Volkswagen Plans To Sell Cars In Pakistan

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As James May would say, ‘Good news!’ Volkswagen is interested in introducing its cars in Pakistan.

VW is worlds’ second biggest automaker and they want to bring their cars to Pakistan, according to one Board of Investment official.

On Thursday, German Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr Cyrill Nunn said that a 14 member delegation is coming to Pakistan to explore possible venues for investments, and one of the members is a representative of Volkswagen group.

The good thing about this is that government is also interested in having a European automaker in the mix of automakers in Pakistan. It is time the Big Three of Pakistan face actual competition. Before that, Dewan Farooq tried to compete with the Big Three with the help of Korean Hyundai and Kia, but the whole venture fell flat on its face. Maybe VW will take a look in the auto past of Pakistan and will choose a local partner wisely.

It took Yamaha more than 5 years to start assembling their bikes in Pakistan; and it’s a bike company. You can only imagine how long it would take VW to first make their assembly plant and then start making Volkswagen cars in Pakistan. VW officials have asked Pakistan government to add medium-knocked down (MKD) units in the autopolicy.

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  1. Humza Aamir says

    Wow excellent, given the giant that is the V.W Group, it would be awesome to have their cars here. Golf, Jetta, Touareg, Tiguan…the list goes on, have serious potential here provided the cost to the customer is reasonable. Who knows they may use their MQB platform and bring us the affordable SEATs and Skodas here as well. (Fingers crossed)

  2. Usman says

    A good news! Hope it don’t end up like Hyundai ,Nissan ,Mitsubishi ,Kia ,Chery and list goes on. End monopoly of big three craps!

  3. mukhtarmujahid says

    its superb news far all car lovers..

  4. Aamir Bashir says

    VW manufacture some good quality cars that also give impressive mileage as well … I use to have a VW Golf back in UK it was tough like a tractor And Powerful like a truck, VW Polo and Passat are really good cars specially diesel variants then people wudn’t need CNG … these are very economical cars but i hope they come but cheap as i see german cars talks sky high in terms of repairs, maintenance and purchase wise, i hope we get polo in price of suzuki swift or faw V2

  5. Fazal Wahab says

    FAW can be a possible partner as FAW also assembles VW cars in China.

  6. Zuhair Zahid says

    just rumors, news about their interest in doing business in Pak.. Hundreds of these kind of meetings held each day….May b in the coming 5 years we would be able to see the VW in Pak.
    Nothing Solid!

  7. mohsin malik says

    GOP has failed to get quality cars from local assemblers, the troika is so strong that they won’t allow Koreans to enter and we think VW would be welcome. Think again Sir.

  8. Shakeel Anjum says

    No update on Volkswagen entry in Pakistan since a year, Last info was they were looking for local partner which might be Al Haj Faw (a Chinese Volkswagen Partner).
    Any have latest info on that?

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