Qatar Unveils Its First-Ever Supercar, And We’re Not So Sure About It!

Qatar just unveiled its first-ever supercar called the Elibreia at the Falit Qatar Motor Show and while it’s an aspirational project for the oil-rich, but it is a University project by the Texas A&M University’s branch in Qatar. And frankly, university project or not, this looks terrible. Agh!

ArabGT’s coverage of the vehicle shows the mess of a design that is not only ugly but also hard to look at with all that’s going on. Power? Thankfully, this car has a reasonable power output of 535 HP through a GM V6 engine unlike the Dubai-based Devel Sixteen that wishes to have 5,000 HP and a top speed of 560 KM/H.

University projects are all about pushing the line, testing newer limits, doing something that isn’t bound by profits, and this may have a few tidbits that are exponential but overall, the lines, the curves, the angles are a total riot in a bad way. The student, who is the designer of the vehicle has said that he’s working on another design and we wish all the best to him and hope that they utilize the feedback generated from this supercar onto the newer one.


Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.

  • Guest

    Front end looks inspired from Dekotora.
    Dekotora could possibly only look good on a large, tall machine, not some small protrusions on a small sports car.

  • Alisuda Rahmani

    This is My truck

  • Muhammad Usman

    will be taken in death race 4

  • Anique Zafar Malik

    I swear it looks like a constipated Hot Wheels concept…