Suzuki Ignis Launched In Japan; Available From 12-to-15 Lacs PKR

Japanese automaker Suzuki has introduced the new Ignis for its local market or as the world calls it JDM (Japanese Domestic Market). Suzuki had shown the Ignis Concept for the time at the 44th Tokyo Auto Show in 2015 and at that time, it was thought that Suzuki will introduce the Ignis in South Asia that includes India, as well as the British and European markets in 2017. However, due to the growing interest of people in the Ignis, Suzuki pushed to introduce the car in various regions before reaching 2017’s timeline, and now, the Ignis will be available for sale in Japan and India in February 2016.

The new Suzuki Ignis will be available in three different variants: Hybrid MG, Hybrid MX and top of the line Hybrid MZ. All the variants will be available with either 2-wheel-drive (2WD) or 4-wheel-drive (4WD). The wheels will be connected to a CVT gearbox while powered by a 1200cc K12C dual jet 4-cylinder engine with Suzuki’s micro-hybrid technology. Before Ignis, the K12C was used with Suzuki Solio and Bandit. The engine produces 90 HP and 118 Nm Torque whereas the ISG (Integrated Started Generator) will add another 3 HP and 50 Nm Torque.

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The 2WD version of the Suzuki Ignis will give an impressive mileage of 28 KMPL and the AWD version will give a mileage of 25.4 KMPL. The difference in the fuel mileage between the 2WD and AWD version is due to weight, the 2WD MZ Hybrid weighs only 880 KG and the AWD weighs 920 KG.

Suzuki Ignis Exterior

Suzuki’s new crossover is laced with features such as LED lights, fog lamps, 16-inch wheels, keyless entry, push-start, and Apple CarPlay based ICE system.

The Ignis also have a lot of safety features such as Front and side driver and passenger airbags, ABS is supported by the EBD, lane warning system, ESP, and a 4WD system for when you need some extra grip. There are driver aids as well; there’s a 360 view camera too.

Suzuki Ignis Prices:

Suzuki Ignis MG (2WD) – 13.82 lac yen – Approximately 11.98 lac Pak Rupees
Suzuki Ignis MG (4WD) – 15.19 lac yen – Approximately 13.16 lac Pak Rupees
Suzuki Ignis MX (2WD) – 15.01 lac yen – Approximately 13.01 lac Pak Rupees
Suzuki Ignis MX (4WD) – 16.38 lac yen – Approximately 14.19 lac Pak Rupees
Suzuki Ignis MZ (2WD) – 16.41 lac yen – Approximately 14.22 lac Pak Rupees
Suzuki Ignis MZ (4WD) – 17.78 lac yen – Approximately 15.41 lac Pak Rupees

After Japan, the car will also be introduced in India by Maruti Suzuki with the same name. Maruti has said that they will introduce the car during the Auto Expo 2016 which will begin from 3rd February.

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The major difference between the JDM Ignis and Indian Ignis is the engine. Ignis is expected to be sold with the 1200cc K series engine that is currently available in the Swift. But there are reports that Maruti may introduce it with either the booster jet turbo engine, the 800cc 2-cyl. Diesel and the Fiat sourced 1300cc Multi-jet engine. This is in addition to Maruti’s plan to keep the SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle System) in the Indian market Ignis.

In Pakistan, Pak Suzuki is expected to replace Cultus with Celerio in 2017. Industry sources have claimed that the new Limited Edition Cultus has been introduced to give Suzuki Cultus the final push to sell the last stocks. However, it looks as though that they might not be so eager to introduce a new car here so it is useless to make a suggestion to Pak Suzuki to introduce a car that has a better engine, better mileage, and a good price as well. But those who want this vehicle, should not get their hopes down because once the Ignis arrives on Japanese roads, you can then import to Pakistan as well within a few months. If you want, you can use PakWheels import section to import this vehicle in a couple of months. And given that the price of a new Ignis in Japan is around PKR 12-15 lacs, the used Ignis can be bought for around PKR 10 lacs.

Suzuki Ignis Interior

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  • Abdullah


  • Guest

    Ignis name plate has been used a few times before too. It is not a new name.

    The wheels do not look like 16″, though a modern 1200cc has no problem handling wheels this big with good fuel efficiency.

  • Muhammad Asad

    Yes, From 2000 to 2008, Suzuki was producing a sub-compact car with the same name.

  • Guest

    The custom duty for importing 1200cc hybrid car is 0%.

  • Guest

    It has also been used for small cars, like an alternative for Swift. (Similar to how Cultus and Swift has been used alternatively).

  • Dr Usman Nawaz

    No Brother…

    Custom + Clearance Charges are 8 lacs approx for 2016 Hybrids between 1000-1300 cc…

    It is zero for below 1000cc, because no such car exists…

  • Cruise

    Can you share the source. As per my knowledge for 1200 cc hybrid cars there is no custom duty at all.
    Source: Family member in FBR 😀

  • nasir

    how much wld it cost in pakistan after its import…if we include the transportation charges????
    taxes are 0% right for 1200cc less hybrid????

  • Usman

    Rear could have been better but still it looks great!

  • Hassan Raza

    this thime for suzuki xD

  • Saulat

    I guess at the time of rear light design Suzuki hired the same designer doing Honda city. Suzuki always leave something Suzuki like in this case ……rear…….great new innovation for developing economies

  • Malik Khawar

    from which website we can see prices of cars in japan.(zero meter ones)

  • Abdullah

    6 lacs approx tax for importing this vehicle would cost around 20-21 lacs in pakistan……not a good choice if the price is 21 lacs…..wld have been good if there were no taxes…..but all hybrid cars in the range of 1000cc-1300cc are charged approx 6 lacs minimum as tax… this vehicle is of no use with such a huge price…..

  • sammy

    dear stupid , bc 70% of all Pakistani`s source of income is haram and 70% of all money generated is through haram ways so stupid and corrupt pakistani`s pay so much for these shitty small tin cans . for reference look at the prices of cars in Hindustan. at last check indian prime minster bank account had less then one lack rupees. indian prime minster owns a very small one unit house. so his priority is to make sure all foreign companies do the best for halal earning indian people. all pakistani leaders have there families and business and houses in europe ,america and now china . dear corrupt stupids this is what u get.and also the lowest power hybrid is 1300 .c.c this is why corrupt paki govt made sure the cut off was 1200 .c.c. also in every halal country hybrid cars are not only tax exempt but the halal govt give various incentives too for there halal people to buy those halal cars. u are all corrupt to the core.

  • sammy’s friend

    Hi sammy, I am sure your statistics are 100% true and verified. I am interested in publishing them in form of a book. Then we can delve deeper and get even more, true and verifiable statistics. Good places like Transparency International are always ready to pay good money for this type of stats.

    We will become rich through halal method by selling these stats to such an institution.

    The way you mention “Pakistani” and say “you” gives the notion that you are not a Pakistani. In this situation, we would have to declare your nationality – for transparency of course. If you have Pakistani nationality, you should immediately refute it because the way you write, it looks like you do not want to show that you are one. Because when you say Pakistani, you “you people”, you do not say “we” or “us”.

    The procedure of refuting the Pakistani nationality is carried out by DG of Immigrations & Passports. If you need more guidance, it will be provided immediately at no cost. Foul-mouthed people like you who do not wish to identify themselves as Pakistani are welcome to leave immediately.

  • Raja Azeem

    Dont expect half of the top trim features to be available is Pakistani variants. That too with the added enormous amount of tax. In the end it’ll be overpriced and underequipped. Sucks to live in Pakistan if you’re into decent cars.