Cholistan Jeep Rally To Start On 12th Feb, Introduces New Class For Female Drivers


Burcu Citenkya is perhaps one of few women to have a taste of Jahl Magsi Rally track but now, a new class has been added for women drivers in the Cholistan Rally so they can participate as well. This further endorses the fact that Cholistan Rally is perhaps one of the most popular motorsports event being held in Pakistan right now.

The rally’s course is 225 KMs long that starts and end at the majestic Darawar Fort, that we at PakWheels have come to call the ‘The Forty Bastions Of Automotive Lust In Pakistan.’ The 11th Rally will take place from Feb 12 to 14 at Darawar Fort for a total of three days.

During the press conference, TDCP (Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab), that manages the event said that TDCP is promoting Bahawalpur this year and construction on a tourist resort has begun near Darawar Fort for rally participants and tourists, the resort is estimated to be completed in a year-and-a-half.

Cholistan Rally

There are more than 100 drivers that will take part in the rally’s four categories, in addition to the motorsport spectacle, additional features around the event will include cultural night, camel dance, fireworks (at the end of the rally), and a tourist camp site.

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  • Guest

    This is gender discrimination. Motorsports do not require physical strength. In physical sports, male and female categories are distinct because of differences in inherent strength. That is supposed to make the competition fair. Similar distinction exists between lightweight and heavyweight category.
    But in motorsport, there is no need for distinct category. At a time the world is moving towards equality and inclusion, we are moving towards having a separate quota for men and separate for women.

    Last time we knew 2 Turkish drivers also participated. Or was it Jhal Magsi rally? But the main point was that they were female drivers, there was no separate category for them.


    In the photographs slideshow, there is one pickup with UK number plate. Legally, vehicles even without registration plates can participate in this rally because it is not held on public road. And registration plate is required only to use the vehicle on public road. As long as they put the vehicle on a truck for transportation over public roads, it is perfectly legal. But just out of curiosity, who is coming in with a UK number plate?