Common Mistakes, Buyers of Used Cars Make

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Many of us have dreamt and planned to have our own car, but not everyone can afford a brand new one. So, the solution is used cars. One of the major benefits of used vehicles is that they are mostly in your budget, you can find your desired vehicle in different conditions. Further, you may know about the car if you are purchasing it from your friend or relative. Most importantly you know about specifications, positives, and negatives of a specific model because of its presence in the market.  

So, you are excited about buying a car for yourself. You go to market, meet the dealer or a private seller, and eventually buy it. You are happy with your new purchase. But with time, you start to face issues with the car, maybe its engine is not working correctly, or its paint stared to wear-off, etc. etc.

You are facing these issues because you made some common mistakes; many buyers make while purchasing a used car. We at PakWheels care for you, and we will tell you about these mistakes, so you do not make them next time or for the very first time, if you have not bought a used vehicle before.

Falling in Love with A Car: Follow Your Brain, Not Heart: 

While purchasing a car, or anything for that matter, try to be rationale, evaluate the product, do your research, and never fell in love with a single model or car. If you will follow your heart and want to buy a specific make, then you may miss other options in the market. Those options can be much better in performance, in look, in comfort or safety, comparing to your choice. To buy the best vehicle for yourself, set your emotions aside, and analyze the whole situation. Compare the condition of different cars of your choice, check its market rate, do online research, or take suggestions from an expert. It may be hard for you to change your decision at that moment, but you must understand that car stays with you for years. A great buy will make your life easy, hence, you can make the best purchase only be being objective.

To know all about used cars, you can visit, where you will find every kind of vehicle. You can compare prices, models, and conditions of vehicles to make an educated decision.

Trusting A Friend/Relative/Dealer Blindly: 

This one is a continuation of being rational. You indeed trust your friend or relative. You believe what he tells you about the car and its condition. But again, do not trust blindly whatever he says. Listen to him and then do your research. Check the condition of the vehicle yourself, evaluate it carefully. At the end of the day, it is your money and your future. If you don’t like it or want to purchase some other car, politely say no to him. This approach is best because if you would buy the car just because he is your friend or relative, it may damage your relationship with them if the vehicle starts creating issues for you.

In the case of a dealer, it is his job to sell the car, and he is there to earn a profit. The easy way is to meet more than one dealer, analyze the market, and compare prices and conditions of different available cars of the same model. In short, don’t make buying a one-stop operation, go to market, give it some time and then take a informative decision after proper research.

Buying Car Without a Test Drive: 

The test drive is one of the essential parts of buying a used car. A lot of vehicles look great in ads or on those shiny brochures. But their engine or other components may not be in as excellent condition as its exterior. The test drive will give you an idea of how much a vehicle is suitable for you and your family. It will save you from future hassles and issues. There are a large number of buyers who give a car just ‘token drive’ or, in some cases, none at all, which is a huge mistake. You must drive the vehicle for at least thirty minutes before finalizing the deal.

Purchasing Without Getting It Checked from Independent Mechanic: 

The condition of a used car is everything; even an excellent looking vehicle can turn into a headache. It all depends on the usage from its previous owner. So, before buying any used vehicle, get it checked and diagnosed from a mechanic or workshop who do such kind of work regularly. It will not cost you much, and you will know about the vehicle from bumper to bumper.

You can contact the PakWheels inspection service. We will inspect the car for you, including its engine, paint, shocks, condition, interior, exterior in detail. You will get a virtual report about it while sitting in the comfort of your home.  

Same in the case of Auction sheets of imported Japanese cars. Sometimes, the local dealers will alter these sheets. You can contact the PakWheels Auction Sheet verification service, and we will tell you everything about its condition before arriving in Pakistan.

Value Your Time: 

Yes, it is great to evaluate, analyze the market, and compare the prices and condition of used cars. But, do value your time, because more you spend time searching and waiting for the “perfect deal,” more chances are you will miss a good purchase. If you would spend more time in buying, there are high chances that you will become more confused and may miss excellent opportunities. In short, take your time, but do not waste it.

Paying in Cash: 

Many of the buyers make a mistake of paying the price of car in cash, which we think can be a mistake. Always use Pay Order through bank. The benefit of the Pay Order is that you will get two-to-three days to test the car. If you pay in cash, then it will be a done deal, while in Pay Order, you will have time of few days. If you are not satisfied with the purchased vehicle or facing some issues, you can halt the pay order and return the car. So, be cautious and use the right method of payment.

Do you think we missed any aspect? Please share your suggestions with us in the comment section.

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