Components of a Tyre – Tread, Bead, Sidewall & Carcass

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An automobile enthusiast can never neglect the importance of tyres. Tyres are not just any other necessary component of a vehicle, in fact, they are the backbone of a vehicle which holds the load of a vehicle. But have you ever wondered that from which components are required in making a tyre? If yes, then in this article we’ll be sharing the important components necessary for a tyre manufacturing.

In a single unit of tyre, about 10 to 15 different components are used, which even includes several layers of fabric, rubber and steel wires. Everything which included a sidewall, bead and even tread of tyre is separately manufactured. Once, the components are separately manufactured they are then joined together. Bead, sidewall and even the tread of the tire is manufactured separately and then joined together. This article will mainly explain the components and terms of a tyre.


Tread of tyre is the rubber on tyre (on its circumference) which make contact with the road. Tread has groves in it.

  • It not only keeps the vehicle in contact with the road but its main purpose is to provide grip during driving.
  • Tread helps in evacuating water from the tyre when the road is wet. It is able to remove water circumstantially.
  • Tyres will be able to drive much more smoothly on loose surfaces and dirt if they have the pieces of rubber blocks on them.
  • For smooth surfaces like tarmac, smooth surface tyres are best. These smooth surface tyres are best for driving at high speed since they produce less noise than the ones, which have rubber blocks on them.
  • As tyres are used, tread of tyres wear out, which limit its efficiency in providing proper traction, however, a tyre can be retreaded once worn out.

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  • A bead of tyre is a term used for the edge of tyre that holds or sits on the wheel. A bead of tyre makes sure that rubber sticks properly with the wheel of the vehicle.
  • Bead is manufactured with the steel wire thus it helps in maintaining the tyre shape.
  • When a vehicle is accelerated at high-speed bead helps the tyre from slipping.
  • Leakage of air is also prevented by a bead of tyre. When the tyres are either accelerated on drag strips for a longer period of time, the tyres are bolted to wheels so they won’t come off easily.


  • It is just one of the other components of a tyre that connects bead with the tread.
  • Sidewalls are an important feature of the vehicle especially in case of handling features of a vehicle.
  • During driving, sidewalls also provide a cushion.
  • Sidewalls of a vehicle can also tell whether the ride is hard or soft. For example, during driving car when the car load shifts while turning, it’s the sidewalls which keep the balance of car load.
15″ Euro Star Tyre by General Tyres


  • The carcass is a skeleton of tyre, which holds the whole structure of tyre together.
  • It is made up of several plys. It is melted along with the tread.
  • A carcass is toughened with the steel wires if the tyre is radial. The wires are usually attached from bead to bead and either fiberglass or fabric is used if the tyre is bias-ply.

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