Confirmed: Pakistan to Witness the Launch of Three SUVs in December

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In the last decade or so, the crossover segment is getting increasingly popular. Every car brand is bringing their version of crossover. In recent years, even in Pakistan, the crossover vehicles are getting great attention. The prime example is in the shape of Vezel, which is a self-import. The popularity pushed Honda Atlas to launch HR-V but it seems that the sales of this model didn’t get traction and people are still more interested in buying a Vezel instead, reason being more value for money and extra features available in Vezel. Now recently Audi Pakistan announced to launch a lower-end crossover Q2 in Pakistan. Buyers are showing interest in these small crossovers and it seems that the crossover segment will get populated more and more over time. Although the new auto policy of Pakistan is a good sign for the buyers and consumers, the existing car assemblers in the country are not very pleased about it. It seems like Pak Suzuki has felt that it’s better to act or lose it altogether. This is evident from the recent news item that appeared on PakWheels went viral in a few hours. A PakWheels source confirmed that first batch of Suzuki Vitara, which is a small crossover has Reached Port Qasim.

1: Toyota Hilux Revo

Toyota Indus Motor Company opened the booking for the new Hilux Revo from 14th of November 2016. And since then it was inevitable that the company will be holding an event to officially launch this vehicle. In this development, sources have confirmed that the company will be hosting this launch ceremony in this month (December, 2016). The vehicle, however is available in the following variants:

  • REVO V Grade (Full Spec A/T)
  • REVO G Grade (M/T and A/T)
  • E Grade (M/T)
  • Single Cabin 4×2 & 4×4
  • Deckless

The 4×2 variants will continue the 2KD 2.5 litre with a refined 5-speed transmission, all 4×4 versions will come with a 3.0 L 1KD-FTV inline-4 common rail diesel engine (with VNT). The 4×4 line-up will be made available in 5 speed automatic and 6 speed manual. The 3.0 litre engine produces 163hp at 3400 rpm and 343N.m of torque for the manual and 360N.m for the automatic.

While the Hilux variants will continue standard body size with black interior, Revo versions will come with a wide body and new two-tone bronze /black interior.

Ex-factory Prices for booking are mentioned below of all variants.

Toyota Hilux REVO 4×4:
  • REVO G Manual          PKR 3,749,000
  • REVO G Auto                PKR 3,949,000
  • REVO V Auto                PKR 4,199,000
Toyota Hilux 4×4:
  • Hilux E (double cabin)       PKR 3,549,000
  • Hilux single cabin               PKR 3,349,000

Single Cabin 4×2:

  • Deck less                           PKR 2,059,000
  • 4×2 Standard                  PKR 2,259,000
  • 4×2 Up Spec                    PKR 2,289,000

Full Payment will be required for booking. For all 4×4 variants Advance Tax for Filler will be PKR 200,000 & for Non Filler PKR 400,000 Confirmed by IMC due to displacement change.

And following is the review of new Toyota Hilux Revo (Test Variant) by

2: Toyota Fortuner – 2nd Generation

IMC a few months back gave us a glimpse of the New Toyota Fortuner. IMC is yet to officially disclose its price and specs. But the sources have confirmed that the company is all geared and prepped up to launch this vehicle in December, 2016.

The vehicle is recipient to an exterior as well as an interior facelift. However, the engine will remain the same; 2.7L 2TR-FE inline-4, DOHC with VVT-I engine. The new Toyota Fortuner is likely to have a new 6 speed automatic transmission. It should be noted that this vehicle is expected to arrive in the local market in the beginning of the next year, with an expected price tag of PKR 4.9-5.6 million.

3: Suzuki Vitara

Vitara is Suzuki’s answer to small crossover segment, which arrived first in 1988. Since then, the model saw evolutionary and revolutionary changes spread over four generations. Over the years, Suzuki tried its level best to come up with improved and fun little vehicle. Every country where Suzuki launched Vitara, is very well praised among its competition. Dimension-wise Suzuki Vitara is 4175mm long , 1775 mm, while 1610 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2500 mm and ground clearance of 185mm.

Internationally Suzuki Vitara is available with petrol as well as diesel engines. Vitara engine options are M16A a 118hp 1.6L naturally aspirated engine with 156 NM of torque @4,400 RPM or a new 1.4L turbocharged engine known as 1.4L Booster-Jet coded as K14C-DITC.The third is 1.6L engine D16AA, diesel engine with 118hp and 330NM of torque. All three engines are available as front-wheel-drive or “ALLGRIP” Suzuki trade name for the all-wheel drive system.

The new Suzuki Vitara has a fuel tank capacity of 47 liters and both engines have good fuel consumption figures. The 1.4L has combined figures of 5.5 l/100km. On the other hand, the 1.6L returns 5.3L/100km combined for manual while 5.5L/100 for automatic. Looking at the engine options, it is safe to assume that diesel will not be an engine for Pakistani market. We can expect either of the two petrol engines or maybe both options.

