Comparison: How the new Civic is better than the old one

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Some say that it’s rear resembles heavily to that of the Toyota Camry XV30 while others say that it’s pretty difficult to distinguish it’s front from that of the 5th Generation Honda City but all what we know is that it’s called the 9th Generation Honda Civic!

Going back to April, 2011 when the 9th Generation Honda Civic was first launched in the North American Market, it didn’t really impress people who had high hopes from the designers at Honda after seeing the revolutionary interior and exterior design of the 8th Generation Honda Civic. As Honda is known for bringing revolutionary design changes from generation to generation in Civic, the design of the 9th Generation Honda Civic was being regarded as a step backward rather than a step forward this time.

Now soon after being launched in China, Thailand and Bangladesh, the 9th Generation Honda Civic has finally made it’s way to Pakistan and is on display at most of the Honda Dealerships and just like any other part of the world where the 9th Generation Honda Civic has been launched, people in Pakistan too weren’t any impressed with the design of this Civic but I’ve just one question; considering the amount of brand new car options which we’ve in the local car industry, is the 9th Generation Honda Civic really a bad car? Not at all! The 9th Generation Honda Civic may not be as good looking as its predecessor but it sure has lots of new features, including a few which have never been introduced by any local car manufacturer, and which may convince anybody into buying it without a second thought.

The most important factor which majority of the people in Pakistan consider before buying a brand new car is it’s price and it’s resale value. The resale value of the Honda Civic has always been high in Pakistan no matter what, therefore that won’t be a problem this time too. Coming to the price of the 9th Generation Honda Civic, there are 4 variants available for the Civic this time: the ‘i-VTEC Manual Transmission variant being the Base Model has been priced at PKR 1,969,000 which is not a bad number at all considering that the Base Model is still under the 2 Million mark. Next comes the ‘i-VTEC Prosmatec Transmission’ variant which has been priced at PKR 2,089,000 followed by the ‘VTi Oriel Manual Transmission’ and the ‘VTi Manual Prosmatec Transmission’ variants being priced at PKR 2,199,000 and PKR 2,319,000 respectively. Also, just like for the 8th Generation Honda Civic, prospective buyers can go for Leather Interior and Navigation & Multimedia System In their 9th Generation Honda Civic for an extra cost of PKR 55,000 and PKR 60,000 respectively.

Honda Atlas has also introduced 2 new optional features for the latest Honda Civic this time which includes the Honda Genuine Accessories Utility Package which consists of Floor Mats, Trunk Tray and Door visors for an extra price of PKR 15,000 only and also the option of either extending the warranty package to 3 years for an extra price of PKR 8,900 or extending the warranty package to 4 years for an extra price of PKR 13,900.

Next  comes the most interesting feature of the 9th Generation Honda Civic which has never been introduced by any local car manufacturer, the i-MID (intelligent Multi Information Display). The i-MID is a 5” LCD located right next to the speedometer which displays the current audio track/radio station, time, temperature, phone functions, odometer, seat belt and other warnings. With the push of a button, it also displays trip distance, fuel consumed and more.

Coming down to the steering wheel of this all new Honda Civic, you will find Audio and i-MID control which means that you no longer will be needing to move your hands to turn up the volume of your favorite song being played on the radio or to check the temperature outside, all this can now be done just from the controls located on the steering wheel. The 9th Generation Honda Civic is also equipped with the ‘Cruise Control’ feature which was missing on it’s predecessor; now relax on long drives with the smart and convenient cruise control at your fingertips. But this is not all, Honda Atlas has been quite generous in giving new features to its people in the Civic this time that’s why they’ve also introduced an Automatic Climate Control System for the first time in the Civic. Now with just a touch, the automatic climate control system will set up the perfect cabin comfort.

For the audio junkies, there’s an In-Dash CD Player with FM Stereo available in all the variants with a new auxiliary jack which lets occupants enjoy music from an iPod or other MP3 players but again this is not all; if you want to go for something better, you can opt for the Built-In Multifunction Navigation System from Honda which comes with Bluetooth and a Rear Camera for ease of parking. Moving forward, one very interesting feature in the 9th Generation Honda Civic is ‘Internet Connectivity’; all what you’ll be needing to do is just plug in a USB Internet Device into the slot available in the dashboard and then the console will give you a stylish touch screen browser for you to explore the world.

With a completely redesigned front, Honda has installed projectors in the headlights this time which are twice as bright as halogens and they now come with an auto-timed switch which means that you no longer will need to turn them on or off manually. For the people planning to go for the ‘Oriel’ variant, they’ll get to enjoy a smoked glass sunroof with tilt up function to enjoy a breezy ride, a set of neatly placed fog lights to make navigation easy in extreme driving conditions and beautifully designed alloy rims that create a perfect base for a majestic car.

Coming to safety features, one highly commendable effort of Honda Pakistan is that they’ve introduced SRS Airbags in all the variants of the 9th Generation Honda Civic. There are 2 airbags for the Driver & Front Seat Passenger available this time which were previously available only in the ‘VTi Oriel’ variants of the 8th Generation Honda Civic. Apart from SRS Airbags, 4-wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and G-CON are also standard in all the models of the 9th Generation Civic.

