareg, is a relatively small SUV among the others in its class. Why I want it to be here? Well, because a Honda CR-V costs 80 lacs and the Toyota Fortuner costs almost 50 lacs. The Tiguan, starting at $33,000 can be a fair choice, if placed in this price bracket. It might cost as much as a Toyota Prado of this era, but that’s fair enough when you get all the luxuries and the abilities of a German vehicle.


Volkswagen Pakistan

Might be too much to ask for, but the Passat, starting at $21,000 can be an arch rival to the Honda Accord or the Toyota Camry, and the baseline Mercedes, BMW and Audi’s. I would buy the Passat over the Audi A4, because the VW is the mother of em’ all. With engines delivering power up to 280BHP and the baseline being a strong one too, with all the inside features and luxuries aside, I want this car to be here.

So this was my wishlist for Volkswagen cars in Pakistan. If you have a wishlist for Volkswagen too you can post that in the comments section below. You never know, some of these cars actually make it to Pakistan.

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Fahad Mehmood

Fahad Mehmood is an ardent car enthusiast and a photographer by profession. He's been an active PakWheels member since the beginning. When he's not writing about cars, he's shooting people and things with his camera. He hopes to go viral one day.

  • Laraib

    Polo at 2 million wont cut it for the masses including myself. I’d only be happy paying the $13,000 rupee equivalent of 1.3 – 1.5 million. Not comparing the prices with other local offerings since they are over inflated as we all know.

  • In terms of quality I wonder how VW would compare with a Toyota?

  • I can’t believe how you missed their 1000cc VW Up. Excellent small hatchback with great fuel efficiency.

  • Muhammad Hamza Shahid

    where is the Golf? 😛

  • Saad R.

    No GTI, why man……

  • Azhar Yousuf

    Driven Passat 2010 in India this Jan, 1.8L, Turbo charged, 6-speed manual. Loved it.

  • Uzair Muftee

    yup i agree with laraib here no one would pay 20 lacs for the polo its available for 6 lacs in india i guess and in pakistan it should be priced around 10-12 so that they actually sell some cars and dont pack up after 1 year of poor performance :-p . VW can compete very well if they keep sensible prices because their engines and quality are much better than rollas and ondas

  • Hanan Ur Rehman

    not the passat
    The should bring the Golf though

  • Hanan Ur Rehman

    also the little Up!

  • Osama Saeed

    The Tiguan is a beautiful car spacious interior and rides awesome with a 2 liter turbo engine I’m sure it’ll bring a smile to your face.. It brings one to mine.. 🙂

  • Awais Yousaf

    Well they cost less but when they will be in Pakistan! Multiply that cost with 1.5 times approx! Its just to satisfy ourselves that they cost less and have great features! So lets not have high hopes!

  • Kashif Malim

    These cars should actually cost a lot less than the prices mentioned here. VW can actually beat the crap out of Honda, Toyota and Suzuki if they introduce their cars at the prices cars here should be at.

    Get a subsidy, reduce your markup a bit, and kill this inflated market off, once and for all!

  • Rana Mohammad Talha Tariq

    VW should bring VW Beetle !!! A small car with great features + very easy to handle + cost effective + great fuel economy !

  • Kashif Malim

    The base model shouldn’t cost more than 5 or 6 lacs. That would kill off the insane margins our current automakers keep.

  • Kashif Malim

    The writer needs to come back down because he seems to be floating up in space right now. The cars he’s mentioned here are actually ‘nice but low cost compacts’, but the prices he’s listed are based on the inflated numbers (with crazy margins) that Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota use.

  • Sameer

    What about the Lupo? There is a reason why people get CNG kits installed here. A definite market there or may very possibly become their most successful car here. A glorified Mehran

  • Faizan Khalid

    lol vw ka star missing hai baqi sab to mention kar deen
    vw golf wo alag baat hai agar yeh pakistani market k liyay unfit hai :p

  • Uzair Muftee

    kashif polo has 1.0 and 1.2 engine i think. its a pretty small car and while our people pay 10 lacs for wagon R they should be happy to pay 10 lacs for a polo which will be better built, more comfortable and will surely give a good mileage

  • Muhammad Sufiyan

    What about golf gti? It would be the best hatch here.

  • Mohammed Asim

    most welcome

  • Kashif Malim

    People are crazy. They pay 1 million for a “Dalda ka ghee ka dabba” with wheels and a cheap engine. The only way these idiots will reduce their prices is IF VW launches their cars at the prices these cars should be at.

    The prices of VW’s cars are categorized in the same manner in almost all other countries. Why should we continue to pay exorbitant margins to the idiotic car makers already here for cars that don’t even meet basic safety standards?