The vehicle in question is expected to be priced around 3.2-3.5 million which also indicates that we might see certainly  a nicely equipped  version.

Stay tuned with us for more details as December is bound to be a lot more eventful then any other month from any other time in the history of Pakistan’ automobile industry!

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  1. Guest says

    What about FAW X80?

  2. Guest says

    There is lack of information of the car or it’s terms. Who calls a “hood scoop” an intercooler, they are two very different things and how is a holiday an suv

  3. Umar Liaqat says

    1: Yes the review should have been more refined, there are lots of voice issues but they are on the right track.
    2: Yes, they could have used a tougher terrain but I guess finding different terrains in Lahore is very difficult due to the area’ geological structure.
    3: Calling hood scoop an inter-cooler? Eh, I am pretty sure he said inter-cooler vents in the video… clearly there has been a misunderstanding from your side.

  4. MySchizoBuddy says

    The current fortuner is 7million. How can the newer model be around 4.9 to 5m.

  5. Zee says

    All three have been discussed earlier on Pakwheels. Revo and Fortuner are already announced. Only Vitara’s official announcement is awaited.

  6. Guest says

    Nope he did not say vendors plus the intercooler is positioned in the front near the radiator, the hood scoops are primarily used to help air I get more air

  7. Guest says

    Vents* not vendors

  8. Guest says

    Also I meant air intakes that’s a spelling mistake

  9. Ammar says

    I honestly don’t know what the F are these companies, especially Toyota, thinking. Anyone with a quarter of a brain would know launching a Vitz, or an Aqua Hybrid would make far more sense and would serve the needs of far more people here. Isn’t the fact that every second car you see on the road is a Vitz enough to compel Indus Motors to officially launch it here?

  10. Muhammad Omer says

    Inter cooler location may change, if there is a hood bulge/scoop then it is at the top of the engine and its purpose is to cool the hot air which is compressed by the turbo charger. If compressed air is not cooled it will cause premature combustion of fuel when fuel is injected in the combustion chamber.
    Radiators and intercoolers perform similar function only radiator fluid is coolant whereas intercooler fluid is hot air.

  11. Another guest says

    Their thinking is top-notch as far as profitability goes. In Japan, few decisions are made by companies. Japanese embassy is all over the place and dictates everything. An exmaple of the intervention of Japanese government is how they said they will reduce the number of Japanese automakers to 3 in a few years, and then soon Nissan ousted Mitsubishi’s fuel economy cheating and then Mitsubishi stock crashed and then Nissan offered them a merger. Then suddenly Suzuki was also ousted for the same cheating.

    Your idea about Vitz: Remember Atlas HR-V vs JDM Vezel. People are buying Vezel but nobody is buying HR-V. Similarly, people would buy a used JDM at that price point but locally made Vitz cannot match that price point. Vitz would manage to come at a price point at which XLi is already present. In the presence of this choice, nobody would buy a Vitz, because Pakistanis are family-man and would not pay same amount for a diggi-less car.

  12. Sarosh says

    Hrv is imported. If Honda manufactures it locally like civic and city definitely people will buy it. Amars point is right. After the launch of locally manufactured swift nobody buys the Japanese one anymore. If vitz is launched definitely people will buy it. The issue is not price bracket the issue is big three. Swift would be out of the league if vitz is launched by Imc as Toyota is much higher brand then suzuki. So the big three don’t mess with each others sales to have the monopoly in their hands cuz if Toyota launches vitz then suzuki will launch something to hurt the corolla so a war will start. This is how it is.

  13. Waleed Ahmed says

    Dude! I would say nothing but may be If you drive on the streets with an observing mind, The Local Wagon-R is a Big Hit & People will buy vitz for Sure!!

  14. Waleed Ahmed says

    Just answer this, would a Politician or Bureaucrat would like to travel on a Vitz or Wagon-R??

    No! That’s why my friend, they’re not interested cause that’s what they don’t buy! End of Story!

  15. Usman says

    Yes totally agree. If you have millions and billions in your pocket then you wont give a damn about about 1.5 million vitz. These Politician and Bureaucrats have to bring themselves down to this level to understand the main required of local population.

  16. Nawaz Abdul Nasir says

    All is choor bazari. These Mini SUVs are too much expensive in Pakistan and people only have Haram money can buy it. Still most of the average people are looking for Mehran size economical car, but even that one is going out of reach of most of the people. These Mini SUVs will serve only a limited level of people who have excessive money and they don’t know where to spend it. Such situation will create more greed in most of the public and crime rate will increase. This is the ground reality.

  17. Salman Ahmed says

    Baat yeh ha ke mahangi gari bandae lain bhi lain to choir daku gari Chen letae ha .is se bethar ha ke bandae average gari hi rakhae

  18. MySchizoBuddy says

    There was a leaked document some years ago that showed an agreememt between the big three where toyota and honda will launch sedans and suzuki will launch small cars. Looks like the agreement is still on going. Pakwheels should find that document and post it.

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