CNG tank explodes while the owner was filling it up in Iran

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Time and again we have read in the news of CNG tanks exploding killing everyone inside the car, but we haven’t been able to show how devastating a CNG tank explosion is. This video is a stark reminder to each one of us who hasn’t by now, gone out HDIP to get our CNG tanks out.

Although clear details aren’t available, but the tank exploded as the driver stepped out of the car and went to check for something in the trunk and that’s exactly when the tank exploded. Thankfully though, both the driver and the pump attendant were not harmed in this incident.

We’re unclear ourselves about what actually happened as CNG cylinder explosions are fatal and here, thankfully, the guy standing infront of the trunk actually walked away unharmed.

Watch the video:

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  1. Sajid Ahmad Khan says

    shit cng is dangerous.

  2. Ahmad Dawar says

    CNG, Petrol, disel are more expensive in paksitan than cannada, that petrol 60 Rupess per litter, and CNG 45 Rupees per litter in cannada.

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