Devel Sixteen wants to be a 5000hp, 560km/h, Batmobile

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As far as wishlists go, this one car tops all of them. Its like those heavenly housing schemes as advertised by real estate developers which eventually turn out to be huge crash. Other automotive websites are calling this a bullshit!

A Dubai based company, Devel Sixteen has showcased their not-so-promising car which they say has a V16 producing 5,000 horsepower with a 0-60 time of just 1.8 seconds and a top speed of 348 mph or 560 km/h.

The Veyron goes 267 mph with 1200 bhp, and VW makes a massive loss on each car it sells. And there’s more.

The Devel Sixteen is powered by 7.2-liter V16 engine joined with four-turbochargers producing 5000 hp but even if that horsepower is capable of pushing it to its advertised speed of 560 km/h, the design of the car will never allow it to reach that high speed.

Bugatti Veyron touches its top speed with the rear spoiler down so it is goes like a bullet, Devel Sixteen’s spoiler will never allow the car to reach that high speed.

Nevertheless, such cars are usually PR stunts to invite potential investors and buyers to invest some capital so the company can actually make the car it plans to and we don’t see this happening ever.



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  1. Akshaf Lohani says

    it will reach these speeds for sure…. two rockets in its ass will definitely help

  2. TehSin Aly says

    i dont think so. 5000hp is quite hard to achive

  3. Asim Salman says

    soooo good yr i love this care honestly

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