City Traffic Police Begins Crackdown Against Illegal Number Plates in Lahore

The City Traffic Police has launched a massive crackdown across Lahore against the vehicles with illegal number plates, tinted windows and vehicles without registration plates.

This news was officially released on 30th September, when a City Traffic Police (CTP) spokesperson admitted that 279,274 challans have been issued so far to vehicles in the city. The spokesperson further elaborated:

Strict action in accordance with the law has also been ordered against vehicles with tinted windows and illegal number plates

And now it seems that CTP has catapulted its crackdown in the city. Earlier this morning, long ques were easily noticeable on many roads across Lahore, as CTP wardens were busy stopping majority of the vehicles without computerized number plates and issuing them tickets. Tempers seemed to be flaring on both (Wardens and Vehicle Owners) sides, as public thinks that a subtler approach to this matter needs to be taken, while the CTP Wardens are opting for aggressive steps to ensure maximum results by issuing tickets to majority of the drivers on following criteria:

  1. Vehicles without computerized number plates
  2. Drivers not wearing safety belts
  3. Vehicles with tinted windows
  4. Drivers without license
  5. Bike riders without safety helmets

Sadly, I was also fined earlier today at Center Point, Lahore. And predictably, I had non-computerized plates on my vehicle, which were first ripped off and then snapped into pieces. While this campaign may come off as very aggressive to some people of Lahore, instead of starting a row with the warden, you should:

  1. Install computerized number plates on your vehicle. While some vehicle owners might not have received them in the first place or lost them; it is better if you could collect them, or in worst case scenario; you need to go through the process of acquiring duplicate plates.
  2. Wear your seat belt at all times, as it provides great safety to you in a road crash
  3. Remove the tinted papers from your vehicle’s windows.
  4. Have all the relevant documents of your vehicle with you
  5. Have a valid driver’s license with you
  6. Wear a safety helmet when riding a bike

As I mentioned before, to some of us, the behavior of CTP wardens during this campaign might come forward as aggressive but in the end, they are pushing us to follow traffic rules, which many of us don’t, in normal circumstances. With alarming increase in the number of road accidents due to careless behavior and lack of knowledge of traffic rules, the CTP has certainly come alive. But my concern, like many Pakistanis is “How long will people continue to follow traffic rules after the end of this campaign?”. This question merits some serious pondering of the policy makers as opposed to their instant-result oriented strategy making.

Notable Replies

  1. I logged in to make a thread on the same issue..
    i was never stopped because from day one i have all the above required documents and there is no reason for wardens to stop me..

    This is not at all harsh measures as this campaign began from August 2016 and last date was 30th September to comply..

    So its evident laato kay bhoot baatao say nahi mantay.. now who did not comply have to face the consequences.

    The whole reason behind this is so camera which are and will be installed for safe city projects can read all the plates without any problem.

    So even older cars registered before 2006 have to get the computerised plates...

    But this news has surfaced that the indiction of year next to number is small and difficult for the cameras to picture it..

    So eventually number plate design will have be changed all over punjab :)...

    So this is a stupid exercise and will not benefit the public as now everyone will apply and get the current number format but later on they will have to buy new one again..

    So In short Punajb Govt is stupid

  2. lazers says:

    Only if they can dump this pathetic govt issued plates design and design some new good looking number plate. And without the boota that on it right now.

  3. They are installing speed cameras on the canal so if you over speed the challan will come to your house which will be the mentioned address on your nic. What if one changes its house, its not like the west that ur address change is recorded every time one shifts.

  4. What about cars older then 2006.....they don't have computerized plates?

  5. i have 2005 model mehran and i got the computerized number for Rs. 1200 in last year August. It is mandatory for every vehicle owners to get it replaced with government issued plates. this campaign was initiated I guess in 2015 but became more strict over a period of of time!

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  • aliqadri

    What about driving without side mirrors ?

  • One Winter

    you can just tell them that you got them stolen a few hours ago

  • Mohsin Ali Arif

    And what if they were present but folded

  • sab

    what about vehicles model 2006 or earlier are they should also issue computerized number plates

  • Ahmed

    They also need to start a crackdown on bikers driving around like being chased by something.

  • Aqeel Zia Nayyer

    yes. they are asking them to get computerized as well. you might ask any number plate manufacturer to make the master replica for you 🙂

  • Saqib Khan

    then i should feel sympathy for this driver.