  • Aamir Bashir

    Well these are all very pretty cars but i am afraid to mention that you have missed an impressive hatchback and my all time favourite the VW Golf … but VW’s are not reliable as Japanese Cars such as Toyota and Honda 🙂

  • shaukat

    You are missing a very important point. Volkswagen also owns Skoda and Seat, and they are cheaper compared to the moth brand with same quality. Volkswagen can easily enter the Pakistan market with these 2 cost efficient brands.

  • Smokingaces

    Jetta and Passat were the 1st names came to my mind, before I even started reading this article. 🙂

  • Shahz

    One thing that I fail to understand.
    Is VW setting up its manufacturing plant or importing?
    If the cars are gonna be locally manufactured than why a 17000$ car will be sold for 50Million ?

    I think VW should better set-up its plant in PAKISTAN rather than importing vehicles.

  • Nabeel

    VW is setting up its manufacturing plant but it takes too much time till then they can import their vehicles may be with out any duty structure….

  • Shahroon

    Bro wat about Golf ???? You literally Missed sugar from Tea 😛 lol
    I would definitely go for Golf GTI if all goes accordingly 😉 #fingercrossed

  • MasroorGilani

    VW will have only a few buyers and then tada, bye, bye

  • Ahmed Noor

    Eos, Golf, Beetle and CC these are on my wishlist.

  • Ahmad Anwar

    At the prices you mentioned with a Polo for 20 lacs, the market penetration of VW in Pakistan will be abysmal and they would go the way of the dodo. Now, if the keep their prices competitive, given that they are asking for heavy subsidies on SKD kits, and directly target Toyota and Honda, we’ll have a winner.

  • Emme


  • Muhammad Younus

    It is all about competitive price. Reason behind success of Coure was that there was difference of 45k with the price of Mehran.

  • Chicken bucks

    I want a golf! I think they should bring the passat (corolla size), the golf (gap in luxury hatch back), and either the lupo or fox (alto size).
    Obviously the SUV will sell a lot.
    I’m not sure about the jetta. It’s too low spec.

  • Nabeel

    golf GTI ? :@ post is shit

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    2 Million is fine for VW Polo considering the devaluation of Rupee during the time before VW launches it, and people were buying vitz for above 1.6 million a year ago.

  • Prod1

    the little UP! would be an actual sales turner

  • adnan syed

    i think in excitement you miss the point that the automobile market under 10,00,000 had a quite a huge number of customers waiting for better replacement for Mehran, alto and Cuore, VW up is the better option for a large number of customers who r forced to buy junk from suzuki or reconditioned models with no warranty and have to pay high cost for spares. I think you write quite informative blogs but sometimes i feel most of the bloggers r focused on the high end market rather than the real one.

  • Farhan

    No Golf GTi??

  • Faisal Inayat

    I hope they still produce people’s car

  • MasroorGilani

    They were here only for discussion, a German diplomat told me today. Nothing firmed up yet.

  • Xain

    Funny when people who cannot even manage to land a 50K ki Job, gives advice to VW

  • imanul

    there are lots of ignorant people earning more than 50 k,

  • imanul


  • imanul


  • Guest

    It is not about level of literacy. The company pays the employee’s worth, otherwise employee finds another company. Person without formal literacy can also provide something to the company enough to earn $$$.
    Xain’s comment in insulting though – the writer just expressed his wish, didn’t try to be smart towards VW.

  • Guest

    Golf interior is smaller than Wagon R interior, cannot stretch your legs. Why would you want it?

  • Guest

    Golf interior is smaller than Wagon R interior, cannot stretch your legs. Why would someone go crazy for it?

  • Guest

    Not best. Golf interior is smaller than Wagon R interior, cannot stretch your legs. How would it be best?

  • Muhammad Rizwan

    but I like Golf. if u like wagon R get it

  • Rohan Arshad Siddique

    with all the shit storm volks is facing in America and Europe it is probably better that any other automobile carrier comes to pakistan as no one in this country will do check and balance and this company might be willing to exploit the laws and regulation conditions in this country.

  • Muhammad Raahem

    Because its a flipping Golf GTI….it might just possibly be the best hot hatcback in the world atm…other than the new focus rs ofcourse

  • Muhammad Raahem

    The only VW i would love seeing in pakistan is none other than the hot hatch Golf GTI <3

  • Muhammad Raahem

    You DO know that VW owns buggati, audi, lamborghini and multiple shares of fiat and ferrari?
    Even though they lost more than $2.5 billion…VW is still quite comfy and isnt going through any shit anymore.
    I think vw should definitely come to pakistan as the Automobile industry in pak is messed up on a whole other level…and we need some genuine good cars which arent overpriced AF.
    We have Mercedes, Bmw and Audi…its time that the german kings of automobile arrived.

  • Muhammad Raahem

    Well said.

  • Muhammad Raahem

    I didnt even think of the UP!…you’re right…its an absolutely wonderful and cheap car with great fuel economy and best of has german quality..which is the best by far.

  • Muhammad Raahem

    But the jetta will be affordable….as im sure you’re aware of the ridiculous tax rates on vehicles in pakistan.