Under the hood of this all new Civic is the same motor which was previously in its predecessor, the 1.8L i-VTEC power plant producing 141hp at 6300rpm but this time it is even more polished and fuel efficient.  One more interesting feature in this all new Civic is the ‘ECON’ technology. With the press of a little green ‘ECON’ button located below the driver’s side air vent, the engine and other power-using systems will then go into super-efficient mode to maximize your fuel efficiency and will tell you fuel efficient ways to drive your car.

At the end of the day, one may not find the 9th Generation Civic as attractive as its predecessor but in an automobile market like that of Pakistan where there aren’t many choices available for brand new cars in the 1.8L segment, this all new Civic will surely be a hit!

More pictures here: Pictures: 2013 Honda Civic Launched in Pakistan – September 2012

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  1. Haris Khan says

    seems like the article is being wrote by the sales manger of Honda atlis… so much exaggeration of its features… what ever you say the price is too high.

  2. Farhan Younas says

    nice info….:))

  3. Ch Waqas Aryans says

    thatz awes0me….thums up……

  4. Farhan Younas says

    Us Man

  5. Agha Mohsin says

    it looks good, some new features added, rear looks is just ok , but front is awesome!:D

  6. Ather Ahmad Nasir says


  7. Waleed Mabood says

    Not impressive at all.The design is really not up to our expectations! P.s, cruise control has already been introduced by Toyota. Other features don't worth the price with such regressive shape!

  8. Zafar Ahmad Khan says

    I agree with Waleed, Haris & Ather. This article sure looks like advertising. Civic's price is too high…

  9. Faizan Dawood says

    Not bad. Although the shape is normal but the r really moving a step forward in Gadgets and Technology and that, s a gud step.

  10. Humza Aamir says

    so u started the article like you were introducing the stig ;).

  11. Yamma Khan Achakzai says

    Civic's 2012 model is screwed…

  12. Farooq Ali says

    Article written by Honda to capture audience attention…

  13. Aamir Shaukat says


  14. Muiz Qureshi says

    When the next model is coming to Pakistan? bcoz this one is a disappointment…. Toyota 1.6 was far better than expectations.. and this was never expected from honda.. a complete shit…

  15. Sami Ullah Saeed says

    trunk tray, floor mats and door visor for only 15000 pkr….haha.

  16. Farhan Hafiz says

    Although I am a Civic lover but this time Civic has disappointed me big time… Honda has always come with beautiful model, but this time Honda Civic Sucks… Toyota Altis looks much better… and if you go Internationally… New Honda Civic doesn't even comes close to Hyundai Elantra…

  17. Sheeraz Khan says

    Very true, dis new civic was launched in ksa last year and it failed miserably. Da brand went out of fashion like dat. God knows what the product designing department was finking while conceiving it – guess roughed up, raped virginity as imagination.

  18. شکیب پرویز says

    Very true faru baba Farhan Hafiz, i feel if it is modified version of City.

  19. Asad Raza Faiz says

    farhan tum jo ho na bilkul pagal ho gaya hoon… people always say this whenever the new civic comes…. wait till u see it on road… i bet u will be the first to go and buy it

  20. Tarique Mustafa says

    Sonata Rocks Farhan. A better version of Elantra 🙂

  21. Sheraz Sheikh says

    Farhan Hafiz i guess you havnt seen the civic in person.. First you need to come and see the car physically and take a test drive and then post your comments :).. people are ready to buy used premio etc.. 4 to 5 years older for around 2.6 million to 3 million and when honda is giving them with more features and options along with g selection and zero meter with waranty @ way cheaper price then those used recondition i guess you shud thank HONDA 🙂

  22. Salman Iftikhar says

    new Honda did nt impress.

  23. Farhan Hafiz says

    Sheraz … I am not all comapring old imported cars Vs New Civic. I just said that expected something better from Honda when it comes to shape. I never mentioned about the price in my comment neither I support 3-5 years old Premio Etc. they are also not worth 2.6 Million. I 100% agree that I would also buy Civic if given a choice….. but the Shape sucks…. Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Elantra even Kia is a better looking car than Civic…

  24. Farhan Hafiz says

    Asad … You are crack…. Your comment is just irrelevant to my comment. I would definitely by Civic…. because I dont have choice in new cars…. but if given a choice … things would be totally different.

  25. Syed Haider H. Shah says

    this article was definitely written by a teenager who watches top gear too much and wants to be able to work at Honda, hence the 'promotion' of what is actually a disappointment.

  26. Bilal Khan says

    the writers just promoting the new Honda and doesn't know shit what he's talking LOL.

  27. Muhammad Saad Shaukat says

    Is "Fahad Hassan" a MarCom guy at Honda Atlas…that's excellent marketing.

  28. Ahmad Hesham Pasha says

    Price unjustified, looks up graded version of city, back lights are not impressive, front looks too much sleek but copy of city, why not go for imported models with some additions.

  29. Saad Hassan Saeed Qureshi says

    well features are right according to price and 0 meter new car
    but we can buy even a better merc at very same price with more features but like always it will be used
    In pakistan we love cars but can express it if we modify performance qe ruin our money on petrol and can't even go 0-100 in 3-5 secs now econ is great
    but this model will be ruining sales and rep facelift is here
    its not better as 8th gen civics in case of look

  30. Hassan Shamim says

    good article to read covered all the details but fact is, new shape is not that impressive, and one more think I have noticed that its interior space seems congasted as compare to the previous shape,.for new features one has compromise on the shape, choice is yours.otherwise Honda is the best in local market.

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