City Traffic Police Starts Issuing E-Challans in Lahore – with Photo Evidence

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The E-ticketing system was established by the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA), Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication System (PPIC).

In a recent devlopment, the system of E-Challan has been engaged and now works with the CCTV camera grid across Lahore. As a result, about 1,000 people have been sent E-Challans for breaking traffic rules in Lahore.

Sources report that more than 17,000 traffic violations were observed through CCTV cameras in a month, on -Mall Road, which is Lahore’s busiest road. According to the PSCA, these violations only include those who were breaking lane rules and not obeying traffic signals.


Furthermore, this system of E-Challan will also be used to monitor and cut down on the issue of bribery, through CCTV cameras.

The electronic ticket charging system is meant to detect any sort of violation of traffic rules. The system employs an android application and a Bluetooth printer to issue a challan on the spot. It is aimed towards making the task of ticketing the violators, a lot more easier for the city traffic police.

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  1. Salman Ahmed says

    They can use photoshop and abuse the challan system lol

  2. Mohsan Hassan says

    How they can manage this. Maximum cars are from other cities / district / province.

  3. Javed says

    Its very easy to recover fine at the time of yearly registration renewal or at the time of ownership transfer.
    Secondly, its not far when NADRA database will be connected with all the systems.

  4. Javed says

    Lets be positive and responsible.

  5. Sohaib Ahmad says

    will the motorcyclists also get these ? or they will be free to ride without helmetsclearly breaking laws and senselessly changing lanes ?

  6. Guest says

    1. So the car is registered to a company, PVT LTD can be clearly figured out in the image. Now who pays the fine?

    2. In the image, we also see motorcycle violating the traffic signal. At least he/she has crossed the line and is on the pedestrian crossing.

    3. In the title image, 7 people are staring at their challan device while one is peeping over the shoulder. What does it mean? Who are they challaning? Each other?

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