  • Muhammad Raahem

    Just look at some car reviews on the golf GTI…and you would be begging for one aswell. I would suggest top gear’s review on it..its quite special.

  • Muhammad Raahem

    Exactly…it would be perfect in pakistan. I loved it when i saw it on #TopGear

  • Muhammad Raahem

    VW is MILES above toyota when it comes to quality.
    These are the same people that manufacture audi and bmw…and you can see the quality for yourself.

  • Malik Hammad Khalid

    Why you have to be so arrogant? OP is doing what he loves do and is best at. He is not asshole like you how makes fun of peoples salary.

  • Muhammad Usman

    exactly. ….now people might be fed up of just few brands of sedan

  • shaukat

    It would be better if VW bring in its cheaper brands like SEAT and SKODA in the initial stages. The prices will be lower.

  • sandeep078

    20 lakh PKR for polo? How come it is so cheap in India considering currency value difference. Starts 5.30 lakh ex showroom.

  • a

    they are not coming to pakistan

  • Abdul Basit Khwaja

    Golf R is better 😉

  • Raheel

    Welcome we really appreciate

  • Zakria hussain

    Welcome to pakistan vw come fast

  • mohsin malik

    Wishful thinking. Not a chance

  • Akhtar RIaz

    I an old member of Pakwheels, and a lover of VW I kept several beetles at one time with me specially 1302 and 1303 also, I am very happy to heard this new that VW is coming to Pakistan I wish somebody will break this monopoly of only three brands in Pakistan.

  • Adnan

    Apparently the reconditioned or surplus cars which got rejected by lying to EU and America on emission standards .
    Only in Pakistan.
    IMO ,building a BMW assembly plant making 1 , 3 and 5 class cars is a good idea.
    Nonetheless , better than something crappy.

  • sammy

    jetta is a compact car , and so is corolla and civic. and one yr old used jetta is sold around ten thousand US dollars in usa. dear stupid . bc 70% of pakistan makes haram income so u pay so much for shitty cars . corrupt countries like pakistan dont last long in the world , u have already lost bangladesh 40 yrs ago , bangladesh now has better economy, educated and civilised people and much better cars at much lower prices ..

  • sami

    But the question will be how muvh tax government will put on them to fail them in pakistan, they don’t want any other car except stupid Honda and Toyota 🙁

  • Azeem Haider Shaikh

    Oh these cars are going to a bit in Pakistan, where we are seeing Audis, BMWs, Mercs, The big SUVs etc. It is for sure that VW will have their share and these are some strong cars with excellent features.
    Once they are in and IF affordable by upper middle class that we can see some vast changes in the shitty cars of Toyota & Honda which have been screwed in our generations, past & present

  • Waqas Mahmood

    What about Volkswagen up! up! is small 4 seater with 1.0 Blue motion engine with 60hp or 75 hp variant. Fuel economy is 24.4 l/km. I own a VW up! in Denmark and I am really happy with its features, durability and fuel economy. It is perfect for busy Pakistani roads.

  • Aamir

    Our local manufacturing is so high then how VW will compete the market?

    The most versatile car in VW is Passat, They have genuinely designed the perfect car for the end user.

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    This is a very good idea and every sensible one would be glad enough if a German brand would launch it. Volkawagen cars has no match and really I hate these Suzuki mafaia

  • shahid Rafiq

    Vry good idea . Vry nice & duerabail , appreciate it .

  • Actually, we love our country that’s why we pay to the politicians so they and their families can live in foreign countries after enjoying their ‘Baadshahi’ and ‘Aish-o-Araam’ in Pakistan.

  • Qureshi Muhammad Nawaz Shah

    I am fond of Golf, which in my view is best in diesel, economical and durable. VW is high in price as compare to Japanese cars,therefore, it’s market in Pakistan is thin. only VW lovers are behind it. Introducing VW with low price and its advertisement through media will be very much fruitfull. Old Beetal modals are very much wanted in Pakistan, because, their price is less than one lac Rupees..

  • Arshad rao

    do you think our government will allow them to come with out their personal benefit…. we are living in jungle man

  • Arshad rao

    my friend it is just a news…i am Pakistani but we live in jungle. Honda and Toyota they are funding government not to issue any new licence …..

  • Arshad rao

    can you imagine… we are paying 25 Lakh for honda civic…..i am driving 2016 land cruiser in Saudi Arabia . i have purchase with 234.000SR …..with this price i cant buy 2.4 fortuner in pakistan.
    we are still dreaming in pakistan.Mark my word nothing will change in this country. i am paying tax with honesty since long time. Tax office ask me to give him 70000 under table to reduce my tax but i refuse to do this. i really dont understand why why and why our government is putting that much tax on vehicles ……….

  • Ayaz

    still high prices as they are offering high end cars but they should manufacture the cars to replace cultus mehran wagon r to remove its monopoly